• 181
    Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

    Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

    The CW (ended 2011)
    In the futuristic city of New Domino, a brand new set of duels called Turbo Duels are the popular style of dueling. These duels use motorcycle like vehicles known as Duel Runners and usually take place on a set course. In the run down Satellite sector, Yusei Fudo plans to escape to New Domino City and reclaim his most powerful card that was stolen by his rival Jack Atlas. However, once Yusei arrives in the city he becomes wrapped up in a plot run by Sector Security Director Rex Goodwin. Goodwin is trying to gather certain duelists in order for them to save the world, but his methods are anything but ordinary. Once gathered, these special duelists, known as The Signers, must band together in order to stop a threat that threatens the safety of the world.moreless
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    Chrome Shelled Regios

    Chrome Shelled Regios

    Animax Entertainment (ended 2009)
    In the distant future, the world has become polluted leading to the emergence of monsters known as Pollutant Beasts. As such mankind has been forced to relocate itself to massive isolated mobile cities called Regios. In the Academy City of Zenri a mysterious boy named Leyfon Alseif enrolls to be a normal student. But after breaking up a fight between some very powerful Military Art's students he is transfered to the Military Art's Department himself. Here he meets Nina Antalk, the leader of the 17th Military Arts Unit. He reluctantly joins her squad. Alternative titles:
    Kōkaku no Regios
    Opening Themes:
    "Brave your truth" by Daisy x Daisy Ending Themes:
    "Yasashii Uso" by Chrome Shelled
    "Yasahii Uso w/z Felli Loss" by Chrome Shelled feat. Felli Loss
    "Yasahii Uso w/z Nina Antalk" by Chrome Shelled feat. Nina Antalk
    "Yasahii Uso w/z Leerin Marfes" by Chrome Shelled feat. Leerin Marfes
    "Ai no Zuellni" by Chrome Shelled
    "Ai no Zuellni w/z Mayshen Torinden" by Chrome Shelled feat. Mayshen Torinden
    "Ai no Zuellni w/z Leerin Marfes" by Chrome Shelled feat. Leerin Marfesmoreless
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    The Prince Of Tennis

    The Prince Of Tennis

    Cartoon Network
    Twelve-year-old Ryoma Echizen joins the Seishun Gakuen Middle School tennis team, known for being one of the most competitive teams in Japan. Freshmen rarely have a chance to actually play during their first year, but Ryoma's cool confidence, combined with a deadly, un-returnable "twist serve," gain him a coveted starting spot. With rigorous and extremely intense practices, the upperclassmen of the team expect the very best from themselves, and expect even more from the new members of the team. He's made the cut but can he survive the intense competition? Join Ryoma and other first year players, as they train hard, make friends, and try to find a place for themselves on the team. Ryoma's cute but chronically shy classmate, Sakuno Ryuzaki, also has problems of her own as she hopes he will notice her. Ryoma Echizen is The Prince of Tennis. He may be ready for the Seishun Gakuen tennis team, but are they ready for him?

    The exciting backdrop of high school tennis serves as the setting for the sports drama and coming-of-age story, The Prince of Tennis, or Tennis no Ōjisama (テニスの王子様). From creator Takeshi Konomi, the manga and anime depict the life and adventures of Ryoma Echizen, both on the court and off of it. The series has becomes one of the most popular manga and anime titles to hit Japan. In Japan, the manga is published in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump (and is still ongoing), and in North America (and in English), it is published by VIZ Media as a Shonen Jump graphic novel series.

    The anime aired its final episode in 2005 on TV Tokyo in Japan. On this side of the hemisphere, The Prince of Tennis anime series is slated to air on Cartoon Network's new online broadband service called Toonami Jetstream on July 17 2006.

    General Note on Airdates: The Prince of Tennis airs on Cartoon Network and Viz's broadband service, Toonami Jetstream and on Toonami. Even though TV.com has broadband shows in its database, the airdates and the titles for each episode are that of it's U.S. regular Toonami airing. The Japanese titles and airdates, and the Jetstream airdates can be found in their respective episodes ONLY when dub info (titles and airdates) have been revealed.

    Popularity of the Franchise: The series is extremely popular in Japan. In addition to the manga and anime, there is a half-hour weekly radio show, over 100 music CDs and Drama CDs, several games, an animated movie and a live action movie, a five episode OVA, a number of live-action musicals, and much, much more.

    Seasons: Season 1: Episodes 1-26 - Intraschool Ranking Arc I (1-10), Versus Fudomine Arc (11-21), Seigaku Training (22-26) Season 2: Episodes 27-52 – Versus St Rudolph Arc (27-26), Training Filler Arc (37-40), Versus Yamabuki Arc (41-48), Intraschool Ranking Arc II (49-52) Season 3: Episodes 53-78 – Versus Hyoutei Arc (53-68), Tezuka's Leaving Arc (69-75), Shonan Arc – Part 1 (76-78) Season 4: Season 5: Season 6: Episodes 129-160 - Recreation II Arc (129-135), Junior Selection Camp Arc (136-146), Versus American West Coast Team Arc (147-160) Season 7: Episodes 161-178 - Recreation III Arc (161-165), Intraschool Ranking Arc III (166-176), Start of Nationals Arc (177-178) Season 8: Episodes 179-194 (1-13 + 3 specials) - The Prince of Tennis OVA: The National Tournament (179-191/1-13), New Year's Special 2003 (192), A Day on Survival Mountain (193), New Year's Smash 2005 (194)moreless
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    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Nicktoons Networks (ended 2009)
    After an unexplained and unexpected explosion of the X-Mansion, Professor Charles Xavier and Jean Grey are missing. The X-Men disband and Scott begins to suffer from depression. One year later, the Mutant Response Division (or MRD for short) is imprisoning mutants. Emma Frost is able to locate a comatose Charles on Genosha in the care of Magneto. Professor X telepathically orders Wolverine to lead the X-Men and set out to save the world from The Sentinel Project and prevent the Brotherhood of Mutants from taking over the world before the future ends up dominated by Sentinels.moreless
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    ABC Family (ended 1996)
    "One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled. It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the age of gargoyles. Stone by day, warriors by night, we were betrayed by the humans we had sworn to protect, frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years. Now, here in Manhattan, the spell is broken, and we live again! We are defenders of the night. We are Gargoyles!" Gargoyles is an animated series created and produced by Greg Weisman, and aired from October 24, 1994 to 1997.moreless
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    Legends of Chima

    Legends of Chima

    Cartoon Network
    A new Lego cartoon based show about the interactions between animal tribes of Chima who compete and fight for the mystical power of CHI, which the lion clan are charged with protecting.moreless
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    Curious George

    Curious George

    The tale of Curious George is sweet and basic. George, an African monkey, is being raised by the Man in the Yellow Hat. The Man in the Yellow Hat tries very hard to care for George, however, complications frequently occur, typically George's naivety and curiosity get him and others into trouble.

    The Man in the Yellow hat is typically able to save the day. On the rare occasions that things are beyond the Man in the Yellow Hat's control, George comes through and rights all wrong (usually George is the cause of the wrong). In the end, because George is just a helpless, innocent little monkey, everyone realizes that he is sorry for his actions, and they forgive him for causing trouble.

    For over sixty years Curious George has been entertaining and educating young people. The concept of Curious George began as a series of children's books written by Margret and H.A. Rey in 1941. The books were immensely popular with children because George possessed so many child-like characteristics, and the plot was so basic and innocent.

    In 1979 the Curious George books were turned into a cartoon so a wider audience could enjoy them.

    Curious George airs on PBS weekdays at 8:30 am; & 3:30 pm eastern time.moreless
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    Ugly Americans

    Ugly Americans

    Comedy Central
    New York is overrun with extraterrestrials (zombies, demons, aliens) attempting to assimilate into society alongside humans in this animated Comedy Central series.
  • 189
    Static Shock

    Static Shock

    The WB (ended 2004)
    Quick-witted Virgil Hawkins finds himself imbued with electromagnetic superpowers after being exposed to a mutanic gas and takes on the guise of Static, an urban hero of his own creation. He confronts real problems and issues faced by today's kids, such as peer pressure, gangs and growing up in an ethnically diverse urban neighborhood. Learning to control his powers, figuring out how to patrol the skies at night and still make it home in time to study for his chemistry class, Virgil's greatest discovery becomes the real "charge" he gets in helping people and making a positive difference in his community - Dakota City. First Telecast: September 23, 2000 Last Telecast: May 22, 2004 Episodes: 52 Color episodes (52 half-hour episodes, 1 two-part episodes) Production: Warner Bros. Animation Distributors: Kids' WB For updates on Static, go to the creator's homepage at: http://www.dwaynemcduffie.com/ Character Guide Virgil Hawkins / Static Shock - Can control electricity and manipulate metal objects. He's been living with his sister and father. His father works for the city. His mother was a paramedic until one day she died in the Dakota Riots. Richie Foley/Gear - Virgil's best friend and is a genius. Richie mutates in the third season and gains superpowers. He's still Static's sidekick, but he has a more active role creating the tools they need to stop crime. Hotstreak - Francis Stone Aka F-Stop. A gang leader who bullied Virgil around. Mutated so he could control fire. Ebon - Aka Ivan Evans. Petty thief, who has a gang of three. He turned into a living shadow. He can go under doors, through cracks and even take others with him. Rubberband Man - Aka Adam Evans. Disgruntled music writer. He used his powers for revenge when a famous rap star stole his lyrics. His body is like a rubber band that can stretch or become anything. Now, he's using his powers for good. He is Ebon's brother. Talon - Real name revealed to be Teresa. Mutated into a bird. She's one of the members of the meta-breed. She can fly and screech at high levels, which is deafening to anything around her. Shiv - Also part of the meta-breed, along with Ebon and Talon. He can create light energy weapons at his disposal. Puff - A meta-human bounty hunter. She can breathe any kind of gas (acid or knock-out) from her mouth and also turn her legs into steam to fly. Onyx - Puff's sidekick in the show. He's a rock monster with super strength. Carmen Dillo - A humanoid armadillo who could roll up into a ball and launch himself as a projectile. Kangor - The leader of the Ruffpack with feet big enough to deliver powerful kicks and shake the ground. Sometimes works with Ebon. Ferret - Member of the Ruffpack who has a snout that can smell anything. He can also scale buildings. Omnifarious - Edwin Alva Jr. can use his meta gas and control it to have any power he wants. He probably could have found a cure if things hadn't been ruined with his dad. Theme Song Fight the criminals, chase the bad guys Save the world, fly through the sky Half kid, half amazing Ok, Static Shock's who you're facing Yeah, one zip, then you zapped Good against evil, get trapped Look in my eyes, I've got the power Villains run from the static shower Superhero Static Shock (Woo-hoo!) Superhero Static Shock (Woo-hoo!) Criminals get twisted This superhero gifted The bell rings and I'm back in school Nobody know what I do, ok Superhero Static Shock (Woo-hoo!) Superhero Static Shock (Woo-hoo!) Superhero Static Shock (Woo-hoo!) One zip, then you zapped Good against evil, get trapped Look in my eyes, I've got the power Villains run from the static shower Criminals get twisted This superhero gifted The bell rings and I'm back in school Nobody know what I do, ok Superhero Static Shock! Performed by: Lil' Romeo (Seasons 3 and 4 only). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kids' WB Broadcast History September 9, 2000 - October 28, 2000 .... Saturday, 10:30am November 4, 2000 - June 16, 2001 .... Saturday, 11:00am January 26, 2002 - August 31, 2002 .... Saturday, 8:30am January 25, 2003 - July 26, 2003 .... Saturday, 10:30am August 2, 2003 - September 6, 2003 .... Saturday, 11:30am January 17, 2004 - February 7, 2004 .... Saturday, 11:30am February 14, 2004 - May 22, 2004 .... Saturday, 8:30am June 5, 2004 - August 21, 2004 .... Saturday, 10:30am Repeats January 5, 2004 - April 30, 2004 .... Monday - Friday, 3:30pm May 3, 2004 - July 30, 2004 .... Monday - Friday, 3:00pm Special Presentations May 2, 2002 .... Saturday, 8:00am July 13, 2002 .... Saturday, 8:00am January 27-31, 2003 .... Monday - Friday, 3:30pm April 14-18, 2003 .... Monday - Friday, 3:30pm May 3, 2003 .... Saturday, 9:30am April 10, 2004 .... Saturday, 8:00am Cartoon Network Broadcast History September 27, 2004 - Current .... Monday - Thursday, 9:30pm October 10, 2004 - Current .... Sunday, 8:00am October 18, 2004 - Current .... Monday - Friday, 6:30PM Awards & Nominations 2003 Annie Award - Outstanding Directing in an Animated Television Production 2003 Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition 2003 Humanitas Prize - Children's Animation Category (Winner!) 2003 Golden Reel Award - Best Sound Editing in Television Animation 2004 Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Special Class Animated Program 2004 Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Music Direction and Composition (Winner!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------moreless
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    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Cartoon Network (ended 2011)
    In this new animated series, Batman travels to the past and future, journeys beneath the sea and into outer space, and teams up with fellow heroes such as Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Aquaman, Red Tornado, Wildcat, and many more, in this series inspired by the classic DC comic The Brave and the Bold.moreless
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    The Smurfs

    The Smurfs

    NBC (ended 1989)
    The Smurfs are a group of over 100 bluish, three-apple tall creatures who live in the mushroom homes of Smurf Village. They are led by 543-year-old Papa Smurf (who doesn't look a day over 530). Their lives would be perfect were it not for the villainous Gargamel, a wizard who spends his days trying to capture them to eat, turn into gold, or for some other evil reason. Gargamel's cat Azrael adds to the menace, always looking for a smurfalicious snack. The single-emotioned smurfs, including Brainy, Jokey, Vanity, Grouchy and Clumsy, and others, were later joined by Grandpa Smurf, five Smurflings (who went back in time to become youngsters), and even Nanny late in the series. Gargamel, too, got a friend in the form of the unscrupulous Scruple. In 1982, the Culliford characters Johan and his aide Peewit ("Peewee" to U.S. kids) were given their own segments during the expanded, 90-minute The Smurfs, but the two humans simply weren't as smurfy as their tiny friends, and thus did not last. Despite its incredible popularity, The Smurfs actually encountered some controversy. Some adults considered the show quite sexist in its use of the one original female character, Smurfette, who was created by Gargamel as a way to fool the other Smurfs. In reaction to the criticism, the siren was changed into a sweetie via some Papa Smurf magic, and later seasons brought further smurf femmes like Sassette and Nanny. Perhaps the most memorable feature of the show was the use of the word "smurf" in every possible tense and construction. For instance, it wouldn't be unusual to hear a Smurf remark something like, "It's such a smurfy day, I think I'll go smurfing in Lake Smurf." In any case, the show won two Emmys as Outstanding Children's Entertainment Series and, in 1987, actually did a message episode. In an anti-drug show, Poet Smurf became addicted after rubbing a witch's magic orb, requiring the help of Papa and the gang to overcome his problem. The Smurfs hit the silver screen in 1984 with The Smurfs and the Magic Flute. The film was actually a dubbed version of an older Belgian Schtroumpfs feature, and our teeny weeny heroes didn't even appear until a ways in. The film flopped, but the cartoon continued to rule Saturday morning for the better part of the decade. In 1989, in an attempt to save the nearly decade-old show, the producers had the Smurfs leaving Smurf Village to visit various times and locations. Fans were smurfed off. The show was cancelled after that season, surviving only in the syndicated package titled The Smurfs' Adventures. Catch an hour of The Smurfs every weekday morning on The Cartoon Network at 11AM - 12PM EST and on the Boomerang Network at 8AM, 4PM, and 12AM EST.moreless
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    FOX (ended 1998)
    Warner Bros. follow-up to Tiny Toon Adventures was a show even nuttier than its predecessor. It originally ran every weekday afternoon and Saturday mornings on Fox for the first season, then moved to Saturday mornings on the (new at the time) WB permanently for the remaining seasons. The two Warner Brothers, talky Yakko and Liverpool-accented Wakko, and their Warner Sister, Dot ("I'm cute") had supposedly been created in the 1930s, but their cartoons were too screwball for the general public. The three Warners (all black with long ears, but no distinguishable species or breed) were locked up in the studio water tower until they escaped in the early 1990s. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot ran wild around the lot, pursued by studio CEO, Thaddeus Plotz, security guard, Ralph, studio psychiatrist, Dr. Scratchinsniff, and Scratchinsniff's buxom assistant, Hello Nurse (who didn't really have to do much pursuing, if you know what I mean. "Hellooooooo, Nurse!"). The show spat out pop culture references and throwaway visual gags with machine-gun rapidity, entertaining kids and adults alike. Also popular were the many songs and song parodies that graced the program. Various shorts rotated through the program, and characters often popped up randomly in other characters' segments. Among the supporting featurettes: "Pinky and the Brain" were a duo of lab rats, one goofy (Pinky), one bent on taking over the world (Brain). The Brain's best-laid plans always went astray, but he kept trying with Wile E. Coyote-like persistence. This was the most popular of the supporting segments, later spinning off into its own series. "Slappy Squirrel" was an aged cartoon star with a cranky temperament, plenty of anvils and dynamite, and a nephew named Skippy. "Mindy and Buttons" were a baby and dog, respectively. Cute, but mischievous, Mindy perpetually escaped from some sort of baby harness, playpen, etc., forcing Buttons to rescue her, sacrificing his own body in the process. "Goodfeathers" parodied mob movies with a trio of pigeons. And, yes, there was a Godpigeon. "Good Idea/Bad Idea" was an informative segment starring Mr. Skullhead ("Good Idea: smell the roses. Bad Idea: grab the roses.") "Chicken Boo" was a chicken who masqueraded as a human Santa Claus, sheriff, prom date, etc., but was always discovered at episode's end. "Rita and Runt" were a singing cat and dog team searching for a good home (and food). "Mime Time" showed a hapless mime practicing his art, which inevitably led to some painful physical consequences. "The Hip Hippos" were husband and wife Flavio and Marita, always concerned about being fat. "Minerva Mink" was a spoiled, but beautiful mink model who made male characters faint in about every episode. "Katie Ka-Boom" was a moody teen who exploded (literally) when things didn't go her way. Colin told stories about his friend Randy Beaman and his family. The show ran five seasons of original episodes, then reappeared as part of The Cat & Birdy Warneroonie Pinky Brainy Big Cartoonie Show.They're zany to the max!moreless
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    Mew Mew Power

    Mew Mew Power

    TELETOON (ended 2006)
    Mew Mew Power anime is based on one of Tokyopop's best selling Mangas and is now available in select stores. During her first date with the cutest boy in school, Zoey Hanson is zapped by a mysterious ray that scrambles her DNA with that of the endangered Iriomote wildcat. The next day, Zoey discovers that she has developed the agility (and occasionally the ears and tail) of a cat, as well as the power to transform into a pink-haired superheroine. She and four other girls, each endowed with the genes of a different "Red Data" animal, have been selected for the Mew Mew Project, a top-secret project that aims to protect the Earth from an alien menace. JAPANESE OPENING THEME: My Sweethart by Rita Komatsu JAPANESE ENDING THEME: Koi wa A La Mode by Tokyo Mew Mew The Characters Original Names Included * Ichigo Momomiya - Zoey Hanson * Mint Aizawa - Corina Bucksworth * Lettuce Midorikawa - Bridget Vedant * Pudding Fong - Kikki Benjamin * Zakuro Fujiwara - Renée Roberts * Masaya Aoyama - Mark * Keiichiro Akasaka - Wesley J. Coolridge * Ryou Shirogane - Elliott Grant * Masha - Mini Mew * Kishu - Dren * Pie - Sardon * Tart - Tarb Theme Song Lyrics: (Na na na na na Na na na na na) I didn't count on this Before my very first kiss This isn't the path we choose But there's so much we could lose Team up! (Team up!) Are you up for it? Put your hand in mine, it's a perfect fit Team up! (Team up!) 'Cause it's up to us But it's hard to save the world When your fallin in love! (Na na na na na!) If we band together like birds of a feather We'll be friends forever goin' up up UP! Team up! (Na na na na na!) 'Cause it's not to late We could save the day if we collaborate Team up! (Team up!) 'Cause it's up to us But it's hard to save the world Yeah, it's hard to save the world When your fallin in love... Na na na na na... 4Kids TV Broadcast History February 19, 2005 - September 3, 2005 September 10, 2005 - Currentmoreless
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    Nickelodeon (ended 1999)
    Created by former Nickelodeon artist Jim Jinkins in 1990 and produced through Jinkins' production company, Jumbo Pictures Inc., Doug follows the life of an average kid named Doug Funnie. In 1991, the Nickelodeon produced episodes began airing and we find 11 1/2 year-old Douglas Yancey Funnie and his family (Phil, Theda and sister Judy), having just moved from their former residence in Bloatsburg, to the new town of Bluffington. There he meets Skeeter, Patti, Roger and Beebe, and his new life in a new town begins! Doug writes in his journal and sometimes even imagines himself as a superhero named Quailman to help him out with difficult situations and decisions. In 1994 after 52 episodes, Doug was cancelled by Nickelodeon. In February 1996, Disney Enterprises bought Jumbo Pictures, Inc. and ordered new episodes of "Doug" to be produced (re-named "Brand Spanking New! Doug" and then later "Disney's Doug"). Disney aired the series as part of ABC's Saturday Morning lineup in the fall of 1996 (following Disney's purchasing of the network), and the show became part of Disney's One Saturday Morning block in the fall of 1997. These episodes aired on ABC's SATURDAY MORNING block (later renamed Disney One Saturday Morning) from September 7, 1996 to September 9, 2000. In 1999, after 3 seasons, 65 additional episodes and a feature-length movie, "Disney's Doug" went out of production. Doug spawned merchandise such as clothes, toys and a number of books. During the course of the show, Doug was nominated for 4 Daytime Emmy Awards.moreless
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    InuYasha - The Final Act

    InuYasha - The Final Act

    Viz Media
    InuYasha is an animated fantasy adventure TV series developed by Sunrise based on the manga of the same name written by Rumiko Takahashi that centers on InuYasha, a half-demon who had hoped to become a full demon with the Sacred Shikon Jewel but is sealed to the Sacred Tree by his former love for decades. When his former love's reincarnation, Kagome, appears and frees him from the tree, InuYasha, Kagome, the Buddhist monk Miroku and demon slayer Sango travel together in order to piece back together the shattered jewel before the evil and manipulative half-demon Naraku finds it and gains his three greatest desires ' to become a full demon, to possess he Jewel, and to have Kikyo, Kagome's spirit ancestor. The quest is not as easy as it might have been as InuYasha's half-brother, the full demon Sesshomaru is also seeking out Naraku just as a horde of weaker demons set out to find the last shard.moreless
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    Samurai X

    Samurai X

    Cartoon Network (ended 2003)
    "140 years ago in Kyoto,with the coming of the 'Black Ships', there arose a warrior called Hitokiri Battousai. Felling men with his blood stained blade, he closed the turbulent Bakumatsu era and slashed open the age known as Meiji. Then he vanished, and with the flow of years, became a legend. In the 11th year of Meiji, in the middle of Tokyo this tale begins..."

    Rurouni Kenshin (the OAVs and Movie are known as Samurai X) tells the story of a wanderer named Kenshin, who used to be called Hitokiri Battousai (Hitokiri means Assassin) during the Japanese civil war, and is now trying to make up for his past and all his murders by helping those in trouble with his reverse-blade sword and by using his powerful technique called Hiten-Mitsurugi Ryu to battle oppressors of freedom and justice, yet struggling with himself and his own murdering self.

    During the series Kenshin joins others in his quest: Kaoru Kamiya, a young orphan girl who became tutor of the Kamiya-Kashin Ryu Kendo; Sanosuke Sagara, a mercenary who used to bear the name Zanza and fights just with his incredibly powerful fists; Yahiko Myojin, a young boy who was rescued by Kenshin from mafia and now a pupil on Kaoru's dojo; and Megumi Takani, a female doctor who was rescued by Kenshin from a band which forced her to make a lethal drug. Together they all fight those who oppress the weak while they seek their destiny as well happiness and redemption.

    The series is based on a homonymous manga created by Nobuhiro Watsuki, which was first published in 1994. The anime adapts the manga until a cycle called Legend of Kyoto, later featuring new story arcs which were not featured in the manga.moreless
  • 197


    Disney Channel (ended 2005)
    Growing up is never easy, and no one is learning that faster than 14-year-old Sharon Spitz, voiced by actress Alicia Silverstone from Clueless. Sharon faces the challenges of adolescence, junior high and high school, and living with a mouth full of metal! Unfortunately, Sharon finds herself dealing with mysterious mishaps caused by her braces. Despite the mayhem that follows in her wake, Sharon always walks away from trouble smiling--with a tin grin, of course! Along for the ride are Sharon's mother and her brothers, Adam and Josh. Sharon's friends at Mary Pickford High include her best friend, Maria Wong; her would-be boyfriend, Alden Jones; the dorky Conner Mackenzie and new friend Alyson. Sharon's nemesis is Nina Harper--the most popular girl at school and Alyson's ex-best friend. In the third season, everybody starts high school.


    Rated: TV-Y7

    This show is a joint Canada/USA production.

    Show Times

    USA Show Times Weekdays:

    Disney Channel: Monday through Saturday @ 5pm e/p

    Disney Channel @ 6:00 PM E/P

    Canada Show Times

    (Teletoon) Weekdays @ 5:00pm -- Sat & Sun @ 9:00 am & 5:00 pm

    Theme Song

    Something tells me I've been dreaming Of someone who was never real It seems I've changed a thousand ways I just can't help the way I feel. Braceface! My life is complicated Boyfriend! Don't wanna talk about it Teenage! I'll work it out in the end BRACEFACE!


    Sharon Spitz Sharon is the girl who the show is about. She is caring, sensitive, animal lover, Alden lover, vegetarian and more (the list could go on). Her life might be perfect, but she does have her share of problems. Her problems got even worse when she got braces. Her braces seem to do really freaky things at the worst possible times. Nina's nickname for Sharon...BRACEFACE!

    Maria Wong Maria is Sharon's best friend and a total sports fanatic. She is always encouraging Sharon to give 100% effort and to do her best. She's aggressive, but she's a lot fun to be around.

    Conner Mackenzie Conner is Sharon's other best friend. He is allergic to nearly everything and he always plays it safe. Like Sharon, he's caring and sensitive.

    Alden Jones Alden is the guy that both Nina and Sharon are after. But, despite Nina's popularity, he prefers Sharon over her.

    Nina Harper Nina is the most popular girl in school, but definitely not the nicest. She and Sharon are worst enemies, but they started out as best friends and they we're best friends until Nina's doll head's were chopped off in the 2nd grade. She blames Sharon even though she didn't do it.

    Brock Layton Brock is Alden's best friend. He tries to attract girls by being funny but it usually doesn't work. (Brock's name used to be Buck, but the crew decided to change it.)

    Adam Spitz Adam is Sharon's older brother. He's strong. So strong, that he doesn't know his own strength. He's always working out and practicing for some sport. He might come out as a tough guy, but he's really considerate of others and he is especially protective of his younger siblings.

    Josh Spitz Sharon/Adam's little brother who is very smart. He loves to practice the Piano.

    Mrs. Spitz Sharon's Mother. Hellen is a Doctor/Social Worker, She is always wondering what Sharon's next move will be!

    Alyson is now shown in almost all the episodes, her snickering laugh whenever Nina makes a rude comment on Sharon. Though lately it seems Alyson is now apart of Sharon's circle of Friends. And she also stared in the 3nd season Braceface episode: Triangles.

    Dion Sharon's Mentor, he is Constantly designing new cloths, he's very Unique and original.

    Richard Spitz Having a professional rock drummer for a dad is cool-except that he is on tour all the time.And since her mother and father got divorced, it's been even harder for Sharon to spend time with him. But he is really determined to be the best dad he can. So, he keeps a apartment in Elkford, and isn't on the road so much. Despite the fact that he is always gone, Sharon will always love him, and know that he will be with her-whether on the road or not!


    How Many episodes are there in each season?

    USA: 3 seasons of 26 episodes each. Canada: 6 seasons of 13 episodes each.

    Is Braceface canceled?

    Yes, it is. No more episodes. However, for whatever reason, Disney only ordered the first 30 episodes or so, didn't even bother airing have of them, then completely removed Braceface from their schedule, so now the US is out of luck of seeing the newer episodes unless another Network US picks it up.moreless
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    The Jetsons

    The Jetsons

    ABC (ended 1987)
    With the success of The Flintstones, the modern Stone Age family, Hanna-Barbera decided to make a similar family cartoon, but set in their vision of the Space Age in the 21st century. This new series that debuted September 23, 1962 became The Jetsons. Set mainly in sky-high Orbit City, the show featured the family of George Jetson, Jane, his wife, their daughter Judy, and son Elroy living the average life in the future with flying space cars, instant transport tubes, and various robots and gadgets than can get their work done for them in a matter of seconds.

    George brought in the family income by working at Spacely Space Sprockets, run by his stocky, ill-tempered boss Cosmo Spacely, who's usually quick to fire George for any reason he could find. But somehow, he always managed to get his job back and continue supporting his family. He works as an indexer and is teamed with his helpful computer R.U.D.I. Other than the threats of firing by Spacely, George would also have to worry about any schemes carried out by Mr. Spacely's top business rival W.C. Cogswell, owner and president of Cogswell Cogs. If there's a dispute between the two businessmen, it's almost certain George would wind up in the middle of it. Most times, though, things always worked out in the end.

    Jane is the housewife who tends to the home, but loves to shop for the latest fashions and various items that can be a help to the family, like new gadgets that can help them in new ways. She's assisted by the family's robot maid Rosey (which can also be spelled Rosie). She's one of the older-fashioned models compared to most of the advanced robot maids of the future, but the Jetsons love her and regard her as a member of the family.

    Judy is the Jetsons' teenage daughter who attends Orbit High School and goes for the latest teen fashions, trends, and music, and seems to have a different boyfriend in most episodes. If she's lucky, she can even wind up dating a celebrity, like her favorite rock star Jet Screamer, much to her father's chagrin.

    Elroy is the Jetsons' genius son who attends Little Dipper Elementary School and is a straight-A student. He's a part-time inventor and can make new creations in hope to make a better future, and if fortunate, a little money on the side. But most times, he likes to be an average boy by playing various sports, and with his faithful companion, the family's dog Astro, who at times is overly affectionate, and can annoy George at times. But like Rosey, he's regarded as a member of the family.

    The Jetsons reside at the Skypad Apartments, which are properly cared for by superintendant Henry Orbit, who like Elroy is a mechanical genius. At times, he can invent gadgets that can help him with his maintenance work. His greatest accomplishment is his robot assistant Mac, who can get his work at the Skypad Apartments done in half the time. But he does have feelings for Rosey as the two are occasionally seen as a couple, but are mainly friends.

    Other recurring characters in this series include Mr. Spacely's family, particularly his wife Stella (sometimes called Petunia, likely her nickname), one of few people who can actually put a scare in him if he rubs her the wrong way. And they have a young son close to Elroy's age named Arthur. Common characters at Spacely Sprockets are Uniblab, an underling robot who at times is a stool pigeon for Mr. Spacely to George's dismay, as well as Spacely's secretary Miss Galaxy. Cogswell also had a few subordinates of his own. Among them were his assistant Harlan and his scientist Moonstone.

    The Jetsons ran for only one season on ABC, but the series was more successful in syndication. This led to a revival in 1985 with new episodes with more advanced animation that was richer in color and made the series even more futuristic than the 1960's version of the 21st century. New characters were introduced as well, including a new alien gremlin pet for the Jetsons, named Orbitty, who has springlike legs and suction cup feet, enabling him to hang upside down. He could also tinker with machines and change color in accordance to emotion. Another new animal for the revival was a robot dog for Cogwell named Sentro, who served as a guard dog and a spy often used against Mr. Spacely in efforts to beat him to the punch on his latest projects.

    These episodes aired in syndication, which generated the same level of success as the originals when they went in that direction. This led to 10 more episodes to finalize the series in 1987, as well as two TV movies, the music-themed Rockin' with Judy Jetson, which was preceded by the epic crossover The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, which brought the Space Age and the Stone Age together as Hanna-Barbera's most famous families had a grand adventure spanning two eras. The Jetsons had its true finale when Jetsons: The Movie hit the theaters in 1990, as this would be among the last voice work for actors George O'Hanlon (George Jetson) and Mel Blanc (Mr. Spacely) for they both had died just prior to the movie's release.

    Overall, The Jetsons may not have had the supreme popularity of The Flintstones, but it did have a wide appeal for families of any generation and certainly had a place in the heart for those who would turn on and watch the series.

    The Jetsons, like many Hanna-Barbera series, can be seen on Boomerang from Cartoon Network. Check your local listings. And the majority of the series can be seen on DVD, so it would be a good means to build your cartoon collection.moreless
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    Atomic Betty

    Atomic Betty

    Cartoon Network (ended 2008)
    Atomic Betty is a fast paced animated adventure comedy series that features Betty, a little girl with a big secret. To her friends and family, she's the sweet and brainy girl next door, but when the galaxy beckons, she sheds her humdrum persona and becomes: "Atomic Betty, Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos!"

    But Betty is not alone in defending the galaxy. With her are her faithful crew members, Sparky, the hyper-enthusiastic, hyper-hungry and just plain hyper co-pilot of the Galactic Starcruiser; and robot X-5, a mobile encyclopedia of the universe. There isn't a planet X-5 doesn't know or an alien species whose customs he can't mimic. While Sparky and X-5 are often at odds and squabbling with one another, when push comes to shove, they're just as protective of each other as they are of Betty. Isn't that what good friends are for? Enemy number one on Betty's list is the ultimate super-villain, the Supreme Overlord, Maximus I.Q. Maximus would love nothing better than to visit Atomic Betty's home world and destroy her once and for all! But for some infuriating reason Atomic Betty has been able to keep her secret base a secret, even from him. One day she'll slip, and when she does, he'll destroy Atomic Betty and everything she stands for... BWAHAHA! Always at Maximus' side is his long-suffering assistant, Minimus P.U. ('Portable-Underling'). Minimus has a prominent 'Swivel-Head', essentially one head with two distinct faces that move back and forth allowing Minimus to be both a sycophant and a grumbler at the same time; giving new meaning to the phrase "two-faced".

    But back on Earth, nobody suspects a thing - and that's just the way Betty likes it. If her Mom and Dad knew she was out zooming through the cosmos without a license, she'd be grounded for sure! Still, Betty's beginning to have some suspicions about a secret her Granny might be hiding too. Talk about your family secrets! Betty and Granny just might have some catching up to do – that is if the galaxy's villains will pause long enough to let them. - Atomic Betty Press Kit

    Atomic Betty reporting for duty.


    Betty - Betty is intelligent, funny, very independent and not afraid to be honest. On Earth, she loves music, using her skateboard, hanging out with her best friend named Noah; or dreaming about the school heartthrob, Dylan. In space, she likes racing her star cruiser and fighting treacherous super-villains. Betty has eclectic interests.

    Sparky - Sparky is Atomic Betty's first lieutenant and co-pilot of the Hyper-Galactic Star Cruiser. Sparky is not the brightest alien in the galaxy, but his energy, enthusiasm and loyalty make up for his low IQ. Sparky's bravery is surpassed only by his appetite. There isn't a situation that Sparky cannot eat his way out of.

    X-5 - X-5 is a most brilliant robot. He'll tell you everything you need to know about some intergalactic species... and more. As Sparky says, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. A lot of knowledge is just a pain in the butt." Sparky and X-5 love to hate each other.

    Supreme Overload, Maximus I.Q. - Look up the heading "Supreme Evil" in the Galactic Yellow Pages, and you will find a picture of Maximus I.Q. Maximus has one dream: to impose his diabolical rule on every sentient being in the Cosmos. Betty despises Maximus because he is constantly breaking the Galactic Guardian rulebook, while Maximus hates Betty because she's always foiling his plans. As Maximus says, "That girl has no respect for evil geniuses!"

    Minimus P.U. ('Portable Underling') - Minimus is Maximus's long-suffering right-hand man. He enjoys his job and is unaware of the almost unbearable levels of abuse inflicted upon him by his boss. Minimus's head has two different faces that can alternate back and forth. This lets Minimus be both evil and ignorant at the same time, giving new meaning to "two-faced."

    Betty's Parents - Betty's Mother spends the vast majority of her day raving over her beloved pet cat, Purrsy. This is why she appears to never notice that Betty has just returned from a quest in the Cosmos. Her Father is not much help either; only concentrating with another gizmo he is attempting to sell. Betty is aware that her Mother and Father would have a difficult time dealing with the idea that she was fighting ferocious space creatures.

    Noah - Noah is a computer nerd who is kind, funny, and Betty's best friend. In fact, he has a bit of a crush on Betty (not that she has noticed). Noah is always the first to defend Betty or cover for Betty... or carry her novels. Noah's a bit of a doormat.

    Penelope - Penelope is the snob/bully. She loves shopping, reading teen mags, and ordering around her two sidekicks, Megan and Sarah. Her family is filthy rich, and she's used to getting her way – even if it means stepping all over other people. (In fact, she gets more of a kick in doing that.)

    Dylan - The resident heartthrob, Dylan is good-looking, intelligent and athletic. Penelope is crazy about him! As is Betty... although she is afraid to admit that. Dylan finds himself oddly interested in Betty. The fact that she claims bizarre things and leaves at a moment's notice, only makes Dylan more intrigued.

    Admiral DeGill - Admiral DeGill is the Commander in Chief of the Galactic Guardians. He is the one responsible for dispatching heroes to thwart the devilish deeds of evildoers. He is a supporter of Betty's extreme abilities. He is aware that Betty is superior to the others and he should; after all, the Admiral's been alive since Sirius, the Dog Star, was still paper training.

    Purrsy - Purrsy is a purebreed Siamese cat. Betty's Mom treats him like he's one of her children. Purrsy is a pampered feline who loves nothing more than seeing Betty in trouble, he usually plays a big role in doing so.

    Theme Song:

    Call me up, I'm your girl, The toughest chick in the alien world, Ain't got time for pink and lace, This girl's built for outer space!

    Atomic Betty is a fighting girl! Atomic Betty gonna rock your world! Atomic Betty, 'tomic Betty...

    Atomic Betty, a galactic girl! Atomic Betty, gonna save the world! Atomic Betty, 'tomic Betty... (Atomic Betty reporting for duty!)

    Performed by Tajja Isen

    Awards & Nominations

    2005 Annie Awards - Outstanding Storyboarding in an Animated Television Production (Nominated)moreless
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    Summary: The adventures of a beloved elephant king and his family come to life in this delightful animated series based on the children's books by Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff. Living in a huge mansion with his whole family of elephants, Babar has entertained over millions of toddlers, and even older children nation-wide.

    Throughout the Years: Babar made his debut in "The Story of Babar" published in 1931 by Jean de Brunhoff. Jean created and illustrated seven Babar titles before dying in 1937. Laurent de Brunhoff, son of Jean, continues his father's work and is still writing Babar books. In the year, 2006, Babar will celebrate being King of The Elephants for 75 years!

    Production: 78 episodes are broadcast in 30 languages in over 150 countries, making Babar one of the largest distributed animation shows in history. With over 100 licensees worldwide, the Babar brand has a multi-generational following. There are even 12 dedicated Babar stores in Japan. A global cultural phenomenon, whose fans span generations, Babar stands along side Mickey as one of the most recognized children's characters in the world. There are now over 30,000 Babar publications in over 17 languages, and over 8 million books have been sold. Laurent de Brunhoff's Babar's Yoga for Elephants is a top seller in the U.S with over 100,000 copies sold to date. The Babar series of books are recommended reading on First Lady Laura Bush's national reading initiative list. Babar has been a perennial favorite for years at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Babar currently airs on television today on the HBO, FAMILY channel, and Treehouse. There are also 2, or more, videos with Babar in it but those two have gone out-of-print.

    Characters: BABAR: King Babar is a charming and charismatic elephant. He brought his love of the city back to the great forest and built the beautiful, happy kingdom of Celesteville. Though he is a dedicated ruler and world traveller, Babar is happiest when picnicking at the lake with his family or joining in the antics of his lively children.

    CELESTE: Queen Celeste has also travelled the world and has had many great adventures. She has a regal presence, an engaging manner and a gentle sense of humour. The children adore their mother. After an active day with the family and governing the kingdom, Babar and Celeste enjoy watching the stars together from the palace veranda.

    OLD LADY/ MADAME: From their first meeting in the city, the Old Lady and Babar shared a special friendship. She gave him a home and taught him about life in the city. Though she misses him greatly, she understood his decision to return to the forest. Babar built her a home in Celesteville, where she made the decision to stay and live with her friends, the elephants.

    FLORA: Flora is fun-loving and strong-willed. She can more than hold her own with her two brothers. Whether building tree houses, sliding down the banister at the palace, or preparing a surprise breakfast for their parents, Flora is always immersed in the action.

    ISABELLE: Isabelle was an amazing baby, walking early, talking early, even roller blading! Anything to keep up with the triplets. Pom, Flora and Alexander are enchanted with their little sister. Everyone in the kingdom admires Isabelle's independent spirit.

    CORNELIUS: Cornelius, the oldest and wisest elephant in Celesteville, takes his job as Babar's chief advisor very seriously, whether accompanying Babar on state visits or organizing numerous Celesteville parades. When not working, Cornelius can often be found relaxing in a field with a butterfly net.

    ARTHUR: Arthur is Babar's mischief-making cousin. He has an engaging smile, bright eyes and a friendly outgoing He often gets himself (and one or more of the children) involved with practical jokes and crazy stunts. He has nerves of steel and a heart of gold!

    POM: Pom is the leader of the children. He is the biggest of the bunch and protective of his brother and sisters though he will gladly join in with Alexander in playfully teasing his sisters, Flora and Isabelle.

    ALEXANDER: Alexander, the smallest of the triplets, is a non-stop ball of entertainment who is into everything and disarmingly naive about the commotion he causes.

    ZEPHIR: Zephir is one of Babar's oldest friends, and is considered one of the family. He is the first to take off with Arthur and the kids on some crazy adventure. But Babar knows that Zephir can always be trusted to look after the children and bring them home safely.moreless
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