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Cats + Cash = Chaos! From creator and executive producer Doug TenNapel comes a wild new comedy about three brothers. Catscratch's stars are Mr. Blik, Gordon and Waffle, who happen to be cats, which were raised in a mega-mansion by Mrs. Edna Cramdilly. After her death, Edna left her house and all her money to the cats. The rich kitties live a wild life of freedom and adventure and they can't seem to keep out of trouble. Sibling rivalry abounds as the brothers have very different and unique personalities. Mr. Blik is the bossy leader of the group who will let nothing stop him in his quest to be the best. Gordon, although a messy eater, is honest and loyal, and has a huge crush on Human Kimberly, the neighbor. Waffle is the silly, pushover, happy-go-lucky guy of the bunch, who happens to be as dumb as a stump. Hovis was Edna's long-serving butler who has stayed on to look after the cats. Although he is not thrilled with his new masters he puts up with them. Human Kimberly is the cats' 8-year-old neighbor and friend, and the recipient of Gordon's huge crush. Last but not least in the list of characters is Gear, the brothers' ultra-macho monster truck. The cats have a rival--wait, did we say "rival"? We meant "rivals" named the Chumpy Chumps. The cats are adventurers so they have their own adventures as they encounter and battle cat-hating mouses, other cats, cat-hating dogs, dangerous bears, bad gangs, creepy monsters, giant squids, homeless bums, Kimberly's friends, attacking zombies, unknown bad luck, cute bunnies, scary aliens, man-eating sharks, good vets, evil club owners and guards, helpful lobsters, evil robots, bullying alley cats, dangerous static electricity, big mammoths, exploding bombs, and, of course, mall jobs. Character Guide: Mr. Blik: The self proclaimed leader of the three, He loves both deceit and money. Gordon: Gordon is a Scottish cat who will stand up for any of his brothers. He has a major crush on Human Kimberly. Waffle: The silly one of the three brothers, he can be tricked easily, and Gordon nearly always stands up for him. Hovis: The cat's butler, he hates Mr. Blik, and he seems to hate being a butler. He is also a Handy Helper at times. Gear: The cat's car. Gear is a monster truck the cats cruise in. Blik also modeled him to turn into a spaceship. Human Kimberly: The cats' neighbor and friend, she is the only girl that is a main character on this cartoon.moreless
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  • AWESOME show

    It was such a good show, and now I missed it.
  • I miss this show!

    Catscratch was a wonderful show with episodes that had good story lines and great humor. I remember watching it when I was in second grade. I loved it as much as loved and now love SpongeBob. It is too bad that Catscratch had gotten cancelled so early. I think that it would be amazing if it was brought back! Overall, I give this show a perfect score!
  • It's okay

    not bad, but not oscar-worthy
  • Very Original, Wacky, and Wierd

    Woke up, ran to the television set on saturday morning, got some honey comb cereal and always watched this wacky, but funny in my opinion. Another sadly cancelled Nick show. The animation was extremly nostalgic. It won an Annie too. Great series with great producers and every episode took you on a "Cat Dog" style ride.
  • Holy sh*t i love this show

    the show was a unique show that came on to nick sadly it had a small amount of episodes only 20 that really pissed me off but the show was funny it made me chuckle and just was a fun show to watch i would run to the TV have a soda and cookies and watch it it has that odd style with Arnold's modern life and ren an stimpy and lets just say when they were happy meal toys at MC Donald all i would eat for dinner for a month were happy meals i even watched it when i got surgery on my ear great show just greatmoreless
  • 9:00 pm
    In an Instant Bad Guys at the Good Guys

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