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  • Season 1
    • Phase 06
      Phase 06
      Episode 6
    • Phase 05
      Phase 05
      Episode 5
    • Phase - 04
      Phase - 04
      Episode 4
    • Phase - 03
      Phase - 03
      Episode 3
    • Phase-02
      Episode 2
    • Phase 01
      Phase 01
      Episode 1
      A little kid named Ryunosuke is pissing on a wall when he sees a cat. Thinking it's cute, he asks his dad, Kyusaku, if he can keep it. He starts to refuse but then sees a chopper and declares they have to go. They race through the streets, narrowly avoiding getting shot. They end up losing their pursuers (two over-zealous women) but the cat gets shot. Kyusaku looks at the robot sitting in the backseat and declares he will give Ryunosuke the greatest Christmas present ever! Some time later, it is a morning, and a girl named Nuku Nuku is banging around an apartment in a morning bustle. She wakes up Ryunosuke and then goes to see Kyusaku ("Papa-san"). Right away it seems that something is strange about this girl, and that feeling is intensified by the fact she races to school at superhuman speed on a bike. She arrives at high school and then Ryunosuke goes to his school, shouting he'll see her after school and Dad will be her teacher. Some guys standing nearby hear this and coupled with the fact she is pretty cute, decide to hit on her. When she comes into homeroom she has the whole class focused on her, which ticks Kyusaku off a little. Elsewhere, a woman named Akiko is watching a videotape where Kyusaku is talking about how he took the android because he didn't agree with her grandfather's methods. He says he has taken Ryunosuke and will continue the research on his own. One of chopper chicks, Kyouko, comes in and says Ryunosuke has been on the news (a talk show got footage of Nuku Nuku racing to school and Arisa (the other chopper chick) taped it.) Akiko declares this is the android, that Kyusaku has continued the research in this form. She orders the women to go to the school and get her son and that they have permission to use a system called Poison One. The attack is broad, and Nuku Nuku and Kyusaku get involved. Nuku is taken up into the sky by the chopper and nearly dies in the plunge to the earth. However, she recovers quickly enough to keep the chicks from taking Ryunosuke away. The ladies report back to Akiko who says her grandfather is punishing them for using Poison Onemoreless
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