Season 1 Episode 16

Katilda/The Secret Door

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 02, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • cat scratch i loved it

    why did they take it off air i loved this show!!!!!!
  • it is about waffle discovering a secret door in there there house that leeds to another world

    this is my favourite episode of catscratch ever because waffle becomes king I really think they should make more episodes like this but I guess that would make it very boring. it is really weird how in the end the perso who was trying to kill waffle was actually hovis ( the butler )I dont think that gordon and blick should of been in it at all it just ruins it a little. this is deffinatly my favourite episode because it is so exciting and spectacularly adventurous . I also wish that blick will stop tormenting hovis becuase he doesnt even get paided for what he is doing to help them all.
  • Great episodes and I love the new character! *SPOILERS*

    I absolutely loved Katilda (sp?). She is now my second favorite character right after Waffle. Even though the Catscratch adventures are always cheesey, they always rock, and this was another great edition. I just love the whole monster truck goes mutant kind of thing. I really like the interaction between Katilda and Mr. Bilk, too, that was funny and awesome, and I think they really go well together. As for the secret door (watching right now!) I loved it too, mainly because it is another Waffle episode (yea, Waffle!) and it is really exciting and great! It was funny and I loved it. The dragon rider being Hovas (sp?!) was a nice edition and it really made the action and humor great! Great episodes, my fav quote was Mr. Blik in The secret door: "Poor Waffle? We're the ones who have to spend the rest of our lives being guarded by a plush toy!". Great episodes, funny, awesome, can't wait for more!
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