Season 3 Episode 2

CatDog And The Great Parent Mystery

Aired Unknown Aug 26, 2000 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • At the Parents Day festival, the Butt Buster roller coaster from "Remain Seated" can be seen.

    • Continuity goof: This episode is impossible. They revealed in an episode that a mad scientist created CatDog, and that they didn't have parents. *Note: Technically, Catdog meets their adoptive parents, and this episode never actually revealed where they came from.

  • Quotes

    • Cat: (referring to Lube's biological parents) Dog, tell me he didn't run pass us.
      Dog: He ran pass us.
      Cat: Tell me he's not hugging Lube.
      Dog: He's hugging Lube.
      Cat: But I was so sure it was them!
      Dog: Does that mean Lube is our brother?
      Cat: (sarcastic; as he grabs various hillbillies) Oh, yeah. Lube is our brother. Uh-huh. And he's our uncle and she's our cousin and he's our grandmother.
      Dog: Really?
      Cat: No, you numbskull! We're not related to any of these people. Why did I let you talk me into coming into this place. I told you we wouldn't find them here. Imagine me related to hillbillies. (shudders)

    • (The dog Cat was forced to marry loses a tooth)
      Dog: (picking up the tooth) Ah, that reminds me of Dad. He didn't have any teeth either.

    • Cliff: Cat and dogs living together? What's this country coming to!?!

    • Cat: Okay, Dog. That's it! No more spaceships, no more lake monsters, no more EVIL, MUTANT FIRE ANTS!!!

    • Dog: I just know our parents will find us! I have so many theories on what has been taking them so long! Like theory # 1,003: Mom and Dad we're searching for us in Antarctica and got frozen in a icy iceburg. Or...theory # 502: Mom and Dad got stranded on a deserted island and are being inhabited by rabid weasels! Or theory # 78: Mom and Dad are trapped in a revolving door!
      Cat: Oh, but Dog, you forgot theory numeral uno!
      Dog: Really? What is theory numeral uno?
      Cat: Our parents haven't found us yet because... (paints a big "X" on the wall) they are NOT LOOKING FOR US!!!

    • Dog: Oh, I can't wait to see Mom's four eyes and Dad's slimy, green skin again!

    • (Lube walks through the entrance to the Parents Day festival with a bunch of parrots)
      Lube: Duh, I love Parrots Day!
      Rancid: Not "Parrots Day", you simpleton! It's "Parents Day". As in the people who raised you, fed you, took care of you, and made what you are today.
      Lube: Duh...right, parrots!
      Rancid: This explains so much.

    • (Winslow tells Cat about how he first met him and Dog as a baby after a tornado from Yonderland blew them over into Nearburg)

      Cat: Well, if that's true...then we must be from Yonderland, which means our parents must be...

      Dog: Parents?...

      Cat: Don't think about it Dog.

      Dog: Don't think about what?...

      Cat: We're not going.

      Dog: Going where?

      Cat: Don't say it Dog.

      Dog: SAY WHAT?!?

      Cat: Don't say (mocking) "were going to Yonderland to look for our parents!"

      Dog: We're going to Yonderland to look for our parents?!...

      Cat: Okay, okay, we'll go. But I'm only doing this for you. Now, stop hounding me.

      Dog: Hi-Ho-Diggity!!

    • Dog: (while in the car; driving to Yokelburg to find their parents) Cat, are we there yet? Are we there now? Are we there yet? Now are we there?
      Cat: Yes Dog, we are there. We are so there! (the scene shows that they are coming out of their driveway) After all, Yokelburg has always been right nextdoor!!

    • Alien: (noticing Catdog) I don't know why we keep coming to Earth, we never find anything interesting...

    • Lube: I hereby dub planet uhh..., planet.

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