Season 2 Episode 4

Adventures in Greaser Sitting / The Cat Club / Cat Diggety Dog

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1999 on Nickelodeon
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Adventures in Greaser Sitting:
Cliff's niece comes to town for a visit, but Cliff needs a replacement babysitter (Lube was supposed to, but he was unable), so Cliff makes CatDog do it.

The Cat Club:
 Cat wants to join a Cat Club, so he makes Dog wear a cat suit.

Cat Diggety Dog:
This is a CatDog short where they go onto a stage and sing about how they get along.moreless

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  • Pretty funny episodes, but I loved the short at the end!

    Adventures in Greaser Sitting: Cat has to baby-sit Cliff's niece and it all gets out of control! The baby gets loose in the city, and although very cute, this baby is a big bully just like her uncle. Catdog going all over the city, trying to get the baby was funny. And Winslow being the baby's decoy was good too, although, I think Lube could have been start enough to notice the baby was talking (or so...). The Cat Club: Another good episode, but I hated the cats! Cat wants to join a cat club and makes dog look like a cat so they can get in. Dog is resentful at first, but starts getting into it, even then they start bad-mouthing dogs! These insane cats then state they want rid the entire world of dogs (and anyone who associates with dogs - TROUBLE!). Dog's cover is blown, but he and Cat still get away. Cat Diggity Dog: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this one! The musical number was really good. I used to sing that song all the time and I still got it stuck in my head! Cat and Dog singing about being stuck together-FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..... Ney!moreless
Billy West

Billy West

Rancid Rabbit/Mr. Sunshine/Randolph/Mean Bob

Recurring Role

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

Cat/Additional Voices

Recurring Role

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny


Recurring Role

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    • Cat Diggety Dog Lyrics:

      Dog: Cat Diggety Dog!
      Cat: Cat Diggety Dog!
      Dog: Dog Diggety Cat!
      Cat: Dog Diggety Cat!
      Dog: He wants to do this!
      Cat: I want to do this!
      Dog: I gotta do that!
      Cat: Terrific!
      Both: How could it get, How could it get, How could it get any better than this?
      Cat: (I can't imagin...)

      Dog: Two in one brthers!
      Cat: Two in one brothers!
      Dog: We never fight!
      Cat: We never fight!
      Dog: Except whe we yell and scream!!
      Cat: Dog, will you watch...(mumbles something underwater)...How could it, How could it get, How could it get any wetter than this!
      Dog: (Can I get you a towel?)
      Cat: (Nevermind!)

      Dog: We're salt and pepper!
      Cat: Salt and pepper!
      Dog: We're bigger than that!
      Cat: We're scrauper dat!!
      Dog: My legs are his arms!
      Cat: His legs are my arms!!
      Dog: My arms are his legs!
      Cat: My body, my body, my body!!
      Dog: I got to eat trash!
      Cat: He has to eat trash!
      Dog: He's got to eat well!
      Cat: I try to eat well!
      Dog: I eat 'til I'm full!
      Cat: He eats 'til I'm sick!
      Dog: Boy, do I smell. Whew!

      Dog: Hi-HO Diggety!
      Cat: NO-HO Diggety!!
      Dog: When day is done,
      Cat: I say when it's done!
      Dog: Remember two heads...
      Cat: What about two heads?
      Dog: ...Are more than one!
      Cat: STOP, STOP, STOP!!
      Dog: His face couldn't get, his face couldn't get, his face couldn't get any redder than this!
      Cat: Oh-ho! That's funny...those, those are not the right words!
      Both: It just couldn't get, it just couldn't get, it just couldn't get any better than this!!!

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