Season 1 Episode 1

Dog Gone / All You Can't Eat

Aired Unknown Apr 04, 1998 on Nickelodeon

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  • I enjoyed both of these episodes


    Dog gone: I thought this was a perfect start of Cat Dog. I don't think I has any problems with this episode, so I'll give a 10.CatDog playing fetch and then they got on a tree was very funny. Winslow's part was funny. Dog listening to music while eating was funny as well. Cat getting the hiccups after Dog ate was very funny. Cat being hurt when Dog was chasing the truck was funny. The last two minutes of the episode was interesting. Overall, this episode was perfect. 10/10

    All you can't eat:I thought the episode was enjoyable, but the one thing that make my score lower was Rancid Rabbit. The reason is because he kept kicking CatDog out of the Taco Depot. Other than that, I liked the episode. The parts that I laughed/liked were CatDog being the opposite, CatDog being a baby, CatDog wearing cowboy clothes, Cat as a lady, CatDog sneaking to the taco depot, CatDog going crazy with foods, Rancid Rabbit being fired and the new manager allowing Cat Dog to eat at Taco Depot. Overall, this episode was superb. 9/10

  • Great

    Dog Gone:

    Cat decides he wants some quiet time to himself, so Dog puts on "the suit" and Cat finds out just how much he really misses Dog. He tries his hardest to read, write, or eat, but he feels so guilty that he makes Dog come out.

    All You Can't Eat:

    CatDog want to eat at a taco restaurant, but Rancid Rabbit bans them from entering. They try sneaking in numerous ways, but are caught every time. Eventually, Dunglap takes control of Taco Depot, and lets CatDog eat there whenever they want.
    This overall is a good pilot episode for CatDog
    Final 9/10
  • My favourite CatDog episode.

    This, is one of the 4 episodes that I have seen recently, and it seemed quite good. I can't recall (even though I saw it recently) if I laughed at all in this episode, but thats not really what CatDog is about, it isn't meant to be funny, it's meant to be entertaining. I hate to admit it (I really do) but some parts of this episode, and even the show, can get quite boring. But I don't know, I just have not seen enough to judge it.
  • Good Pilot.

    This was a great Pilot episode that started this great series of a Cat and a Dog who live together in the same body as brothers. Anyway the episode All you can't eat was a great episode that was about when Cat Dog try to eat in a taco restaurant in Nearburg called Taco Depot and when they try to eat on in they are caught by Rancid Rabbit who doesn't let them in because they don't have shoes, shirts or clothes and they walk around barefoot and later another manager comes and let's Cat Dog eat whatever they want in the restaurant and also the other episode was also good but I don't remember much of it.
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