Season 3 Episode 2

CatDog And The Great Parent Mystery

Aired Unknown Aug 26, 2000 on Nickelodeon

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  • This was a great episode because CatDog leave Nearburg to find their biological parents.

    This was a great episode and it was shown as a T.V. movie and it was great because Catdog go to find their parents but they go to different places and end up in a forest leading to a town where cat's and dog's live together called Yodelburg. There they find cat's and dog's singing and two of them were Lube's parents and for a second they think they are their parents and Lube's brothers but they weren't and later they start a fight between cat's and dog's. Later they escape through a river leading them to Old Oppenchuck where they find a ciclops and a toad who said that they were their parents.