Cathouse: The Series

Sunday 12:30 AM on HBO Premiered Jun 16, 2005 In Season


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  • Yum...I never knew what the real life of a clean prostitute was like unlike I saw this show.

    Well I didnt see this from the beginning but just from late night surfing on HBO. The show caught me buy surprise by the lives that these women have. Basically they are just like any ordinary person except that they get paid to have sexual encounters with other people. I dont find anything wrong with it at all. I actually wouldnt mind driving past the bunny ranch in vegas just to see it, but I am way to poor to sample whats inside. The show gives a very good sense about how businesses are run, and especially how someone would run a very successful whore house. If you are looking for something interesting with a tad bit of sex check this show out. Plus Isabella Soprano is super hot!!!!