Season 2 Episode 5

Fred the Flying Fish / CatDog Divided

Aired Unknown Feb 19, 1999 on Nickelodeon
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Fred the Flying Fish:
Cat tries to capture "Fred The Flying Fish" for money, but as you know, it's hard to catch a flying fish.
CatDog Divided:
CatDog end up getting sawed in half in a magic show by "The Amazing Ray," but when they try to find the magician who did it, they find out he is a fraud and is in jail. So, they go to another magic show to put them back together.moreless

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  • Wow, Teenick's not even trying

    When Squirrel Boy got renewed for new episode on CN back in 2007, This user sated it was the worst cartoon ever, but this show makes Squirrel Boy likable. This user really hate the voice-acting, it looks like it was done by a 5 year old. and the plot is bad, I mean, who finds a show about two headed animals getting bullied entertaining? that's quite... disturbing. At least Squirrel Boy got cancelled after 2 seasons. Is Viacome on crack these days? Whoever brought ChalkZone back to Nicktoons Network is really killing Nicktoons Network and Teenick. he needs to retire. One more complaint is why is this show on Teenick? this show is not a classic and it never will be. Teenick is meant for good classic 20th-century 90's cartoons, not for modern ugly pieces of shit they call "Cartoons". so all in all, don't watch this show, If I had to choose between watching this or Squirrel Boy, I would pick Squirrel Boy in a heart beat.

    What the hell is this!? A rip off of Ripping Friends? Huh? Wha cha you think Teennick!?

    This is one of the worst shows on The 90's are All That ChalkZone is even worse than that. it's about two stupid idiots named Cat and Dog WHO the hell came up with those names!? That's one of the worst names for all times so far. This show is filled with butt jokes and bulling! I hope this show will be cancelled soon and rot in hell. THE THEME SONG IS BAD! THE ANIMATION IS TERRBILE & UNORIGINAL! THEY DONT LOOK LIKE THE ANIMAL THERE SUPPOSE TO! Watched Rinky Dinks on Nicktoons and Its horrible the music looks like its from a flash animated Nelvana cartoon. They don't have brains AT ALL and what's with using Dwight Schultz sounding like Gilbert Gottfried and a stupid gang of bullies WOW. NICK. JUST. WOW. It looks like Kevin James taught them how to be stupid and do gross humor, Believe me. Nick has made alot of gross humor jokes like ChalkZone

    Te 90's Are All That is even worse than qubo, Johnny Test was okay on cartoon network but nick!? NO! with only the expection of the new shows on 2010

    Some of the episodes are UNORIGINAL. ChalkZone is more gross than this piece of shit! DONT LET YOUR CHILDREN WATCH THIS SHOW. INSTEAD, BLOCK THIS SHOW FROM YOUR HOUSE EVEN THE SHOWS LIKE CHALKZONE TOO! Cat and Dog look like idiots like spongbob and patrick! Did you know the name Rancid and Rudy are similar? Look. RANCID & RUDY THEIR NAMES ARE THE SAME! TWO SAME DIFFERENT WORDS ON THEIR NAMES WORST NAMES EVER. Cat & Dog is always hyper stupid and in panic and i don't understand whats going on.moreless
  • avoid this if you wanty good programs

    Okay, my review so now here it is:

    When I heard about a new a new season of CatDog is made 2004, featuring many game characters in some anime, I was looking forward to it! Of course it went to 4Kids Entertainment, which I heard that they ruined the whole show. But I still decided to give it a chance, and so I watched it. It wasn't really what I expected from an anime, but I still watched more episodes, and eventually came to the point where I hated it. I hope this review will help you realize how the 4Kids dub sucks and why you shouldn't watch it as I will compare the 1st season.

    Season 2 of CatDog:

    HORRIBLE! I mean, it's very very BAD. What the hell was TMS thinking when they decided to give this show to 4Kids Entertainment?! 4Kids completely ruined this show and I'll tell you how. First of all, the voices. I can't stand them! Mucha Lucha's VA did WAY better than this. Rancid's voice, WTF! I mean Billy West doesn't even sound cool at all, he sounds lame, like a dork would sound like. Sheirk, he is NOT a girl and not supposed to sound like one, he doesn't even sound cute, or at all like an 8 year old. Eddie, too too Hyper, not tough at all. The rest are bad, but Cat's is probably the best. 4Kids always hired bad voice actors, and for this show it was very horrible voices indeed, especially Baby Taz (Baby looney Tunes) and Eugen & Whendall (The Buzz on Maggie). But enough with the voices, as it is not the only thing that was ruined. Second, was the background animation. Awful, too childish, and especially those tones they chose when Dog does a spindash. The thing I don't understand is why remove The Voice-Acting from the original season one. It's just a classic. But 4Kids gave this show some lame season 2 plots to the point where it is completely emotionless. On joyful parts, it's a lame music that sounds dorky. Now, when it comes to sad parts, it's completely destroyed. On sad parts where it is sypposed to be sad, 4Kids just puts some of their own lame tunes that aren't even sad at all. Take Season 3 for example, when Eddie was about to die (if you see the UK version it will or almost make you cry). The CatDog dub was not emotional at all, I mean I didn't know whether it was supposed to be a dull or boring part, because there was NO emotion AT ALL! Now, I guess it can't all be too bad when it comes to BM, but here's the part that destroyed the show for me. Now, if you haven't seen the show at all, or didn't even know the UK version had this, don't read what I'm about to tell you. As it is the worst thing 4Kids has ever done to Nicktoons.....

    they removed LIVE AND LEARN!!!

    That compared to the BM of this dub is the worst thing that's ever happened. Why remove a song that was in an anime game where children play it. There's no bad lyrics, it's not inappropiate, it's in an anime so the kids already know the song. Also, the greaser Saga is probably the 2nd worst saga in the dub version of the show. They remove all the important parts, they make a LOT of mistakes. Here's a few they made:

    - Rancid said (in the season season) Take a Nuber & Get in Line. This makes absolutely no sense at all since eddie was in one of those people in the jail line.

    - They call Eddie the 'Ultimate Creature' instead of the 'Ultimate Lifeform' in which he has always been called even in UK dub

    - The dub does not mention anything about the Biolizard being the prototype. Randoff originally said that his skin is pealing & flaking, but in the dub he just says, "Calm down, I'm not going to let Cat ruin our town". It's just plain dumb

    - 4Kids made an error in this scene, to the point where it doesn't make sense at all. When Lola was trying to persuade Cat to help Rancid and everyone, Lola used her powers to send Cat flying across the room. The first part Cat did attack him (sort of), but the 2nd part was when the error was made. In the original first season, Greaser attacked Cat again and he flew to the corner of the room they were in. In the dub, he doesn't attack him at all in the 2nd part and in the next scene, Cat is just being chase by 100 Greaser Dogs, which makes no sence.

    That's all for the errors, but I guarantee you if those many errors were made in 1 episode, imagine how they screwed up in all the episodes. Some scenes that were violent were removed as well. However, a lot of scenes that were NOt unappropiate were still removed. They even remove text, the stupidest thing ever. Wanna know why? Because even though it was originally English text in the UK version, it was still removed. Dialogue was scrapped and destroyed! Blood was removed too, geez why does 4Kids remove blood. In real life, children bleed and experience violence, so why remove it. Because 4Kids is the R word. The dub of this show also removed curse words. Well I guess since it's not appropiate you can let that fly. But still, this show was RUINED! If you have never seen the show and want to, I'm telling you: do NOT watch the english dub of this show. I hope this review of the English dub helped you realize what 4Kids did to this show. And guess what their excuse was: they NEVER heard of Nicktoons! So why did TMS give them the show?

    Season 1 of CatDog (original):

    AWESOME! SWEET! COOL! Original versions of UK toons are ALWAYS the best. The japanese version had better voice actors. I love the japanese voices. Rancid sounds cool and tough like he should, Eddie sounds like the kid he should be. Sheik's japanese voice is also cute. Probably Eddie's best voice. The japanese version also has better background music, and better dialogue. It's fascinating, absolute fabolous. It's great that they put songs from any other animein this show, such as Live and Learn. If you're a big fan of Nick classics, then do NOT watch the second or third season. Watch the first season.

    Well, that's my review of CatDog.moreless
  • Mario is that you?

    I'm sure whoever thought this up is a HUGE fan of Mario. Why else would they make this EXACTLY like Super Mario Bros., but with Animals instead? It's so simple -

    CatDog = Mario/Luigi

    The 3 Bull-Dogs = Bowser

    Rancid Rabbit = Yoshi

    The Blue Rat = Toad

    I'm sure you can all spot the rest of the Mario cast somewhere in there.

    Gee, HOW original. I swear, these days, new shows are all about seeing who can rip off who the best. Or at least, that SEEMS to be the logic. In any case, it's not working. People KNOW when a show is stupid and when it's a completely obvious ripoff, creators. You're not fooling anyone. We are not a nation of idiots who will simply swallow the garbage you force-feed us. We want GOOD, ORIGINAL television. And adding something like this to the scrap heap isn't helping,

    CatDog started out as one of Nick's many "one hit wonders", and I hoped it would have stayed that way. Sadly, my hopes went unnoticed and it became the pilot for the full series. The series itself is a joke on "Super mario Bros." & "The Cramp Twins", and a really poor one at that. The animation and character designs are downright hidious. The humor is mainly cliche and steerotypical, with occasionally a funny moment here and there. The storylines are contrived, and always wind up twisting at the end, [badly]. The only true funny character in this show is Mr. Sunshine, simply because he always gets the low end of the deal. Ok. First I just wanna say that I was being pretty generous giving this absolute CD a 0.2. I mean, come on anyone with have a brain cell can see that this is retarded. It's not stupid-funny like other animated shows, it's just stupid. catDog obviously don't have the faintest crap how to pick on by other and shouldn't have been put on the air (along with Chalkzone). Peter Hannah, you should be executed or at least confined to a nice padded cell.moreless
John Kassir

John Kassir

Fred, the Flying Fish

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Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

White Rabbit

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Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton

Witness #1

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Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

Cat/Additional Voices

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Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny


Recurring Role

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Winslow T. Oddfellow/Lube

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    • Cat: Excuse me my good man were here to meet an old friend.
      Cop: Get a number & wait in.......
      Female Cat: I have to go to the bathroom.
      White Rabbit: Where is my sister?
      Cop: Okay, Follow me, boys

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    • Don Adams

      The Amazing Ray's voice is based on actor Don Adams, famous for playing agent Maxwell Smart in the 1960s spy series Get Smart, as well as voicing the titular character in the 1980s animated series Inspector Gadget.