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Season 1 Episode 8

Gordon's Lucky Claw/Big Eyed Bunny

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Gordon's Lucky Claw/Big Eyed Bunny
Gordon's Lucky Claw:

Blik and Gordon are both trying to win a trip to China, only Gordon has a secret weapon… a lucky claw! Mr. Blik claims that he doesn't believe in the lucky claw, but after several incidents of good fortune befall Gordon, Blik becomes incredibly jealous and decides he must have the claw. What Blik doesn't realize is that cutting off the claw brings horrible bad luck. Before they know it, satellites and meteors filled with space worms are bombarding the cats' house.

Big Eyed Bunny:

Kimberly's new bunny, Sacheecko, is the cutest, biggest-eyed, most adorable-est creature ever! Filled with jealousy of Kimberly's new friend, Gordon decides to confront the rabbit. While Gordon is struggling with how to deal with his rival, Sacheecko hops towards the cats' house – just as Blik is backing down the driveway in the car! THUMP! Sacheecko! Gordon and Blik are convinced that they have killed Kimberly's beloved pet-although the audience knows Blik simply ran over a chamois. Afraid to tell Kimberly the horrible truth, Gordon and Blik must find a Sacheecko stand-in before she discovers her bunny's empty cage.

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  • A fun episode. In the first episode, Gordon claims he has a lucky claw and keeps getting good fortune because of it; then, Gordon is upset because Kimberly has replaced him with a bunny.moreless

    It was a great episode, i thought it was great when Mr. Blik and Waffle tried to get rid of Gordon's claw. And i loved it when Blik yellled in the toilet and the scream came back out when Hovis lifted up the seat. But there was also some adventure in the first one when the cool meteor worm came out and chased everyone. The second one was okay but a little boring with the bunny and all the rabbit really ruined it with Kimberly always loving it and stuff. I like Gordon a lot more than the rabbit! But still it's classic Catscratch.moreless
  • it was sooooooo cute,Big Eyed Bunny

    Human Kimberly got an adorable new bunny,named Sir Chico,which made Gordon extemely jealous.

    Gordon-what does he have that i don't have?

    Waffle-well there Human Kimberly for starters.


    so he goes over to the little Sir Chico.


    Chico starts crying.

    Gordon-oh little rabbit don't cry.

    so Chico hops away,Gorodn trys to follow him,mean whil Blik is messing around with Gear(the car,in case no one knows it has a name)

    thinking that a pile of hay(or whatever it was)

    Gordon thinks Blik killed Sir Chico,cause Blik ran over it.Blik doesn't want to be put in jail for killing Human Kimberly's pet,Gordon doesn't want Human Kimberly to hate him.So they(including waffle),who puts on cut bunny ears and says-I','Sir Bunny Chico'(so cute)

    At frist they try to make a doll Sir Chico but that doesn't work,so they go to buy a new rabbit.The one they get(and the only one they have)is freaky,scarey,skinny,and one eye is bigger than the other,hes the excat oppsite of cute and adorable.He even attacks them!

    Blik-its not to late to still blame Waffle.

    But when Human Kimberly comes over to say Sir Chico is back at the farm their off the hook,everythings back to normal,Except now Human Kimberly loves the the new freaky one.

    i love this ep caus ei love seeing Gordon jealouis about Human Kimberly,he shouldn't have a crush on a 6 year old,its wrong.moreless

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