Season 1 Episode 16

Katilda/The Secret Door

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 02, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The episode starts out with Gordon, Waffle and Mr. Blik walking up a hill. While Gordon doesn't seem to mind, Mr. Blik and Waffle are exhausted. Waffle who is behind Mr. Blik, stops to catch his breath and comes up with an idea. He rans up to Mr. Blik and sits on top of the backpack Mr. Blik was wearing. Mr. Blik asks if It is just him or the hill is getting steeper and heavier. Gordon starts talking about how the nature is enchanting. Mr. Blik says that if nature wanted to enchant us, she would put in an escalators. Suddenly, he starts to feel a bite on his neck and screams. The camera then goes up to waffle to show him with some watermelon and saying that he thinks that he drop some seed. Mr. Blik then notices him and frowns. He throws him into a deer and the watermelon that he was eating goes on top of him and then yells melon head. Just about when Mr. Blik was taking charge, there was suddenly a cry "Monster!". A yellow cat comes bumping into the cats' and then starts warning them about a monster. Then she asks Mr. Blik to hold her. Blik likes it and does it. The yellow cat then pushes him away saying that there is no time for love and tells him to run. she then runs into a tree and faints into Blik's arms. Mr. Blik stars into her face as waffle runs by saying that the monster is coming. Gordon comes up to Mr. Blik telling him that they can take her with them and that there is a monster. Mr. Blik carries her over his shoulder and runs after Gordon and Waffle.

Later when the cats along with the yellow cat on Blik's bed in Blik's room, Waffle asks what they think she is. Mr. Blik tells them what he thinks. Gordon says that we can ask her when she wakes up and moves her foot. Blik makes a paper air plain out of him and put Waffle on top of him and flies it out of his room and slams the door. He then talks to her sweetly. Suddenly, Gordon and Waffle is back right by him. Blik says that he thought he already told him to get out and then attacks them. The yellow cat who is suddenly awake starts complaining about their fighting, but then notices the mansion they live in. She is all impressed by it and starts running out of the room. Blik asks her where she is going. Then goes up to the railing to look down to see if she's down there. His brothers run into him and they all brake the side railing and fall to the ground. Mr. Blik then commands his brothers to help him find her. So then they all search for the yellow cat in places like their fish tank and the outdoors (where the bear is and eats them). Waffle says that she's gone. The yellow cat then pops up onto the screen asking them if they were looking for her which sends the three cats up to a light bulb on the ceiling, electrocuting them. The yellow cat said that was sweet and that they must get back to fighting that monster. She goes into a different room and catches something with a dome, but then is thrown off and someone all covered in green stuff stands up, scaring the cats'. The guy then shakes it off to reveal that he is Hovis. He notices the yellow cat acting as if he knows her. Mr. Blik questions about this. Hovis says she came by earlier and to meet your new neighbor, Katilda. Just after Mr. Blik says that he thought something, Katilda jumps into his arms and finishes his sentence saying that he thought she was the cat of her dreams. However, Katilda informs her that it still could happen and then gets back to the monster situation. She then asks Waffle and Gordon there names. Mr. Blik pushes them away and introduces him authoring her a hand shake.
The yellow cat tells him that he is "scronie" and tells him that he can be supply boy, much to Blik's disappointment. She then asks Gordon and Waffle to get some things. they do so and Mr. Blik looks at the yellow cat and frowns at her, beginning to fear her having more of an ability to be the leader then her. Waffle suddenly shows up sewing some puffy pants that are suddenly on Mr. Blik. Mr. Blik takes it off and slaps waffle in the face. Mr. Blik gets all mad and says that nobody gives his brothers orders but him and tells Katilda that he wants her to get out and pushes her out the door. He then uses several locks that are on the door to lock it. Just when he was feeling relived that Katilda is not taking command over his brother, Katilda, who some how got inside, starts popping on the screen telling Mr. Blik that he likes her. This sends Mr. Blik crashing through the door and running through the woods for several seconds and then hiding behind a tree. Katilda finds him to Mr. Blik's shock. Katilda tells her that she heard him before and teases him for it. Mr. Blik says that is insane and Katilda go's back to commanding Gordon and Waffle to do things and go's back into the
mansion with them. Mr. Blik starts becoming all upset and asks himself why they are listening to her and why he finds
himself oddly attracted to a strength.

Mr. Blik go's back into the mansion and tells everybody to stop what they are doing (At that point Katilda and Gordon are in armor and Waffle is dressed up like a ham) and asks Waffle why he is dressed up like a ham. Waffle answers this question saying that the monster might be hungry. Katilda is about to tell everyone the plan, Blik interrupts her and says that he makes the plans. Katilda asks him what his plan is. Blik who seemly didn't really have a plan, says that his plan is to go find the monster. Katilda and his brothers all walk away and Gordon tells him "Nice plan" sort of in a sarcastic way. When they got to the woods, Katilda tells the rest where it is. The monster that she showed was something with a white cloth on it. Katilda tells them wait for her signal. Mr. Blik pulls off the white cloth
off of the "monster". Gordon and Waffle, who are hiding in their suits, tells them that he has pulled off the monster's skin. Mr. Blik tells them that the "monster" is a dump truck. Katilda starts attacking it
with her sword, when she notices that her brothers are not coming she asks to come
on and if they see it. Waffle says he doesn't and Gordon asks if their was really a monster. Katilda says that she thought that they might want to have some fun. The cats' aren't happy with what she has done. She then walks away. Waffle suddenly starts crying and says that he misses Katilda. Gordon agrees, but Blik doesn't. Gordon and Waffle looks at him. He tells them not to look at him. Gordon tells him that they could of played along and that just because he felt threatened by her, yet at the same time oddly attracted.
Blik says that she was clearly nuts and go's in the truck as he asks them who was she fooling. He explains what monsters do,
he accidentally turns on the car and jumps out when the car pulls back. It turns into a monster. Gordon asks what he was just saying.

Meanwhile, Katilda is walking feeling bad for herself failing to become friends with them. Gordon, Waffle and Mr. Blik suddenly start running into her shouting monster. There is a suddenly rumble and Katilda becomes curious of what is happening. The monster starts coming out of the trees. Katilda thinks it's very cool, but the others are shocked and runs away. Katilda just stays there all fascinated so Mr. Blik pulls her away getting Katilda to run with them, although still looking back at it. Gordon and waffle are suddenly fenced by some sticks and cries for Katilda and Mr. Blik. Katilda is happy because she is in a real adventure. She jumps in the fenced area and breaks all the sticks, freeing Gordon and waffle. She tells them to grab a cable
of the truck. Mr. Blik is thrown by a part of the truck into the
part of the truck that has sharp blades in it. He grabs hold of the edge and cries for help. Katilda goes on top of the truck and tells Gordon and Waffle who are flinging on the cables to tie them to trees. She then pulls Mr. Blik out as the truck stops
because the cables are tied on the trees.
Katlda grabs a rope and swings in to a branch rapping around it and grabs Mr. Blik and swings on the rope to the ground just in time when the truck blows. Gordon and Waffle starts coming up to praise her.
Katilda tells them that she told them that they were going to have some fun and then runs into a tree and faints into Blik's arms. The episode ends with him telling her welcome to the neighborhood.

The Secret Door:

Mr. Blik is singing a song in the shower and when he is done he calls to Waffle to bring him a towel. He sees that Waffle is not there and he starts searching for him. He goes in the kitchen to ask Gordon if he has seen Waffle, but becomes surprised by Gordon ringing a bell at some bacon. Gordon says that he is attempting to teach bacon to walk. He apparently thinks that it would be great if beckon can walk straight into your mouth. Waffle suddenly appears with a towel for Blik as he says hello to Blik falling them to the ground. Blik grabs the towel and uses it complaining about how he was sobbing wet. Gordon tells Waffle that after he is finished with Blik, he needs to wash some pants he made for his bacon. Waffle suddenly disappears and so his brothers start are looking for him. As they were doing this, they hear a laugh coming from a door which they had never noticed before. They open the door and get sucked into it. Inside of it, they see a wonderful world. They start exploring around the world and when Gordon is sitting on something around butterflies saying that it is a miracle that they get to visit a place like this. Blik who is taking a ride on the water says that they own it because it is in their house. Suddenly they see a womanly shaped person behind a waterfall. Blik thinks that she is beautiful and Gordon says that since she is the charming one, he will go talk to her. He does so, she gasps and the women comes out only to reveal that the "women" is Waffle. His brothers are shocked. Mr. Blik comes up to
him getting all mad because he was keeping the whole secret world to himself as Waffle was blow drying his fur. Waffle tells him that he was maybe going to tell him. Mr. Blik says that he is electing him self as king. As Waffle was about to say something about the king thing, bears start coming out and charging up to Mr. Blik. When one of them points a sword to him, it reveals that they are miniature . Waffle tells them not to hurt them because they are his brothers. The bear says that they will go as he wishes and calls him king Waffle. Mr. Blik and Gordon are shocked by what they are hearing. Waffle says that that was what he was going to tell them. Waffle says it is great that it is great that he is king now and says the "Splee" phrase. The bears say what he says. Waffle starts doing arm pit farts and the bears do the same thing. The bears are flying them up and down and then they are following him who is doing arm pit farts. The bears do whatever he is doing. They pass by Mr. Blik and Gordon. Mr. Blik is not happy with the situation. Gordon asks Waffle how long he has been coming in the world. Waffle says he has been going there for a couple of months and that the bears love him. Mr. Blik complains about how he should be the one in charge. Waffle snaps, which tells the bears to put him and his brothers into a carriage. Waffle wanted to show his brothers his place. When they get there he says that there is still a lot of decorating to do and shows his troll. His troll faints, Waffle tells Gordon that that he has a problem. Mr. Blik starts yelling about how waffle is not qualified to lead the world. Waffle disagrees with him and says that they also always get to be in charge. Mr. Blik explains that the reason is that they know his place. Mr. Blik leans on something, which opens a hole in the ceiling. Blik falls into it and find a lot of treasure in it. Waffle explains that the other kings left them there when they ran off. Just when Gordon was going to ask why they would run off, a knock at the door happens. Waffle opens it and sees a guy on a horse flying and is all dark. He explains that he is the dark rider. Waffle thinks it's some kind of cookie sale. The dark rider says that he only has a limited amount of time until he has to battle him. After Waffle visit's the dark rider, he says that he seems nice. Gordon explains to him that he wants to destroy him. Waffle begins to relies. Gordon says that they have to go he this to Blik also, who is carrying a bag of treasure. But one of the bears says that every king has faced the dragon rider. Waffle asks what about the ones that ran away. The bear says except the ones that ran away (This implies that the kings may had ran off because of the dragon rider). Waffle thinks for a moment, he groans and says that this is the only place he has ever been in charge of, he believes that since he took the crown, he is the king, he will fight the dragon fighter. Gordon thinks that this no good. Blik hears, but thinks that he is talking about the whole lot of treasure and how they need an extra hand, maybe the troll. Troll comes by and faints. Gordon says that him and Blik will help him. But Waffle wants to prove that he doesn't need them and commands the bears to arrest them, nicely. The thing that happens is that Gordon and waffle are in a jail cell. Blik calls Waffle a traitor,
Gordon says that he was trying to protect them and feeling sad for Waffle who is may get hurt.

Waffle is in the bone yard where he fights the dragon rider. He picks up a sward and the dragon rider shows up and nearly fires up the ground Waffle is on. Meanwhile back in the jail cell. Gordon says poor Waffle, Blik disagrees saying poor us and that they are trapped. He starts pulling on the rails of the jail cell crying that it can't end this way. Suddenly while he was pulling, the rails pull back and discovers that it is made out of liquorish. The bear who guards them explains that King Waffle loves his candy. Gordon says that's their boy. They run and escape from the cell to go help Waffle. Back at the bone yard, Waffle hides behind something. The dark rider says he has one more chance. The dark rider breaks the thing he is hiding behind. Waffle runs and the dark rider who is going after him asks why not he just give up and arguing about his "people". Just when the dark rider's dragon was about to step on him, Blik and Gordon suddenly appears and the dark rider comes after him and starts holding them crying for help. Waffle sees this and decides that this is not fun anymore. Waffle comes up with an idea to eat his head. He does so and flies from somewhere and puts his mouth over the dark riders head. The dark rider starts to loose control and says he can't take this anymore. As he says this, he talks in a familiar voice. Waffle says he knows that voice and takes of his thing over his head only to find out that the dark rider is Hovis. Hovis explains that it is true and that he has been going in the secret world for years. He says that it is the one place he could be in charge. He starts get unhappy because they ruined his fun. A bear along with other bears says in a surprised way that he knows the dragon rider. Waffle says that he works for them. The bears then take out their swords, chasing them out of the world. Hovis says he going back to work. He folds and "puts away" his coat and begins dusting looking back at them, then continues walking away. Gordon asks Waffle if he is all right. Waffle says yes and that being king was fun but he thinks his destiny lays somewhere else. His newts comes up to him and Waffle holds it in happiness. Waffle does armpit farts and newts does the same and from there, the show ends.