Catwalk - Season 1

(ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • The Small Sea of Your Hand
    Saxon thinks he has an opportunity to sell costume jewellery when Cornelia shows him pictures of pieces being sold by her hairdresser.
  • Mr. Saxon Wells... Hobbyist
    Paula is upset when Saxon tells her that he is going to start a new magazine.
  • Model Internationale
    Saxon and the Van Toran Charities Commission co-sponsor a model search. The winner will receive a cash prize and a job with Saxon's magazine.
  • Sister Jenkins Will Carry the Banner
    Jenkins’s Uncle Eli pays her a visit from his farm. Uncle Eli is a devote Baptist and wants Jenkins to become born again. Saxon finds this to be funny at first but then decides it's time for Uncle Eli to go back to his farm.
  • Dear Desperate
    Dear Desperate
    Episode 7
    Cornelia wants Saxon to give her the advice column job when the old columnist retires.
  • There Is No Business Like No Business
    Saxon and Paula get a visit from old friends Harry and Peggy Ellis and the four of them decide to go into business together.
  • Try Anything Twice
    Try Anything Twice
    Episode 9
    Saxon has a meeting with fashion designer Christopher Klemper and his model Vicky. The three plan to go into business together but things begin to go bad when Saxon starts to fall in love with Vicky.
  • Pitched Battle
    Pitched Battle
    Episode 10
    Saxon gets into a huge fight with the agent of his top male model leading to big legal problems for everyone.
  • They Loved Me Tonight, Didn't They?
    A singer named Moya Sandford turns to Saxon to help her revive her career.
  • The Bramblebush Technique
    Saxon takes a vacation to Fiji and lets Paula pick the theme of the magazine for the month. Paula runs into trouble an needs help from Jenkins, Cornelia and Peggy to set things right.
  • A Life In The Day Of...
    Kate McKenzie wants to make a TV documentary on Saxon and his magazine.