Season 1 Episode 1

Dog Gone / All You Can't Eat

Aired Unknown Apr 04, 1998 on Nickelodeon



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    • Cat: (to Dog) All you can eat does not mean you could actually eat it all!

    • Mr. Depot: (enters Taco Depot and it's a mess) Ahem! What's going on here?
      Rancid: Well, um, Mr. Depot. What an unexpected pleasure.
      Mr. Depot: Can it, rabbit! This place is a pig-style! You call yourself a manager? Look at you! (rips off manager tag off Rancid and cries) You're eating all my profits! (to Dunglap) Here, kid. (puts on manager tag on Dunglap) You're the new manager.
      Dunglap: Yes, sir! Um, your, uh, Taconess!

    • Rancid: Only one thing more pathetic than a dumb dog, a dumb dog attached to an extremely dumb cat!

    • Cat: We'll show that rabbit!
      Dog: Yeah, two heads are more than one!

    • Cat: Dog, you're eating so fast, you're giving me the hiccups!

    • Dog: Boy! Look at that baby go! Adventure! The open road! It just doesn't get any better than this.

    • Cat: Good morning stranger!

    • Cat: Hey, Dog, take a peek at this sunset!
      Dog: I'm not here.
      Cat: I know you're not here, but just look at the sunset, then you can resume not being here.

    • Cat: We've paid for our food and they refuse us service! It's plain un-American! First, they take away the tacos, then the chimichangas, which is a beautiful word! What next?
      Dog: Um, refried beans?
      Cat: Exactly!

    • Dog: I can't decide what to eat first.
      Cat: Hurry up. What's the difference? There's four ingredients in everything!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: All You Can't Eat

      A reference to buffet style restaurants where you pay a fixed fee to eat anything you want.

    • Place: Taco Depot
      Taco Depot is a spoof of Taco Bell. Or it might be a mix of Taco Bell and Home Depot.

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