Season 2 Episode 25

CatDog 3001 / Cloud Bursting

Aired Unknown May 11, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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CatDog 3001: Cat goes too far in teasing Winslow, and CatDog ends up in the year 3001.

Cloud Bursting: Cat ruins Lola's prize winning machine, and gets in trouble after doing so.

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  • *Fart Noise*

    I will not rate CatDog 3001 because is was more boring than offensive than the other one.

    Also, I have rated this a zero because this show hardly made any sence.

    Cloud Bursting is overrated, and I couldn't even give this episode a second chance. What was that!?!? The jokes were not funny and wouldn't even make a six year old laugh, the animation and voice acting were terrible (what's new?) and the .

    astonished that this show managed to get more than one season, considering all of its goody-two-shoes reviews. TeenNick: If you want to do humanity a favor, cancel this show!!!

  • To Painful

    This show is one of the most worthless shows on TV. The bad thing is the garbage is catching. Because of shows like this one, there have been a lot more...and TV is seeming to get worse each day. It's like people are running out of good ideas.

    At first this cartoon stands out from others, since it was rated "TV-MA" but accident dub but 4kids entertament. But then there came a lot more shows, such as the "Adult Swim" that is taking over Cartoon Network. For years, Nick and Cartoon Network have been competing about airing better shows. Nick came first, and aired all the stuff that was originally on Nick, such as Mr. Bean: The Animated Series, that later got moved to PBS in US when it first came on & got banned later. Then Nick started airing different shows other than cartoons since it isn't "Cartoon" Network after the classic cartoons got moved from Viacom to Turner / AOL-Time-Warner.

    And now those shows are now on Boomerang, and Nick has created other networks to air its originals, on Noggin, along with PBS Kids. They came up with "SPLAT!", and ever since then, most of their new shows are no good anymore. They are airing way too much Chalkzone, and there hardly any new classics on. Everybody is doing the same thing, which eventually gets boring.

    Cartoon Network is now unrecognizable because of this "Adult Swim" it used to be on one night, and then it is on all the time, which is following this new fad this show created about adult cartoons. a few shows not funny. They are tallentless. How could kids end up like this?! And the parents are so stupid, blindly approving their behavior. The saddest thing is that these events are really happening There are actually kids repeating about this show, and uses every other cuss word in their vocabulary, acts and sounds like the ridiculous characters on this show. They are exactly like these characters on CatDog. It is really brainwashing them. Unfortunately, there really isn't any help for any of the characters, the the producers, and the people that air these shows.

    The My Gym Parter's a Monkey adaptation was much funnier…moreless
  • another Sucky episode

    This show SUCKS! Everything about this show sucks! I saw 5 episodes of it, and they sucked badly! The characters are unintersting and they imitate Mario characters, though not in a good way. The plots are really dumb and pointless, and it's a sucky rip-off of Super Mario Brothers, which is a MUCH better and funnier show than this! This show's not even funny and only appeals to 6 yr. old's and younger. The show's humor is so stupid it's not hilarious or funny, and the animation is very ugly! The character models look horrible and poorly done. Rancid Rabbit is a stupid character and acts exactly like Yoshi, though not as funny, friendly, or interesting. This show totally sucks!!! ,

    This show should be cancelled for it's own misery. The show is very annoying, it's animation is horrendous and also, like a million people would say, annoying. Sure, it had some funny parts, but comedy cannot cover the holes that where substance should be. There are so many things wrong with this show.

    Voice Acting- F. You gotta be kidding. It's Voice-Acting might be as bad as Disney's House of Mouse

    Humor- C-(at best). It had some funny parts but other than that it was really stupid

    Originality- none. I've seen it befor in Super mario Bros., Beavis & Butt-Head, and I am Weasle

    Nicktoons has gone down the drain. What was a Castle of gold, has turned into a dank dungeon of tar. I don't know why so many people like this show. It's so completely stupid. And I thought "My Gym Partner's A Monkey" was bad! Don't watch this show. One of these days, all of the good shows like Mucha Lucha, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Basilisk, & even Mr. Meaty will get cancelled and replaced with other junky shows like this. Do not watch this show. It will swallow your mind.moreless
Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett

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Billy West

Billy West

Rancid Rabbit/Mr. Sunshine/Randolph/Mean Bob

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Jim Cummings

Cat/Additional Voices

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