Casualty - Season 22

Saturday 8:15 PM on BBC Premiered Sep 06, 1986 In Season




Episode Guide

  • This Mess We're In Part 2
    Zoe makes an unexpected decision in court, with a tidal wave of consequences. But does it clear Maggie's name? Toby's caught in a spin that could see his career left in tatters. Can Ruth make him see sense before it's too late?
  • This Mess We're In Part 1
    It's the day of Maggie's court case and Charlie is determined to see her name cleared. But it's not looking good as Simon calmly lies on oath and Maggie begins to doubt herself. Big Mac reveals hidden skills to Kelsey as he bonds with a deaf boy. Snezana turns away her asthmatic friend, only for him to be trapped in a truck under falling rubble. In court, Charlie realises there is another file and gets Noel to look for it, only for Jess to find it first.moreless
  • The Things We Do for Love
    Snezana's secret almost has fatal consequences and Jeff threatens to blow the whistle. Jessica turns her back on Adam whilst Marilyn forces Zoe to make a terrible choice.
  • Paradise Lost
    Paradise Lost
    Episode 45
    Jessica lives through a mother's worse nightmare when her son is hit by a car and her agony is made worse after being in bed with Adam makes her late to his bedside. Jeff discovers the identity of the mystery medicine thief, but learns it is for a good cause and Marilyn finds out Charlie has been going through her files. Meanwhile, Adam and Zoe try to save Lucas and Jessica looks desperately on as his condition gets worse.moreless
  • Salt and Sugar
    Salt and Sugar
    Episode 44
    Jessica and Adam are affected by the sad case of two obstructive anorexic siblings, one of whom goes into a coma at the hands of his violent sister. When Adam impresses Jessica by bonding with her children, their clandestine kiss is witnessed by Zoe who then arranges to meet Sean. Meanwhile, Kelsey is dismayed when she discovers that Big Mac is her mystery lover, Toby's arrogance causes him to make a mistake during a procedure on a beautiful girl, and Alice's drunken behaviour almost leads to romance with Curtis.moreless
  • I Can Hear the Grass Grow
    When Stacey is involved in an RTC and hallucinates that Abs is taunting him, he eventually admits that he needs help with his alcoholism. Toby starts the day with everything and ends it with nothing. Kris Kemp's post mortem result suggests Maggie missed a crucial test. Kelsey learns that James' funeral is in Holby.moreless
  • They May Not Mean To But They Do
    Simon's deceitful plan puts Maggie's job in jeopardy, and Charlie vows to fight for her. Jeff has a difficult decision to make about Zana.
  • Is She Really Going Out With Him?
    Maggie is devastated when she discovers the truth about Toby and Joanne. Abs is tempted by the promise of his own clinic. Big Mac and Alice worry about how to confess to Kelsey.
  • Have a Go, Hero
    Have a Go, Hero
    Episode 40
    Charlie's feelings for Maggie intensify when she gets caught in a dangerous situation, and the new Minor Injuries Unit causes problems in the ED.
  • Opposing Forces
    Opposing Forces
    Episode 39
    Working relationships are put to the test at Holby's sci-fi convention, and there are grave consequences when Charlie clashes with a new colleague.
  • When Love Came to Town
    A heartbroken woman causes tragedy for a couple on the way to their wedding, and Adam and Jessica's bickering reaches boiling point.
  • Saturday Night Fever
    Toby and Joanne spend the night together but it leaves him late for his shift. Meanwhile Abs tries to help Ruth to connect with her patients.
  • Love Is ...
    Love Is ...
    Episode 36
    Ruth is once again on the verge of suicide but is offered a glimspe of hope -will it be enough to save her?
  • The Great Pretenders
    Ruth returns to work but she has her confidence knocked leaving both Abs and Maggie concerned about her.
  • Walk the Line
    Walk the Line
    Episode 34
    Sean continues playing games with Jessica and Zoe, even more so when they are forced to work together to solve a mystery involving a young patient. Abs tries to help an old friend.
  • Someone's Lucky Night
    Adam has to deal with the fallout from a stag party, and Charlie is on the case when Holby City ED faces a Norovirus outbreak.
  • Bricks and Daughters
    In Toby's first day on his orthopaedic rotation he deals with a tricky procedure which a jealous Ruth comments on. Doubting himself, Toby listens to her and endangers the patient's life.
  • To Thine Own Self Be True
    A couple of young boxers fight over a girl and end up in the ED where a secret comes out, and Jessica decides to give things a go with Adam, but is devastated when he goes off with another girl.
  • Face The World
    Face The World
    Episode 30
    Abs goes to his brother's funeral where he puts to rest his guilty secret, and Alice plucks up the courage to go on a date.
  • Diamond Dogs
    Diamond Dogs
    Episode 29
    An old face returns to Holby City ED and a dangerous dog goes on the rampage around the town.
  • Thicker Than Water
    Thicker Than Water
    Episode 28
    Harry faces the consequences of leaking Ruth's diary to the press, while a surprised Toby witnesses Ruth stir from her coma.
  • Silent All These Years
    New technician Curtis starts, and Harry makes the decision to release Ruth's diary to the press and reveal what really happened.
  • Say Say My Playmate
    Say Say My Playmate
    Episode 26
    Snezana joins the paramedic team and impresses everyone as she helps Toby deliver Joanne's baby in a pub.
  • Sex and Death
    Sex and Death
    Episode 25
    We relive events leading to Ruth's suicide as Harry reads her diary.
  • Before A Fall
    Before A Fall
    Episode 24
    When Ruth makes a mistake and the team find out, she decides she can't take any more. Toby and Abs are shocked by what they find when they go to her house.
  • Bricks and Daughters
  • Where The Art In Heartache?
    Greg deals with a traumatic case which will change his life forever, and Ruth feels even more isolated from the rest of the gang.
  • Take It Back
    Take It Back
    Episode 22
    New nurse Jessica provides a surprise for Adam, while Maggie is shocked when she gets an unexpected visitor and Greg bonds with a little girl and her cyber pet.
  • Adrenaline Rush
    Adrenaline Rush
    Episode 21
    As the work-to-rule continues, a keen agency nurse eases the load, much to everyone's relief. But it soon becomes apparent he has a chilling agenda which leaves one of the team fighting for life.
  • Broken Homes
    Broken Homes
    Episode 20
    It's Noel's first day on reception, and in protest of Charlie's unfair dismissal, Abs starts his work-to-rule campaign amongst the nurses, leaving Tess furious.
  • For Auld Lang Syne.
    For Auld Lang Syne.
    Episode 19
    New doctor Zoe Hanna arrives in the ED amidst the chaos of the night. Alice is put to the test in a medical emergency.
  • Take a Cup of Kindness Yet.
    Abs and Kelsey are caught up in a shooting when a disillusioned loner wreaks havoc on the New Year celebrations.
  • What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding
    Charlie witnesses a hit-and-run and thinks his day can't get any worse. But when Lois goes missing and Charlie finds himself face to face with the hit-and-run driver, he is forced to confront his future as a working parent - with explosive consequences.
  • Snowball
    Episode 16
    It's crunch time as Harry has to decide between Tess and Charlie. Greg once again finds himself in trouble with Dixie.
  • Behind Closed Doors
    Behind Closed Doors
    Episode 15
    It's Toby's last shift. Adam allows him to successfully carry out a tricky procedure on his own, much to Ruth's annoyance, but will this be enough to stop him leaving?
  • Inheritance
    Episode 14
    Tensions rise between Tess and Charlie but Louis's growing delinquency forces them to come to a resolution. Toby's mother turns up in the ED and drives him to make the decision to quit. TC is fired.
  • Take A Cup Of Kindness
  • How Soon is Now
    How Soon is Now
    Episode 13
    There is a fire in Louis's school. Greg is a hero when he risks his life to save children trapped in the blaze. Charlie is worried when Louis is among the children unaccounted for.
  • Snowball
    Episode 12
  • Strangers When We Meet
    On his first shift as a rapid responder, Greg treats a patient who leaves a lasting impact. Ruth makes a mistake.
  • A House Divided
    A House Divided
    Episode 11
    Harry pushes either Tess or Charlie to accept redundancy. Adam discovers who is behind
  • Finding the Words
    Finding the Words
    Episode 10
    Josh faces losing the woman he loves by working such long hours. Toby faces his worst day so far. Harry has to break some bad news to Tess and Charlie.
  • As One Door Closes.
    Josh comes face to face with his demons, putting his career on the line. Harry is put under pressure to make redundancies, and the gang discover the warts 'n' all blog,
  • Strangers When We Met
  • My Aim Is True
    My Aim Is True
    Episode 8
    Harry's new policy backfires. Adam tries to teach Toby the basics of intubation - on a dead body. Josh is stunned when he discovers Devika and Sajani are going back to India as soon as they can.
  • Inappropriate Behaviour
    Harry introduces a 'no inappropriate attenders' policy: a refusal to treat patients who can be seen by their GPs. Tess and Abs disagree with the move, but Harry says it will mean more time to deal with emergencies. When partygoer Diane is raped by mini-cab driver Perry, she lashes out causing him to lose control of the car, which collides with a lorry driven by a drunk driver. At the hospital, Ruth is called to deal with the drunk lorry driver - it's her estranged father! When Ruth tells Nadia her mother died because of his abuse, Nadia realises they have something in common. Later, Tess admits to Harry that his new policy gave her more time to convince Diane to report the rape. Also, Josh bonds with Sajani, and Alice stands up to Kelsey.moreless
  • Core Values
    Core Values
    Episode 6
    Harry is back as consultant manager and his job is to turn the emergency department around within six months. His new boss, Marilyn Fox, gives him his first task: to fire Nathan Spencer. Harry sympathises with Nathan's recent loss and questions the timing, but he is committed to following his superior's orders. However, his efforts to sack Nathan are thwarted by one emergency case after another. Earlier that day, two groups of soldiers are on a live firing exercise, led by their new Corporal, Neil Hobbs. Two men are shot - one in the chest and the other in the leg. Corporal Hobbs attempts to establish whether this was an accident - a negligent discharge - or something more sinister. At first, he fears the shot came from within his team, but soon realises it came from a different direction. Elsewhere, in a recording studio, some musicians are laying down tracks when the female singer, Bunmi, collapses into the drum kit. Ruth seriously misdiagnoses Bunmi with potentially fatal repercussions and makes an enemy in the department when she blames Nadia for her own mistake.moreless
  • Sliding Doors
    Sliding Doors
    Episode 5
    Returning from London without Harry, Guppy is lacking in confidence and feeling depressed. His train is cancelled because someone has pulled the emergency alarm, so he ends up waiting on a deserted platform. While waiting, he notices a child's ball falls onto the train track. The child runs after it and gets his arm stuck. Guppy has to act instinctively and in doing so saves the boy's life. Back at ED, Guppy investigates further. His diagnosis and subsequent life-saving treatment is praised by everyone and Maggie tries to persuade Guppy to stay, but he has made up his mind and says a quiet goodbye, leaving ED for good. Meanwhile, Toby experiences the first death in his care which leaves him devastated. Elsewhere, Charlie meets Devika and Sajani, and discovers they are Josh's visitors. He questions Devika's motives on learning that Josh has given them his compensation money. Josh is furious at Charlie's suspicion. Harry returns and announces to the shocked department that he is back as the new Consultant Manager. Nathan is horrified - Harry will be his new boss.moreless
  • No End Of Blame
    No End Of Blame
    Episode 4
    It's judgement day at Holby ED, as the department awaits the findings of the investigation into the handling of the bombing. Heads are going to roll, and Tess, Charlie and Nathan are first in line. Nathan is determined it won't be him and doesn't hesitate in blaming Charlie. Problems are compounded by the day's newspaper headlines revealing utter chaos within Holby - someone has spoken to the press and rumours are rife as to who it was. Alice uncovers the truth and plucks up the courage to confront the whistleblower. Meanwhile, a disillusioned and desperate Guppy goes on a mission to bring Harry back from Westminster, convinced that he is the answer to Holby's problems - but Harry is far from pleased to see him and sends him away. Also in ED, the team struggle to find a bed for a patient and the elderly gentleman ends up in a corridor. His daughter, Valerie, becomes more and more upset, faced with the prospect of watching her father die there. Disillusioned after a hard day, Josh returns home to discover Maggie has surprise visitors for him - Devika and Sajani.moreless
  • Core Values
    Core Values
    Episode 3
  • Meltdown
    Episode 3
    Nathan's premature daughter is fighting for her life in the special care baby unit while the department sees the arrival of new consultant Adam Trueman.
  • Sliding Doors
    Sliding Doors
    Episode 2
  • Charlie's Anniversary
    The day is now seen through the eyes of Charlie Fairhead. Less than thrilled to find out he has to show two new doctors around the department, Charlie is also disillusioned at his 35 years in nursing. On his way home after his shift, Charlie receives a call from Tess informing him that a major incident has been declared. He heads to the bomb site and gets to work – helping the walking wounded and assessing the situation on the ground. When he heads back to ED, he's faced with chaos. There are not enough staff, there's no surgical lead and they have had to create a temporary mortuary. Things become worse as the ED is evacuated due to an unattended bag. As everyone else leaves the building, Charlie stays behind and tries to convince one of the bombers, an animal rights activist, to receive critical treatment. He also attempts to convince another activist to give himself up.moreless
  • No End of Blame
    No End of Blame
    Episode 1
  • My First Day
    My First Day
    Episode 1
    It's the first day in Holby City ED for two new F2 doctors, Toby De Silva and Ruth Winters. They are given a tour of the department by a rather jaded Charlie and, while Ruth oozes confidence, poor Toby manages to mess up nearly every job he's given, including letting an overdose victim go without treatment. As a result, a despairing Maggie sends Toby out with Dixie, but as they drive past a coach parked outside a row of shops, there's a massive explosion. They both respond to the emergency and run to help, and begin to assess the chaotic situation. For Toby, this first day at Holby City is a baptism of fire. His emotions range from feeling that his career as a doctor is over before it started, as a patient dies in his care, through to the elation of saving a little girl's life, re-affirming his faith in himself as a member of the medical profession.moreless