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It's ON ! 9pm Saturday, Animal Planet channel

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    Seems this show HAS returned !

    Season 1 had 2 episodes, season 2 had 3 episodes and I've seen 2 episodes for season 3, so far.

    Can't be much more, there are only so many breeds.

    Unless, they go into much more detail for each breed and maybe more antics ?

    Maybe some info on diet.

    Maybe some info on what is in the pet food we feed them ?

    Maybe some info on who is supposed to be regulating the quality of pet food and how inadequate a job they are doing ?

    Remember the melamine poisonings a few years a go, and how many of our beloved pets suffered & died from it ?

    I get a newsletter from . . . interesting and alarming stuff.

    I make my own treats from human food now, and will only buy grain & gluten free products.

    To late for my beloved Ickis and Shorty, poisoned by Eukanuba-Iams. Just can't prove it in a court.

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