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  • Season 2
    • The Thirteenth Sign
      Catweazle is still looking for the thirteenth sign and Cedric is still looking for the lost treasure of the Collingfords in order to save King's Farthing, his ancestral home, from being sold off.
    • The Magic Circle
      The Magic Circle
      Episode 12
      After having found the twelve signs of the zodiac, Catweazle is now looking for the thirteenth sign. Groome sees Catweazle bounce out of the moat and Lady Collingford calls in a specialist to treat Groome's shock.
    • The Battle of the Giants
      In this episode, Catweazle is looking for the sign of Aquarius while he's suffering from a cold. Lord Collingford and Groome both want to win the competition for biggest marrow. Unfortunately, Catweazle's anti-flu potion gets mixed up with Groome's marrow fertilizer.
    • The Walking Trees
      The Walking Trees
      Episode 10
      In this episode, Catweazle is looking for the sign of Capricorn, or the goat, as he calls it. King's Farthing has been turned into a military headquarters as soldiers use the area for a military exercise, including some soldiers camouflaged as trees.
    • The Ghost Hunters
      In this episode, Catweazle is looking for the sign of Sagittarius. Lady Collingord has invited a ghost hunter to stay over at King's Farthing. He is going to search for ghosts as Lady Collingford thinks the house is haunted by Lord Alfred, looking for his treasure. Cedric tells Catweazle that his spells don't work and he never even helped him look for the treasure. As a result Catweazle decides to go look for the treasure, at night, while the ghost hunters are out looking for ghosts.moreless
    • The Familiar Spirit
      In this episode, Catweazle is looking for the sign of the scorpion. Touchwood is ill and Cedric takes Catweazle and Touchwood to see a zoologist who happens to be a toad specialist and recognises Touchwood as a species that has long been extinct. The zoologist's twin brother is also a toad specialist and together they have written books about toads, published by Scorpion Books.moreless
    • The Enchanted King
      In this episode, Catweazle is looking for the Sign of the Balances. For this he needs help from Cedric; in the house he discovers the television, where a storyteller is telling a fairy tale about an enchanted king who was turned into stone. Catweazle thinks the storyteller is a demon. At the same time, a sculptor, Mr Gobbling, offers to turn the Collingfords into stone and this, of course, is misunderstoord by Catweazle who overhears the offer while looking for Cedric. He follows the scultor to his house and tries to liberate the people from the statues. A little later, Lady Collingford is to unveil Gobbling's latest sculpture of Themis, better known as Justice. In her hand, the statue is holding the scales of justice.moreless
    • The Wogle Stone
      The Wogle Stone
      Episode 6
      A housing developer, Jack Victor, is trying to buy land from Lord Collingford. He also wants to buy Duck Halt, the abandoned railway station where Catweazle is living. In this episode Catweazle is searching for the Sign of the Maiden, i.e. Virgo. It so happens that Jack Victor's company is called VIRGOmoreless
    • The Black Wheels
      The Black Wheels
      Episode 5
      When Groome loses his voice, Catweazle tries to give it back to him, first by trying to catch an echo from a well, then by feeding him a potion mixed up of old 33-inch records.
    • The Sign of the Crab
      Cedric accuses Catweazle of stealing and the following night King's Farthing is robbed. The real thief returns the next night and almost falls into a trap.
    • The Heavenly Twins
      It's Cedric's birthday and his mum has hired a magician, Vadanti, to entertain the guests. Catweazle, who had met Vadanti while fishing earlier, shows up at the party and somehow ends up as Vadanti's assistant.
    • Duck Halt
      Duck Halt
      Episode 2
      While looking for a place to live, Catweazle manages to find another sign as well as a bicycle.
    • The Magic Riddle
      The Magic Riddle
      Episode 1
      Catweazle, who is locked in a Norman dungeon ordered to turn lead into gold, escapes and jumps off the castle wall, believing he can fly, only to end up in a pond in the 1970s. He sneaks into nearby King's Farthing, the home of Lord and Lady Collingford. There he meets their son, Cedric, whose great-great-grandfather, Lord Alfred, practised magic in a secret dungeon. Lord Alfred also wanted to learn how to fly and wrote a flying spell on the wall of this secret dungeon. The spell mentions the thirteenth sign, the quest begins.moreless
  • Season 1
  • Specials