Cathedrals of the Game

Premiered Jul 01, 2004 Between Seasons


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Cathedrals of the Game

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INHD's look at Major League ballparks.

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AIRED ON 6/3/2005

Season 2 : Episode 6

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  • this show was great why did they have to ruin it they should make a show like this on ESPN!

    this show was great why did they have to ruin it they should make a show like this on ESPN! because this is shown only on satallite most people dont know what this show is it would be great if espn could make a stadium show like this. this show would be alot popular
  • Cute blonde goes around the country visiting Major League Baseball parks.

    First off, let me say that of all the "HD" channels available, INHD is one of the few that actually continually broadcasts HD programming. For this, I give them a big thumbs up. Second, they have an incredibly varied lineup that spans just about every interest a person could have, which is certainly better than Discovery HD, where there are only one type of shows.

    When I first got this channel, I was excited about this show because one of my goals in life is to visit as many ballparks as I can. Baseball will always be my favorite sport, and the stadiums built to house this game are truly cathedrals. What better way to show this off than a program in high-definition?

    The program follows Michelle Beidle as she visits each baseball stadium and learns interesting things about it, as well as the city the ballpark is located in. She goes to all the interesting points of each stadium and then goes to all the historically significant baseball spots in the city, while giving a brief history lesson for each team.

    The best part of the show is the showing off of each unique part of each ballpark. Every one is designed to be different, so its nice to see what thought was put into building the diamonds. I also enjoy the time she takes out to show off the unique food attractions at each ballpark, which has become more significant in the last few years.

    However, the show certainly has its poor points, starting with the host. Michelle is clearly not the best journalist in the world, and its easily apparent why she's on this little-known network. While she is kind of cute, she really doesn't lend much as far as interviewing skills, which becomes incredibly apparent when she tries to interview fans at each ballpark. Of course, every fan you talk to is going to say how great the park is, you need to get them to elaborate!

    At this point I think they've covered about half of the major league parks currently in operation, and I would like to see them do the rest. This program is great for anyone who is not only interested in baseball but the culture that surrounds it.moreless
  • I know some of you might not like this show but I am very instrested in learning about all the parks in the Majors. I would like to see more of these shows to come out for other sports!moreless

    This show covers all the major league parks in baseball and the cities that surround them. This is a great show for the everday MLB fan and people that have never been to a baseball game. Features from other parks are included included a bay in San Francisco and rooftops in Chiacgo!