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The life and times of a cat and a dog with a unique twist: they're connected, literally. They share one body with a Dog's head at one end and Cat's head on the other. Adding to their dilemma is Cat's annoyance with Dog, mainly caused by Dog's stupidity and Cat's up-tight personality. Theme Song Lyrics: (Extended Version) One fine day with a woof and a purr, a baby was born and it caused a little stir. No blue buzzard, no three eyed frog, Just a feline, canine, Little CatDog! CatDog, CatDog alone in the world was a little CatDog. A lunatic dog and a frustrated cat, opposite this and opposite that. Internal struggle for 2-in-1 brothers, scratchin' an' bitin' an' lovin' each other! CatDog, CatDog, Nothin' in the world like a little CatDog! CatDog, CatDog Nothin' in the world like a little CatDog! INSTRUMENTAL Over the river and through the muck, hot on the trail of the garbage truck. Friends to the end through good and bad weather, but life is complicated when you're ALWAYS TOGETHER!!!! CatDog, CatDog Nothin' in the world like a little CatDog! Out on the road Or back in town, all kinda critters puttin' CatDog down. Gotta rise above it, gotta try to get along, gotta walk together gotta sing this song. CatDog, CatDog, Alone in the world Was a little CatDog. CatDog, CatDog, Alone in the world was a little CatDog! CatDog (CatDog) CatDog (CatDog) Alone in the world Was a little CatDog!! Watch for CatDog on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons TV!moreless

Fan Reviews (100)

  • Minimew2020, Seriously?

    Stop INSULTING other people's opinions and I DONT think it has fart jokes in it, I know this is not a review but i don't care.
  • LOL a CatDog!

    Another show I used to Watch on German RTL when they had morning cartoons. This is about a cat and a dog in one body. CatDog did not end up as popular like Rugrats and Wild Thornberrys that still are having memes. But go Watch this if you love old obscure cartoons.
  • Sanjay and Craig is better than this stupid show.

    I don't see why everone likes it, all it is these two idiots getting in trouble & plenty of bordum. When they succseeded making a show about two idiots sharing the same body the mines of many people get eating by this piece of crap

    I myself can't stand this show. The voice-acting is annoying & the humor is juvenille & Nicktoons Network if you still have a soul, you'll take it off

    so if you good Nicktoons to come back on the air like Rocko's Modern Life, Invader Zim, or even Mr. Bean: the Animated Series avoid this at all cost.

    but if you like what Nicktoons Network gave you & also like Rocko's Modern Life like myself you are fogiving but if you like minless crap thats on Nicktoons right now (I also hate Chalkzone, Tak and The Power of Juju, & Shurekin School & I still don't think CatDog is funny) you better off to avoid it.

    Nick has had a bad habit of killing of what works in terms of animated shows (Mr. Meaty, Catscratch) instead catering to the tastes of the unsophisticated. CatDog happens to be a show that doesn't work. It has been disclosed that CatDog features voice actor Billy West, the actor of TV's odious cartoon,Squirrle Boy, which should give you an inkling of just how HORRID this show is. Many people will find this entertaining, the very same people who find entertainment in those SAW Squirrle Boy. This is the WORST animated show ever foisted upon the Nicktoons Network's viewers, it makes that mercifully cancelled show Ricky Sprocket seem highbrow by comparison. The nation's going to Hell in a handbasket,CatDog is indisputable proof of that

    basically about the random mis-adventures of a 2 headed moron I'm on the haters side because this show sucks and I hate it. Teen Nick is going downhill like Qubo and Cartoon Network. Once they get rid of all the bad shows we are happy, but then our happiness lowers down when they add some new bad shows. I'm surprised it is TV-G compared to most tame Y7 shows cartoon network has put out in 2006 excluding Robotboy and Dragon Hunters. There's not even a warning for crude humor like Cromartie High School had. Like in the pilot CatDog is challanged to a game of Ice Hockey on a broken rink & Cat get frozen in the lake. Another crude and stupid momtent I see was were a magician does a failed magic trick. Another stupid and disgusting scene I say from the show is were they play tug-o-war on a bean pit. Then there was a moment where some dogs bullies them for being a paperboy. Then again there was a moment were Cat's heat lamp destroys Nerburge. Yeah, you get the idea. This show relies WAY TOO MUCH on crude humor and nothing much else.

    Now let's go over what I think about this show:

    Good stuff:

    I have nothing much to say here.

    Bad stuff:

    Cheap animation.

    Disgusting and nasty character design.

    Rip-off of Beavis and Butt-Head, Super Duper Sumos, and The Ripping Friends.

    Massive gross-out humor.

    Promotes stupidity.

    Childish stoeylines.

    Should you watch it: This is certainly not a show for anyone under 8 or 7 due to the amount of crude and toilet humor. Heck, it relies on grossness so much that it might be more disgusting than ChalkZone. It really wouldn't be a good idea to show this to kids and adults should stay away from this pure brain rot as well. If I were president of The 90's Are All That I would cancel this along with ChalkZone, Tak and The Power of Juju and The Mighty B.

    The 90's Are All That, if you're going to make a show for us, ACTUALY PUT SOME EFFORT INTO MAKING IT! This show, along withChalkZone, are the worst things that Nick have given us. The guys who made this must be total perverts. I mean, the show is about animals bullying one another. I mean, it's an original idea but ........... why, just WHY? Even if you get past the horrible disgusting perverted character designs, the show is really not all that funny. The only character who can be funny sometimes is Winslow. But other than that, the characters are really annoying and make annoying and cheesy jokes all the time. Don't watch this. Watch Sanjay and Craig instead. At least that show has some good humor

    Why in the HELL would Nicktoons Network dump this toxic trash on The 90's Are All That? The 90's Are All That is SUPPOSE to be for OUR generation, you know US 90's KIDS! That is we pay extra on to see classic kind of shows. This show has THE WORST animation I have ever seen, and it is a VERY SICK show. Please, I beg of you TeeNick, PULL THIS SHOW ALREADY! Bring back Rocko's Modern Life or The Angry Beavers, ANYTHING but this trash!

    After watching an episode and other bits of it I have to say: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU 9o'S ARE ALL THAT!? This show's "comedy" is gross potty humour which aparently Cartoon Network, and 90's Are All That haven't figured out isn't funny at all. The characters don't look like their suppose to, they look disgusting and the male antagonist have big butts. WHO THE HECK THOUGHT THAT WAS A GREAT IDEA?! The plots are completely stupid, and the voice acting is abysmal at best. If you're a parent reading this, keep your kids as far away from this show as humanely possible. Infact If you see this on TV, turn it on to Uncle Grandpa, or just make your kid go outside and play, or anything that keeps them away from this abomination.moreless
  • When Nickelodeon Was at its Golden Days.

    I loved this show as a small kid, and I still like this show now. Hate to disappoint, minimew2020, but this show is actually good. This show is nostalgic and quite creative, yet it was made by the same people who made SpongeBob SquarePants, which is a good sign. SpongeBob's the best show ever made, so this show is actually a great show!
  • My # 1 favorite cartoon that WILL NEVER GET OLD TO ME!!! :) I can watch it FOREVER and EVER and it will NEVER get old to me! Simply AWESOME!

    CatDog is my # 1 most favorite cartoon EVER. Next to Rocko's Modern Life, Rocket Power, Hey Arnold and Spongebob. Every Friday and Saturday night, I am dying and I mean DYING to watch the old episodes of CatDog upstairs on TV at 1 in the morning :) I also watch it on or anywhere else I can find it! It NEVER fails to make me laugh or smile at the MINIMUM. It is written so well, it is animated so well and the stories are just hilarious and to top it all off, the theme song is AWESOME!!!!!! I am universally acclaiming Cat Dog, simply because it is my favorite cartoon EVER and that will never change either. I simply LOVE it and I am not afraid to admit it either :)

    I absolutely love CatDog! Always have and always will too!!! I have an image of Cat Dog on the background of my phone! :) I watch it whenever I can.

    Cat Dog is in my heart FOREVER and it will ALWAYS be my favorite cartoon!!




    Cat Dog


    Never leave my sight!

    From Zach. 17 year old Cat Dog fan :)moreless
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