CatDog - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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  • Coming to Dinner
    Episode 31
  • 11/4/98
    CatDog's End:
    Cat wants to be alone, and wants a new butt instead of having Dog attached on him. So he goes to a store called "Better Bottoms" to pick out a new butt and have the solitary life he's always wanted.

    Siege On Fort CatDog:
    CatDog are fed up with getting hurt by the Greasers, so they try to find out how to fight back, using all kinds of army-based tactics.moreless
  • 11/3/98
    Flea or Die:
    CatDog get fleas, so they have to wear an unfashionable belt. Dog refuses to wear the belt. When he does, the fleas inhabit Cat, so they fight over the belt by bringing it to their side of the body.

    CatDog Food:
    CatDog become famous stars with "CatDog Food". But after the fame goes to Cat's head, he gets cocky, and insults Dog.moreless
  • 10/29/98
    All About Cat: Cat tried to be the part of Abraham Lincoln in a play, but Dog gets accepted for the part. Trespassing: Dog smells his favorite fire hydrant and notices another Dog has been there, so he waits for the trespasser to come to the fire hydrant.
  • Smarter than the Average Dog: Cat is tired of Dog being so un-intelligent, so he makes Dog study and watch educational video tapes, so Dog sucks all of Cat's smartness out of him, and in return Cat gets Dog's stupidity.CatDog Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Winslow misses CatDog after they supposedly moved away, except they are really on vacation.moreless
  • Just Say CatDog Sent Ya: All of Nearburg's Dogs love "Farburg Burger Bones", but they get banned from Nearburg because Fargburg makes all of the money, so Cat gets a plan to sell bones underneath their driveway for over 5x the price to become rich. Dog's Strange Condition: Dog gets trees growing on top of his head after eating Pecan Pie. Convinced he has "Pecanitus," he can't even watch TV because his head can't fit.moreless
  • Home is Where the Dirt is:
    Dog gets angry with the Gopher when he thinks his is meddling in his Bone Cellar.
    New Leash on Life:
    Cat tells a lie to Dog saying that there is a law where all Dogs have to wear leashes.
  • Neferkitty: Cat reads a story to Dog about how Egyptians worshiped Cats. His story goes back to the ancient times, with Rancid Rabbit being the Pharaoh, Cat also being royalty, and Dog and the Greasers all being servants.

    Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat: Cat reads Dog's journal, and Winslow catches a snapshot of him doing so.moreless
  • 10/22/98
    New Neighbors: Dog is frightened after reading a comic book about aliens invading, and he thinks the new next door neighbors, which turn out to be "Grannies," are aliens.

    Dead Weight: Cat tries to impress two ladies on a TV show, "Really Incredible People."
  • 10/21/98
    Nightmare: CatDog and Winslow watch a horror movie with "Toothpick Head", and become scared Tootpick Head is in their house.

    CatDogPig: Winslow tries to have CatDog have one more side to vote on what they should do for fun, etc., so a pig, horse, bird, and other animals live on CatDog.
  • 10/20/98
    Safety Dog: Cat tells Dog to become more safety conscious, because Dog only has one life, while Cat his nine, so Dog becomes very safe. Almost too safe, so Dog does not want to leave anywhere, and that prevents Cat from leaving too.

    Dog Come Home!: Dog moves out after a bet with Cat, saying that Dog cannot last a day alone without him.moreless
  • 10/16/98
    Full Moon Fever:
    A full moon brings out Dog's wolf-like instincts causing him to act unusual. He becomes out of control and wants to join The Greasers.

    War of the CatDog:
    It's CatDog's family reunion, and they fight over a trophy.
  • Escape From the Deep End:
    Dog Breaks a rule of 'No Cannonballs' at the local pool. They are then forced to stay there as prisoners.
    The Collector:
    Cat collects every "Mean Bob" toy even if it means selling everything they own. He even gets a huge storage area with all the boxes. Meanwhile, Dog plays with his one Mean Bob.moreless
  • 10/14/98
    Squirrel Dog: The Greasers plan another attack on Catdog, when Eddie the Squirrel messes them up. It turns out that Cliff has been glued to Eddie. He's then fired from the Greasers, and they go to CatDog for help. Brother's Day: It is almost Brother's Day in Nearburg. Everyone is getting ready for it, except CatDog. Dog has gone out and bought a mud wrestling thing, and Cat... well he's just greedy.moreless
  • 10/13/98
    Cat is tired of the Greasers beating him up. So, when he sees an ad in a magazine for drinks that will pump you up, he buys them. He doesn't like the taste, but Dog loves it. So he gets Dog pumped up, and he realizes at the last minute that Dog has snapped.
    Dummy Dummy:
    CatDog go to the store, and Dog buys "Little Cat." Dog pays more attention to Little Cat, and Cat tries not to mind. But when he realizes he is not wanted, he leaves, and tries to hitch hike a ride somewhere.moreless
  • Armed and Dangerous:
    Cat is nervous because his Swedish Pen Pal Ingrid is in town.
    Fistful of Mail!:
    Dog meets up with a paperboy faster than him. This makes Dog angry, and he tries everyday to get faster.
  • 10/9/98
    Party Animal:
    Cat invites people to his party, except for Winslow, that is, so Winslow throws his own party, which turns out to be more fun than Cat's party.
    Mush, Dog, Mush!:
    Cat enters Dog in a sledding contest to win big money. He trains Dog in a winter version of their house. When the race comes around, Dog races halfway through it, and gets hypothermia.moreless
  • 10/8/98
    Diamond Fever:
    CatDog become greedy when they realize a Gopher has a lot of diamonds underground. The riches make them greedy, and they forget that they're brothers.
    The Pet:
    CatDog find a hurt cockroach in the dump, and Dog wants to keep it as a pet. Cat tries to get rid of it with a robot exterminator. Will Cat succeed?moreless
  • 10/7/98
    Shriek Loves Dog:
    Cat tries to get Shriek and Dog married so the Greasers will stop pounding him. Then, he dreams about there life together, and sees how bad it would be. When he wakes up, the beginning of his dream comes into play, and then he makes Dog say bad things about her. The catch? Dog says that the insults were from Cat.

    Work Force:
    CatDog work in Rancid's factory for "Kavity Crunch" cereal. Dog works harder than anyone else, and gets promoted from Box-Licker to Prize-Stuffer. Cat and the others at the factory are being mistreated.moreless
  • Full Moon Fever/War of the CatDog
    It is the night of the full moon and Dog's canine instincts are in full bloom. At first Dog resists his temptation to run with the wild pack, but soon he is overcome. Cat begins to label all of his belongings in order to prevent Dog from wrecking them. In retaliation, Dog buries some of the choice items, including a tug of war trophy won by the both of them.moreless
  • 10/6/98
    The Island:
    CatDog try to go on a vacation, but they end up in the middle of a giant traffic jam that never stops.

    All You Need is Lube:
    Cat saves Lube's life from a tick, so Lube promises to serve Cat always. But when he starts to keep Dog away, Cat realizes that he needs to rid himself of Lube.moreless
  • Flea or Die / CatDog Food
    A rambunctious Dog runs all over the beach, rolls in the sand, and contracts fleas. Dog wolfs down cat food ant a focus group taste test creating the latest taste sensation -- CatDog food.
  • 4/4/98
    Dog Gone: Cat decides he wants some quiet time to himself, so Dog puts on "the suit" and Cat finds out just how much he really misses Dog. All You Can't Eat: CatDog want to eat at a taco restaurant, but Rancid Rabbit bans them from entering. They try sneaking in numerous ways, but are caught every time.moreless
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