Season 2 Episode 1

Send in the CatDog / Fishing For Trouble / Fetch

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1999 on Nickelodeon

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  • Dog takes Cat to Clown School for a big surprise, Dog gets a pet fish and Dog goes after a tennis ball.


    In Send in the Catdog, Dog surprises Cat to Clown School who is not very pleased with it until the head of the school says to Cat that he doesn't have a chance to be a clown. So Cat signed himself and Dog into the school. They both got their faces painted and got their clothes and head out to the field which is like a boot camp. The head of the school is Sgt. Sillybells. The first thing they did is sliding on banana peels until Cat complained to himself because Dog was shaking banana gunk on him after he swiped on some peels and Sillybells order Cat to slide on the peel and he did and the same thing with the clown car. The last thing to do is to get hit in the face with a pie, Cat dodged the pie because he doesn't want to mess up his fur and Sillybells wasn't impressed. So Sillybells gives Cat a second chance to pie himself and Cat takes the pie and throws it at Dog. Sillybells was really angry and kicks Cat out of the school. The last assignment for the clowns including dog is to entertain in parties. The last one is a very dangerous one says Sillybells a birthday party of a crabby girl named Susie Sourpuss. So Dog offers to do it and Sillybells approves it and sends Dog down there. Dog went into the party and sadly failed. He tells Cat that he has to save the party, but Cat says he doesn't have what it takes and Dog doesn't believed that. So Cat goes in the party and does pretty much everything but nothing worked until Dog says to Cat he has a pie left and Cat has no choice but to pie himself and he did and Susie says that's still not funny. Cat breaks down to tears and then Susie says that's funny. Back at the clown school. Sillybells awards Cat and he's a clown now and the salute is 21 pies in the face which Cat did not like at all. In Fishing for Trouble, Dog wins a pet goldfish at a carnival and names it Veronica. But Winslow says it's not a good idea because of Cat. Later that night, Cat struggles with himself of eating Dog's fish, but Cat ate Veronica and he asked Dog to check inside his throat and in their insides to find Veronica and eventually he did and it turns out Veronica's a he and is not happy with Cat. Dog finds out what Cat did and they both got eaten by Veronica. Cat apologizes to Dog and he forgives him and asked Cat how they get out of Veronica until he went into the bathroom. In Fetch, Cat is anxious of a radio contest to listen for his name and call the radio company while Dog is playing with his tennis ball. The radio calls Cat's name and he has five minutes to give them a call but the problem is that Winslow tossed the ball and Dog goes after it causing a lot of chaos like they ripped through Mervis's mailbag, along with the Greasers chasing them and even damaged through a plane. Until Cat found a phone and called to beat the deadline in the desert. They're both happy until the plane crashed at them. Later the radio DJ came to give Cat his prize which is a truckload of tennis balls and Dog goes after one again and the Greasers, Mr. Sunshine and Mervis chased them out to the sunset. To me, I personally liked Send in the Catdog and Fetch which are both humorous and great episodes while Fishing for Trouble is an alright episode. With two out of three gives this episode a 9 out of 10.