Cats 101

Saturday 9:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Dec 06, 2008 In Season


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  • Like Dogs 101 this very helpful

    Just like Dogs 101 this show focus' on the various cat breeds and how they came to be, their features/traits, and how they are all unique. Gives any potential cat owner great information and guidence about various cats and their special needs and behaviors so that both pet and owner benefit.
  • season what ? episode what ? . . . !

    Love the show, but . . .

    Can't anyone count ?

    And re-runs don't count at all ! Duh !

    Was whoever keeps posts season and episode numbers here born stupid ?

    Or, did they have to work up to that ?
  • thumbs way up for this show!

    I love watching all the breeds of cats from around the world and the way they interact. I also like that they educate how to maintain and groom them as well as what they're about and what kind of personalities to expect from them. I thought the cats with the curly tipped ears and the ones with the pinned-down looking ears with the big eyes looked so funny. And when i saw the episode where this one person's cat's weight had gotten up to 40lb and was huge, i was thinking holy s***! that reminds me of how fat garfield looksXD. Another thing i enjoyed the most was the cats playing and interacting with eachother and how they looked as kittens. And some of the cats voices were almost deep enough to almost sound like a man
  • Fun show.

    This is a show that has entertaining aspects as well as its educational bits and pieces. Like its sister show, this show has some good detail to its product and can surprise you with facts and stories. The best part has to be the cats in the show, for obvious reasons. I think that many of the cats are cats that people don't see on an everyday basis. Another great part has to be that they do a very good job describing what the best situations for certain cats are. Overall, a very nice show and very much something that is fun. Thank you.