Season 1 Episode 7

Love Cats/Zombie Party a Go-Go!

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Look Hard: When all of the zombies pop out from the ground, right when the music starts there is a top part of a tombstone on the bottom of the screen that says the director's last name, Girard.

    • When Gordon and Mr. Blik were attacking the zombies, Gordon breaks his weapon in half from balancing on it, but a few moments later, it's suddenly no longer broken in half.

  • Quotes

    • Human Kimberly: You stinked breath, bucket of chickenfooted, DOG TAILS!!

    • Human Kimberly: Thanks alot Blik, thanks for ruining my art project, you... you... POINTY HAIRED BALL OF GOPHER BARF!!

    • Gordon: I'm sorry Human Kimberly, I just can't take it anymore. (walks away)
      Blik: Because, you're a PONY GIRL!!

    • Gordon: (sitting on rocking horse dressed as a girl) Blik, kindly leave, we're busy here!
      Blik: What's wrong? Worried someone might see you and yell, PARTY GIRL! PARTY GIRL! LOOK AT THE PONY GIRL! I'VE GOT FRILLY PANTS AND A BONNET! I LOOK LIKE A LITTLE GIRL ON A PONY!!

    • Human Kimberly: (painting picture of Gordon on a horse, dressed in girl's clothes) There! Perfect! You look just like a fancy, royal, gentleman!

    • Waffle: (wearing tissues on his head) Hey Gordon, lots of girls like tissue heads!

    • Gordon: (trying to interact with the zombies whom they think are the important people with Waffle) Ahhhoooo.
      Waffle: SPLEEEEEEE!

    • Waffle: (About the "Cue Laser Light Show") I came in under budget.

    • Gordon: (To Mr.Blik) You said she was mine.
      Mr.Blik: Forget what I said, she's mine.

  • Notes

    • First time we see Blik have feeling for someone.

    • This episode without commercials is 22 minutes and 59 seconds long.

    • A scene from "Zombie Party Go-Go!" was ranked #43 in the 100 Greatest Nicktoons Moments which aired during a Thanksgiving weekend event called Nicksgiving Superstuffed Nicktoons weekend in 2007 on Nickelodeon.

    • "Nicktoons Network" first air date of this episode is December 17, 2007.

    • This is the first time Kimberly appears in both episodes, though she doesn't speak in "Zombie Party a Go-Go".

    • The guests of the party last year from the flashback:

      Human Kimberly
      Human Kimberly's friends
      Randell (The bear)
      And The Pizza King guy from "Off The Leash"

    • This is the second time there was a flashback. The first time was in "The Ghost of Mrs.Cramdilly".

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