Cathouse: The Series

Sunday 12:30 AM on HBO Premiered Jun 16, 2005 In Season


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  • All in all this show is intresting and intriguing.

    This show has been very helpful and not only do I love this show but I wish they would show it at least once a week instead of once a month. Not only does it help with what a guy wants but it shows what a girl wants. There needs to be more shows just like this
  • This show is absolutly phenomanel, I mean for adults you cant get much btter then this. it's like every mens fanasy rapdpd up in a tv series

    This show is absolutly phenomanel, I mean for adults you cant get much btter then this. it's like every mens fanasy rapdpd up in a tv series! Why would you want to pay because most women wont let you do everything you want when you want it and how you want it and as many times as you want it!! I think the show will continue to gain popularity throughout all ages 18 and above because lets face it sex is a fact of lide! Sex is completely healthy and normal for all ages old and young men 18 and above!!
  • Why pay for it when you can get it for free??

    I always said I would never pay for it. Well after seeing the show I am willing to pay for it. As long as it’s with Isabella Soprano! I really loved the classes that they showed. I would love to go to the Bunny Ranch and go to a class or two. I am always willing to learn more about the best activity of the world.One thing I have to say is I am not a fan of all the stars of the Bunny Ranch. I would like to see allot less of Air force Amy. I can’t wait to see the next season.
  • Yum...I never knew what the real life of a clean prostitute was like unlike I saw this show.

    Well I didnt see this from the beginning but just from late night surfing on HBO. The show caught me buy surprise by the lives that these women have. Basically they are just like any ordinary person except that they get paid to have sexual encounters with other people. I dont find anything wrong with it at all. I actually wouldnt mind driving past the bunny ranch in vegas just to see it, but I am way to poor to sample whats inside. The show gives a very good sense about how businesses are run, and especially how someone would run a very successful whore house. If you are looking for something interesting with a tad bit of sex check this show out. Plus Isabella Soprano is super hot!!!!
  • Best show ever but I want it on DVD!

    I know there is one DVD out of the show... but when is the SERIES going to come out on DVD? I love this show so much and I want to be able to buy it on DVD! Anyone have any idea? Let me know if you have any information! I would really appriciate it!
  • Fascinating "reality" documentary - Episode list is incomplete - Here are the rest.

    This show is interesting, both to see how the woman sex workers live in a legal american brothel and what their clients are like. While it does go a good distance to dispell the notion that all sex workers are exploited, one is left knowing that the content has been edited down to a few choice story lines over the matter of weeks.

    Nevertheless, it does make a nice contrast to show that the women who work in the abusive sex industry environments of most of america are the true victims of the laws claiming to want to protect them.

    Both the list here and the list on the HBO web site are incomplete, ending at episode 7. There are actually 11 episodes.

    The missing episodes are:

    8. The Heat Is On
    9. Catty Cats
    10. Big Daddy
    11. The Big "O"

  • I think this show is great. I watch it every chance I get.

    I love this show. It was goe for awhile, but its on again. I think this show is great, cause it goes beyond what the public thinks of as a "hooker". These girls are sophisticated, and very respectable. This business is operated safely, so these women can be descrete and also be safe from preditors. I think Mr. Hoff is innovative and does a fabulous job with the bunny ranch. He employs great people, and does a great job screening his clients and girls, so he gets the best of the best.
  • Viewers watch as the women of the Bunny Ranch of Nevada take costumers and goes through their everyday routine on pleasing the costumers and their rituals. The show is a based off the popular real sex look on the bunny ranch. There are also interviews wit

    This show is great. It's funny how people pay thousands of dollars to be with some of these women. the fetishes these people have are wierd and sick, but I still can't help but watch it. I'm madly in love with Issabella because she is so fine that it's stupid.
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