Nickelodeon (ended 2007)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Spindango Fundulation/Duck and Cover
      Spindango Fundulation:

      Mr. Blik does not like to lose... ever! That is why in his new video game, Spindango Fundulation which at this point he is terrible at, Mr. Blik decides to rig the game to win! But, little does Blik know that he and his brothers will soon be whisked away to an alien slug planet, where the slugs believe that Mr. Blik has the ability to save them from an evil warship! Can Mr. Blik save the alien world and destroy "The Dango" Warship once and for all?

      Duck and Cover:

      Because of a bad first start, Gordon is afraid of a duck, so Mr. Blik and Waffle set up a wrestling match for him.moreless
    • Blikmail/Love Jackal

      Blik is blackmailed when Katilda finds out his secret.
      Love Jackal:

      Hovis re-joins his band.
    • Free Hovis/Three Against Nature
      Free Hovis:

      Through Waffle's own ignorance, Hovis is accidentally transformed into a giant, talking fish and washed out to sea. Soon enough, a traveling aquarium captures the poor butler and puts him on display! Blik, Waffle and Gordon must track down the fishy side show and free their flippered butler.

      Three Against Nature:

      Getting lost in the woods, an argument sends the cats down three different paths… alone! Luckily for Waffle, he becomes part of a fun hillbilly family! But when they capture Blik for dinner, the cats will have to put their differences aside and work together to escape!
    • Major Pepperidge/Magic Staff
      Major Pepperidge:

      While preparing for his own "Blik Parade," Blik suddenly grows a second head! And the new head is not like Blik at all. He's nice! Blik loathes him, but everyone else loves the new head and his sage advice. If Blik doesn't want to be upstaged at his parade, he'll have to rid himself of the pest growing out of his neck. The pest known as… Major Pepperidge! Bubbity-boo!

      Magic Staff:

      After finding a staff that transforms the bearer into a hulking superman, the cats get selfish. They each want the powers of a hero, even if they don't want to act like one. And when the guardian of the staff shows up to reclaim it, the cats must battle him to prove their worth! But do the cats really deserve such power?moreless
    • Katilda/The Secret Door

      Katilda's the new cat in town, and, although Blik won't admit it, she's fascinating! With her charismatic leadership skills, Katilda soon has the cats following her into the woods to fight a terrifying monster. But when it appears that Katilda's imagination may be a bit too active, will any of the cats be left to fight by her side?

      The Secret Door:

      Blik and Gordon can't figure out why Waffle keeps disappearing, until they find out that Waffle has discovered a secret world hidden inside the mansion! A world where he's become king! Unfortunately, Waffle finds out that being king has its price when the Dragon Rider forces Waffle into battle. Now, it's King Waffle's duty to defeat this evil menace and save his subjects!moreless
    • Core-Upiton/Two of a Kind
      Core-Upiton: Kimberly's teacher fails her on her project a model of the earth's core, made of glitter, cotton candy, rainbows, and other pretty stuff. Seeing Kimberly upset, Gordon travels to the center of the earth, and tosses her project into the core! And the earth transforms! Clouds turn into cotton candy, unicorns roam freely, and it rains glitter! But as the cats soon learn, too much of a good thing can be really, really awful.

      Two of a Kind: As their families prepare for battle, Waffle befriends the Chumpy Chump brother known as Lunk. The two have a blast together! But when their kin find out, Waffle and Lunk's friendship is banned! The two buddies decide they must run away, but when a disaster strikes their beloved brothers, only these two like-minded pals can save the day! Or can they?moreless
    • Mall Adjusted/Clan Destiny
      Mall Adjusted:

      Waffle bankrupts the cats after purchasing his favorite new toy: all the bubble-wrap in the world! The cats are kicked out of the mansion and Hovis and the newts are repossessed! With no money, the cats are forced to endure degradation in its worst of forms; working at the mall! A string of gigs leads to a series of destruction, chaos, and of course, firings. Just how will the cats get out of debt when they've got no skills? Maybe it's time for them to learn the true meaning of a hard day's work.

      Clan Destiny:

      After Blik is annoyed by Gordon's singing, the three cats head to Scotland. After failing a test to see if Gordon is a member of the highland Quid clan, Gordon runs away, trying to find his real life. But when a Banshee puts Waffle, Blik, and the Highland Quid Clan in danger, it's up to Gordon to save the day.moreless
    • A Woolly Adventure/Evil!
      A Woolly Adventure:
      The cats' air-conditioning conks out during a massive heat-wave! So they haul in an iceberg to cool them off. But when the iceberg melts, a woolly mammoth springs forth! And he thinks Blik's his mommy! Blik refuses to take the job, but the mammoth won't leave him alone! But when the townspeople want to dispose of the mammoth, Blik's heart opens up to the creature. Is it too late to save his new friend?

      When Waffle starts shedding, he becomes convinced it's because HE'S EVIL! (thanks to Blik's careless suggestion) Waffle sets up his own evil hideout with plans to take over the world! He's even got a ticking time-bomb to help along with the destruction! But can his brothers convince him that it's all been just a simple misunderstanding, before the bomb goes off?moreless
    • My Bodyguards/Charge!
      My Bodyguards:

      On his way home from the salon, Blik is bullied by a nasty alley-cat who says that Blik is giving regular cats a bad name! Blik becomes paranoid that the alley-cat is after him, so he hires the Chumpy Chump Brothers as protection! Sure, they're big, mean and ugly, but they also don't take orders too well. In fact, Blik's "bodyguards" cause more chaos and damage than any alley-cat could! And they won't leave, prompting Blik to muster up the courage to actually fight his own battle for a change!


      While showing off at the park, Blik zooms down a giant slide, and becomes charged up with static electricity! Big time! Now, all sorts of metal objects are flying at him: the fridge, a license plate collection, knives, a bus. And when he discovers that his charge is about to cause a major international disaster, Blik realizes he must rid himself of his electrical powers. Fortunately, Waffle suggests an idea that's so crazy, it just might work.
    • Lifesavers/Mecha-Kitties

      While on a tropical island vacation, Blik accidentally saves Gordon's life. Island tradition dictates that Gordon must now serve Blik for life. Sounds great! However, Gordon's good intentions only end up hurting Blik in the most physically painful of ways. Blik decides it's time to put a stop to this. How? By forcing Gordon to save Blik's life! That'll even the score and get Gordon off his back. But when the plan goes awry, both brothers are put in extreme danger! br />


      With Hovis gone, the cats must fend for themselves… Yeah, right! They each create gigantic robots in their own images in order to serve them and keep the house tidy. Things are going great until an accident grants the robots with intelligence, and they discover that they're being used! They kick the cats out of the house and take over. There's only one thing for the cats to do… work as a team -- by building a bigger, badder robot to teach those hunks of metal who's really boss!
    • Hi Ho Kraken/King of Clubs
      Hi Ho Kraken:

      Someone's been hiding out in the cats' own house, right under their noses! Someone big, slimy, and tentacle-y! Yup! It's the Kraken – the giant sea creature Gordon defeated in battle not long ago! Is he here for revenge? Nope. He's been exiled from his home planet for getting beaten by a cat! He's lost his family's respect and he has no place to go.

      King of Clubs:

      Blik can't wait to join a lavish country club! They've got everything you could want: a spa, a golf course, and Blik's personal favorite, exclusivity! He just needs to impress the club members, and he'll be all set! But Blik's in-your-face attitude results in him being rejected and his brothers are accepted. Meanwhile, Gordon and Waffle are having the time of their lives, partaking in all the luxuries that the club has to offer. It's only when they see how unfair the other members are to Blik that they rethink the importance of being "exclusive."
    • Scaredy Cat/Requiem For A Cat
      Scaredy Cat: It's Halloween! Superstitious Gordon's most dreaded day of the year! After locking himself in his room to ward off evil, Gordon grudgingly allows Blik to decorate the house. Unfortunately, when Blik turns the mansion into a giant spaceship, real aliens mistake the house for their long-lost mother ship and arrive to reclaim it! The three brothers must band together to defend their house, a mission made more difficult by the fact that the aliens have launched it into outer-space – with everyone inside it!

      Requiem For A Cat: Blik's got only twenty-four hours left to live! At least that's what he thinks the doctor told him. Fearing that his brothers will only remember him as he is – a selfish, mean jerk – he spends his remaining time lavishing them with love. But Gordon and Waffle are suspicious. Why's Blik being so nice? What's he up to? Concluding that Blik must be plotting to take them out, Gordon and Waffle do everything in their power to escape from their brother's clutches.moreless
    • Gordon's Lucky Claw/Big Eyed Bunny
      Gordon's Lucky Claw:

      Blik and Gordon are both trying to win a trip to China, only Gordon has a secret weapon… a lucky claw! Mr. Blik claims that he doesn't believe in the lucky claw, but after several incidents of good fortune befall Gordon, Blik becomes incredibly jealous and decides he must have the claw. What Blik doesn't realize is that cutting off the claw brings horrible bad luck. Before they know it, satellites and meteors filled with space worms are bombarding the cats' house.

      Big Eyed Bunny:

      Kimberly's new bunny, Sacheecko, is the cutest, biggest-eyed, most adorable-est creature ever! Filled with jealousy of Kimberly's new friend, Gordon decides to confront the rabbit. While Gordon is struggling with how to deal with his rival, Sacheecko hops towards the cats' house – just as Blik is backing down the driveway in the car! THUMP! Sacheecko! Gordon and Blik are convinced that they have killed Kimberly's beloved pet-although the audience knows Blik simply ran over a chamois. Afraid to tell Kimberly the horrible truth, Gordon and Blik must find a Sacheecko stand-in before she discovers her bunny's empty cage.

    • Love Cats/Zombie Party a Go-Go!
      Love Cats:

      Mr. Blik insults Gordon and Human Kimberly gets mad. After Human Kimberly insults Mr. Blik, he falls in love with her. Gordon and Mr. Blik compete for Human Kimberly's love.

      Zombie Party A Go-Go:

      Mr. Blik is having a party and he has assigned everybody a job, everybody except Waffle due to last year's laser incident. Gordon suggests that Waffle could make a dip. But when Waffle grabs the wrong book and makes the dip, the dip turns everybody in the nearby graveyard into Zombies!moreless
    • The Ghost of Cramdilly/A Line in the Litterbox
      The Ghost of Cramdilly:

      The cats are driving Hovis crazy with all their obnoxious behavior, and he tells them that their benefactor, Mrs. Cramdilly, would be ashamed of them all. Gordon, Waffle, and Blik go to gaze on Cramdilly's portrait, which suddenly comes alive! Mrs. Cramdilly's ghost says she's changed her mind about her will and declares that everything now belongs to Hovis! Fearful that the ghost will eat their brains-or worse-the cats relent and switch roles with Hovis.

      A Line in the Litterbox:

      At each other's throats, Mr. Blik, Waffle, and Gordon decide the only way for them all to be happy is to divide their mansion in three. Thus, Blikland, Gordontown, and Waffle World are born. Unfortunately, Gordon's got the kitchen, Blik's got the yard, and Waffle's got the bathroom. Does this mean cooperation? No, it means WAR!

    • Slumber Party/Off the Leash
      Slumber Party:

      When the cats run out of root beer-their favorite beverage, they are shocked to find that the store is sold out of it as well. Mr. Blik, Gordon and Waffle discover that Human Kimberly has a huge stash of root beer on hand for her very first slumber party, so the brothers decide to dress up as girls and crash the festivities, much to Kimberly's horror.

      Off the Leash:

      Waffle is seeking an identity, and since Karate Cat, Fireman Cat, and Massage Therapy Cat aren't working out, Gordon gives him a personality test that indicates Waffle is actually a dog! After his brothers grow annoyed with his slobbery canine behavior, Waffle runs away and takes up with Bark Meat, a fierce neighborhood dog. Pretty soon, Waffle and Barkmeat are captured and sent to the pound, and Blik and Gordon must rally to rescue their brother.

    • Tale of the Tail/Mr. Pickles
      Tale of the Tail:

      Gordon is depressed after Human Kimberly's friends make fun of him for his tiny tail. Mr. Blik and Waffle are going fishing, and Mr. Blik wants Gordon to go so he'll carry the cooler. Reluctant to go, Gordon is convinced by Blik to go when he makes up a magical creature called the Kraken, who will grant you a wish if you defeat him in battle. Of course, Mr. Blik knows the Kraken is not real. But is he?

      Mr. Pickles:

      Mr. Blik has been bossing around Gordon and Waffle forever. But when he falls into Gordon's pickled cabbage baths, he turns green, and nobody takes him seriously anymore! Saddened, Mr. Blik, now Mr. Pickles, sets off to become a hobo. With nobody to boss them around, Gordon and Waffle can do anything they want. But when they destroy the house, they realize they need Blik.
    • Lovesick/King of All Root Beer

      While the brothers are watching a scary monster movie, they are interrupted by Human Kimberly at their door with a gift of broccoli. Gordon is fiercely allergic to the broccoli and he puffs up so bad that he looks just like the monster in the movie. Mr. Blik and Waffle think he is the monster from the movie and run for their lives. When they can no longer run they are faced with their only option….fight the beast!

      King of All Root Beer:

      Let the games begin! Mr. Blik, Gordon and Waffle engage in an Olympic-competition in which they battle each other in a series of physical challenges in hopes of winning the title of Root Beer King. Mr. Blik, who cannot stand to loose, cheats Waffle out of the crown, but he is in for a surprise at the parade when he finds out that he isn't riding the float….he is the float!

    • Unicorn Club/Go Gomez Go!

      Unicorn Club:

      Gordon, the king of bad lies, tells Human Kimberly that he will take her to see a unicorn in an attempt to impress her. Kimberly is excited to see the fantasy beast but since unicorns don't really exist, Gordon tries to convince Mr. Blik and Waffle to dress up in a unicorn costume rather then admit to Human Kimberly that he lied.

      Go Gomez Go!:

      Gentleman, start your engines! The cats challenge their obnoxious neighbors, the Chumpy Chumps, to a high stakes race with the winner taking the others' house and everything in it. Confident Mr. Blik is sure they will win with his driving skills, but disaster strikes when it turns out that only Waffle is tall enough to drive. Blik and Gordon must come up with a plan, and fast!

    • Bringin' Down the Mouse/To the Moon
      Bringing Down the Mouse:
      Poor gullible Waffle sets out on his first mouse hunt only to meet Squeakus, the most devious of rodents. While Waffle thinks he has met his new best friend, Squeakus preys on Waffle's innocence and trusting nature by convincing him that Mr. Blik and Gordon are actually mice. How can Mr. Blik and Gordon tell him that Squeakus has lied to him?

      To the Moon:
      When Mr. Blik enters a barbecue rib cook-off, Gordon recounts a story of a man making the most delicious ribs using rocks from the moon. Since Mr. Blik is a terrible cook and needs all of the help he can get, he turns Gear into a rocket to chauffeur the three cats to the moon. Well the cats' get the rocks and make good ribs in time? Well Mr. Blik succeed the contest?moreless