Season 2 Episode 30

The Geekers / The Golden Hydrant

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 2000 on Nickelodeon
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The Geekers:
The Greasers make fun of CatDog and their friends and call them the 'Geekers.' CatDog and his friends decide to make their own club: "The Geeker".

The Golden Hydrant:
CatDog find what they think is the 'Golden Hydrant'. They put the Golden Hydrant up for viewing in their own museum. They charge money for people to go see it.moreless

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  • Catdog and a few of their friends form their own gang.

    The episode starts off as the Greasers pound Catdog as usual, until they ran into their friends. Eddie the squirrel showed up as well. After being harassed and getting beaten up, Catdog and their friends start their own gang called "The Geekers". At Catdog's house, they have a meeting about various stuff. Instead of leather jackets, they wear scarfs with ducks on them. They have their little catchy song(which I pretty much enjoy myself). The gang except for Dog picked on little kids at a local park. Dog yells at them telling them this is wrong. Cat decides to go after the Greasers. Meanwhile at the Greaser's house, Cat and the gang called them out for a brawl. They all attack them but they were flinged back with a pear of underwear and lost. The little kids get revenge on The Geekers in the end. This episode is very good and well written and has humor in it. I also enjoyed The Golden Hydrant, but The Geekers is much enjoyable to be a personal favorite episode of this series.moreless
Billy West

Billy West

Rancid Rabbit/Mr. Sunshine/Randolph/Mean Bob

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Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

Cat/Additional Voices

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Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In The Golden Hydrant, when the Greasers are on the roof, watch closely. Shriek runs up next to Cliff, disappears, and runs up to him again!

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Cliff: (after Lube and Cliff peed on the fake golden hydrant, gold paint begins to spread to the ground revealing it's a red hydrant) Whoa! Either that hydrant's a fake, or I gotta get me to a doctor.

    • Eddie: (about the Greasers) They can't treat people like that, it ain't right. I'm tired of living in fear.
      Cat: You know something? This annoying insignificant little twit is absolutely right.
      Eddie: I am?
      Cat: Yes. We've got to band together. That way, everyone will leave us alone.
      Eddie: Yeah, we'll start our own club!
      Mervis: That way, we'll be able to go where ever we want to go.
      Dunglap: And do what ever we want to do.
      Dog: And we will call ourselves the...
      Cat: The Geekers!

    • Eddie: Did you get the jackets?
      Cat: Even better. (Dog fetches and tosses a bunch of cloths with ducks on them to Mervis, Dunglap, and Eddie)
      Eddie: Cloths?
      Cat: Hey, do you have any idea how much leather jackets cost, mister?
      Dunglap: What did you make these out of? Shower curtains?
      Cat: Yes, I did.
      Eddie: They've got ducks on them!
      Mervis: In Holland, they use geese like attack dogs.
      (everyone agrees with Mervis in a positive agreement)

    • Cliff: None of yous pathetic geeks could ever be Greasers. Ha! More like Geekers!

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