CatDog - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • 6/19/00
    Kooky Prank Day:
    It's the yearly Kooky Prank Day that Cat hates because everyone pulls a prank on him, but this year he has a plan. He will use a fake flying saucer to convince everyone that aliens are attacking.

    Back to School:
    Cat missed his last day of school, so he didn't graduate, so he goes back to school to get his Diploma.moreless
  • 3/3/00
    Doo Wop Diggety:
    Winslow makes CatDog and the Greasers a successful band.

    Lola is hired to make a documentary on CatDog and if she screws up, she is in trouble!
  • 3/30/00
    Stunt CatDog: CatDog become stuntmen in a Rancid Rabbit film, but Cat is only in it to kiss Taululah. Greasers in the Mist: CatDog tries to find out the "pork fat" to defeat the Greasers, and Lola helps them.
  • 3/23/00
    Lube in Love:
    Lube is seeking work at a gas station and falls in love with a girl there.

    Picture This:
    Dog becomes obsessed with photography, and takes pictures of a lot of people, even embarrassing ones.
  • 3/23/00
    The Geekers:
    The Greasers make fun of CatDog and their friends and call them the 'Geekers.' CatDog and his friends decide to make their own club: "The Geeker".

    The Golden Hydrant:
    CatDog find what they think is the 'Golden Hydrant'. They put the Golden Hydrant up for viewing in their own museum. They charge money for people to go see it.moreless
  • Fire Dog / Dog Show
    Episode 29
    Fire Dog:
    CatDog becomes a fire dog at the fire department.

    Dog Show:
    Dog enters a Dog show and Cat dresses up as a Dog tail.
  • 3/16/00
    Cliff's Little Secret: CatDog realizes that Cliff is taking Ballet lessons, and are no longer scared of him.

    Freak Show: CatDog joins a freak show to earn some cash.
  • 3/9/00
    A Dog Ate My Homework: Cat comes up with a money-making scheme where a Dog eats people's homework.

    The End: Nearburg fears it is the end of the world after seeing a cloud shaped like an evil skull.
  • 3/9/00
    Royal Dog: CatDog see a picture in a museum that has a striking resemblance to them, and CatDog end up in England reliving the story behind it.

    Springtime For CatDog: Lorraine falls in love with both Cat and Dog, so she has to choose which one she wants.
  • 5/11/02
    CatDog 3001: Cat goes too far in teasing Winslow, and CatDog ends up in the year 3001.

    Cloud Bursting: Cat ruins Lola's prize winning machine, and gets in trouble after doing so.
  • 12/11/99
    Extra! Extra!: CatDog become paperboys because all of the others quit when Dog chases them.

    CatDog Squared: CatDog finds another CatDog, DanStan, or so they think, because they other CatDogs are really frauds and want to sleep in CatDog's house and steal CatDog's trophy.
  • Shriek on Ice: While Cliff and Lube are getting pleasure out of beating up CatDog, Shriek decides that there is more to life and decides to pursue her dream to be an ice skater.

    No Thanks for the Memories: Dog gets a touch of amnesia after getting hit with an appliance that falls on his head, in which starts up a whole chain of people causing Dog to get amnesia, telling him things about himself that aren't true.moreless
  • 11/30/99
    This is a Christmas special, where Rancid's Niece, Rancie, comes for a visit. She owns a lot of stuff....except for a CatDog. She wants to have them for Christmas. They don't agree, so Christmas gets canceled.
  • Talking Turkey
    Episode 21
    This is a Thanksgiving special, where CatDog try to save a turkey named Walt from getting eaten by Rancid Rabbit.
  • 11/6/99
    Remain Seated:
    Cat is bored and wants some fun, so CatDog go to the amusement park Mervis and Dunglap work at. Dog is eager to try the biggest and scariest roller coaster, which Cat is too scared to ride.
    CatDog Catcher:
     Rancid is talking a gold bath and the gold stops coming out, so he tries to make more money by making Dogs have licenses to not go to jail.moreless
  • CatDogula
    Episode 19
    On Halloween, Dog is bitten by a tick, and becomes a vampire. He spreads the curse to practically everyone in Nearburg... and only Cat is left to stop them.
  • Sweet and Lola:
    There is a new bird in town, and her name is Lola. She moves in to the tree next to CatDog's house, because she wants to study them. CatDog get tired of her invading their privacy, so they try to get her to leave.
    Rich Shriek, Poor Shriek:
    Everyone finds out that Shriek is rich.moreless
  • 10/23/99
    Rodeo CatDog: CatDog go into a rodeo show, and end up being famous cowboys! But first, will they survive the killer bull?

    Teeth For Two: CatDog go into the dentist office for a checkup, and his teeth end up being bad after Dog eating garbage, so Cat and Dog try to ruin each other's teeth by shoving teeth-rotting food down their throat.moreless
  • 10/9/99
    Sumo Enchanted Evening: CatDog eat a lot of food in Rancid Rabbit's new restaurant, and the bill turns out to be $34,000.00. CatDog end up gaining a lot of weight, so they challenge Rancid Rabbit to a sumo fight.

    Hotel CatDog: Cat tries to make some money by turning their house into a hotel. It all goes wrong when completely different people are right next to each other, driving the guests mad, which drives CatDog crazy.moreless
  • 7/30/99
    Dog Power:
    Cat is late paying the electric bill, so he uses Dog's energy to make his own electricity.

    It's a Jungle in Here!:
    Sally, Cat's crush from second grade is coming for a visit, so Cat wants the house spotless and clean, but it turns into a jungle, literally.moreless
  • Let the Games Begin/Winslow Falls in Love
    CatDog find themselves in the dog pound because Dog urinated on the dogcatcher's leg. CatDog try to find a soul-mate for Winslow because they think, if he's in love, he'll stop tormenting them.
  • Let the Games Begin!:
    CatDog get thrown in jail with the Greasers and they both have to beat Rancid rabbit's cousin, Rottens Pound dogs, in an Olympic Competition, or else!

    Winslow Falls in Love:
    CatDog are tired of Winslow picking on them, so they try to find Winslow a soulmate.moreless
  • House of CatDog/CatDog Campers
    Rancid Rabbit comes to CatDog and says that he is going to tear down the CatDog house in order to build a freeway. CatDog are the favorite to win the Forest Fire Boy Of the Year Award, but first they must win their camping badge.
  • 7/28/99
    The House of CatDog:
    Rancid Rabbit wants to tear down CatDog's house in order to build a freeway.
    CatDog Campers:
    Cat and Dog are campers in this episode, and they fight while camping, and end up in a dangerous situation.
  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
    When Dog chases a dragonfly, Cat thinks that he needs to harness his instincts.
  • Dog Power / It's a Jungle In Here
    To save money on electric bills, Cat hooks the hyperkinetic Dog up to a treadmill in order to create his own juice.Cat meticulously cleans the house in preparation for a visit from Sally, a second grade girlfriend who dissed him because he was too "disorderly."
  • Surfing Dog
    Episode 12
    To impress Surfer Girl, Cat faces his fear of water and surfs some waves.
  • Surfin' CatDog / Guess Who's Going to be Dinner!
    Surfin' CatDog:
    Catdog go to the beach and Cat tries to impress a girl. He'd do anything even if he has to go surfing against the Greasers, which means that Cat might get wet and he hates to get wet.

    Guess Who's Going to be Dinner:
    Cat wants to eat Winslow after remembering that it is strange for a cat not to be eating mice.moreless
  • It's a Wonderful Half Life: Cat & Dog dream about being seperated in their dreams and realize they are lucky to have each other. Shepherd Dog: Dog becomes a Sheperd Dog for a lady.
  • 3/1/99
    Climb Every CatDog: Cat tries to beat an old school enemy at climbing a mountain.

    Canine Mutiny: CatDog and their friends end up in a garbage truck and fall into water where Cat acts like a pirate.
  • Showdown at Hole 18/Sneezie Dog
    Cat tries to teach Dog the finer points of golf, but Dog whacks a ball that ricochets off various golfers and lands in Club President Rancid Rabbit's mouth. Dog gets a serious case of the sneezes and Doctor Rancid Rabbit diagnoses Dog's "Achoo's" as an allergy to Cat.
  • 2/26/99
    Showdown at Hole 18:
    Cat is trying to win the trophy for golf that Rancid Rabbit owns, so Rancid tries to do anything in his power to make CatDog lose. This includes letting a whole lot of golf balls loose.
    Sneezie Dog:
    CatDog are convinced that Dog is allergic to Cat. Trying to make Dog stop sneezing, he risks shaving himself. But that doesn't even work.moreless
  • Dem Bones:
    While at a museum, Dog wants to eat the bones of a dinosaur.
    Winslow's Home Videos:
    Winslow shows embarrassing home videos of CatDog.
    You're Fired:
    Taululah wants a soulmate, and it turns out that CatDog is a great match for her.
  • 2/24/99
    Spaced Out:
    Everybody in Nearburg is anticipating the new Mean Bob movie coming out, except for Cat, that is.
    Nine Lives:
    While doing some cleaning in the attic, Dog releases Cat's other eight lives, which run around causing havoc in town, so CatDog have to catch them all.
  • The Unnatural: Cat is very bad at baseball, so he puts on a Dog mask making the Greasers think Dog is bad, and Cat is good, while Dog isn't knowing.

    Dog Ate It: Dog gains a lot of weight after eating a lot, so Cat cannot enter the Dance Fiesta until Dog loses some pounds. But no matter how hard Cat tries, whenever Dog exercises, he ends up eating something.

    Dopes on Slopes: Cat tries to teach Dog how to ski, but when Dog jumps off the ski lift, a crazy series of events happen.moreless
  • Fred the Flying Fish:
    Cat tries to capture "Fred The Flying Fish" for money, but as you know, it's hard to catch a flying fish.
    CatDog Divided:
    CatDog end up getting sawed in half in a magic show by "The Amazing Ray," but when they try to find the magician who did it, they find out he is a fraud and is in jail. So, they go to another magic show to put them back together.moreless
  • Adventures in Greaser Sitting:
    Cliff's niece comes to town for a visit, but Cliff needs a replacement babysitter (Lube was supposed to, but he was unable), so Cliff makes CatDog do it.

    The Cat Club:
    Cat wants to join a Cat Club, so he makes Dog wear a cat suit.

    Cat Diggety Dog:
    This is a CatDog short where they go onto a stage and sing about how they get along.moreless
  • Hail the Great Meow Woof:
    CatDog accidentally fly away on a kite and crash into a statue of Rancid Rabbit and the natives believe Catdog are Gods, so they worship the great "Meow Woof".

    Battle of the Bands:
    CatDog enter a band contest, but their competition includes The Greasers, who, from reading a ripped-up flyer, think it's just a huge battle.moreless
  • The Lady is a Shriek:
    Shriek has a crush on Dog, so to get his attention she dresses up pretty and acts nicer.

    Dog the Mighty:
    Dog gets a medal from Rancid Rabbit causing Dog to think he is a Superhero.
  • Send in the CatDog:
    Dog has a surprise for Cat and it's to join a Clown School. Dog makes a great clown, but Cat is very reluctant and has one major weakness: pies.

    Fishing For Trouble:
    Cat's hairball wins them a prize at the amusement park, and Dog chooses a fish as the a prize.

    Cat wins a prize and has five minutes to call in and claim his prize, but Winslow throws a ball causing Dog to chase it all over town, while Cat tries to hang on to a phone.moreless