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  • CITA Eps. 33
    Episode 12.29.10
    Original Air Date: 12/22/2010 Artist to Artist: Two musicians & friends trade notes. Vernon Reid is on Rolling Stone?s list of greatest rock guitarists. First widely-known as a member of Living Colour, he?s played with just about everyone else?and now he?s touring with, among others, Jack Bruce (as in Cream). Coming out of progressive rap, poet and performer Beans is a founding member of Anti-Pop Consortium.Parijat Desai Dance Company: Where do the formal traditions of classical Indian dance meet the freer flow of contemporary American dance? That?s the territory Desai explores as she works out new choreography with her dancers. ;Vamos Architects: This husband-and-wife team, based in Williamsburg, prefers to create spaces for things to happen, as opposed to just creating ?things? (buildings). And they cite the growing popularity of impermanent architectural projects, whose impact is stronger due to their ephemeral nature.moreless
  • CITA Eps. 32
    Episode 11.30.10
    Original Air Date? 11/24/2010The Civilians at Irondale: Atlantic Yards…development and gentrification…politicians and the people. Two years ago, we watched The Civilians theater group take all this on in a workshop production called Brooklyn at Eye Level. Now, at Irondale Center, we see how it’s evolved into In the Footprint. Stephen Hoffman: “Hey, can I take your picture?” For years, that’s what Steve Hoffman’s been asking the residents of Carey Gardens and other Coney Island housing projects. From tough-looking teens to the eager young girls in a local dance school, each of his powerful portraits tells a story. Atomic at The Phun Phactory: A legend in the NYC graffiti world (remember subway cars covered top to bottom in spray paint?), Atomic takes on a commission by The Phun Phactory: turn a 100-foot-long wall in Williamsburg into a work of art. Brooklyn Digital Foundry: The two principals in this DUMBO firm are trained as architects (Harvard, if you must know), but their focus is on virtual building: 3d visualizations, video production, graphic and website design. From Brooklyn Independent Television's Caught In The Act, episode 32. ;Original Air Date: 11/24/2010.moreless
  • CITA Eps. 31
    Episode 10.29.10
    Original Air Date: October 27th, 2010 ;
  • CITA Eps. 30
    Episode 09.28.10
    Original Air Date: 9/22/2010Anne Arden McDonald: For years, this Bushwick artist made elaborately staged photographs, with sets, costumes, lighting: still-life drama. Now she takes us into her studio and demonstrates a totally different, much more spontaneous process. Brown Rice Family: ?World roots music.? That?s this band?s eclectic sound, a mix of ska, reggae, and African & Jamaican drumming. Plus they make soap. Yes, you read that right -- soap. Groundswell Community Murals: Hey, those kids are defacing a wall! Nope, they?re teen artists, working with professional artists, painting a huge mural in Cypress Hills. It?s their take on women and consumerism, and we?re there to see it come together. Neel Murgai: American-born, but is deep into his Indian musical roots; studied science and math, but plays sitar and drums ? and does throat-singing, too. And he can show you how the planets make music! From Brooklyn Independent Television's Caught In The Act. ;
  • CITA Eps. 28
    Episode 08.03.10
    Original Air Date: 7/28/2010Bitches Brew Revisited: Jazz? Rock? Even Miles Davis couldn’t categorize his own groundbreaking 1970 album, “Bitches Brew.” We bring you into rehearsal as, 40 years on, trumpeter Graham Haynes and an all-star ensemble (incl. Brooklynites Melvin Gibbs, Marco Benevento & Cindy Blackman) prepare to recreate it live at Celebrate Brooklyn. Wall Painting: Painter Julie Torres takes her paints and a whole bunch of paper to Williamsburg, where we watch her experimenting on the street. A Clown’s Art: Behind the scenes with a real clown this time (not singing arias), as he prepares to enter the Ringling Bros. ring. From training to makeup to life on the road, what does it take to keep the crowd laughing while they get the elephants ready? Hyperrealism in Stone: Don’t break a tooth trying to eat one of sculptor Robin Antar’s M&M’s…they’re made of marble (now you know what “M&M” stands for!). The Midwood artist’s work shifts from can-you-believe-that’s-not-real? to pieces both abstract and highly personal. Casting Pagliacci: Before Leoncavallo’s opera (passion among clowns!) can open in Coney Island this September – in a real circus tent and updated so the young lover is the pizza twirler from Totonno’s – producer Daria Parada has to run auditions to find her lead singers. Bravo! From Brooklyn Independent Television's Caught In The Act. ;
  • CITA Eps. 27
    Episode 06.25.10
    Original Air Date: 6/23/2010 The Debate Society: A police precinct with a racquetball court?let the absurdity begin! ?Buddy Cop 2? is the latest play by this avant-garde, tongue-in-cheek theater troupe?though there?s definitely more there than cheek. Tami Stronach: In the studio with this Williamsburg-based modern dancer, who?s been described as ?a choreographic doctor of the human condition.? Tina Chang: At home in Park Slope, the Poet Laureate of Brooklyn (her official title) talks craft and reads verse. Then we?re there as she crosses the Brooklyn Bridge for a Poets House benefit. Balkan Beat Box: Live at ?The Bell House? and featuring this band?s irresistible beat-box twist on a range of influences: Moroccan, Bulgarian, Turkish, klezmer, and yes, Balkan.moreless
  • CITA Eps. 25
    Episode 04.30.10
    Original Air Date: 4/28/2010HBO?s Bored to Death: Part One of our ?Artist to Artist? (to Artist) discussion among Jason Schwartzman, Jonathan Ames, and Alan Taylor, respectively the star, writer/creator, and director of this major, Brooklyn-based comedy series. Pharoah Sanders: A giant of the jazz world?who played with John Coltrane and many, many others?brings his sax back to Brooklyn. He talks about Brooklyn?s jazz scene in decades past, but he?s still hitting all the notes at the Central Bklyn Jazz Consortium. Bryan Wizemann: A Brooklyn filmmaker?s story: struggling for years to make a living with his art?making low-budget independent features and a short that shows the strain all this put on his own marriage?and now, finally, maybe, about to turn the corner to success.From Brooklyn Independent Television's Caught In The Act.moreless
  • CITA Eps. 24
    Episode 03.25.10
    Original Air Date: 3/24/2010Stew with Heidi Rodewald: In our Artist to Artist segment, these songwriting and performing collaborators discuss their Tony-nominated Broadway musical, Passing Strange. They also get into Making It, their just-completed concert run at St. Ann?s Warehouse, based on the breakup of their partnership ? the personal kind. Margarita Jimeno: Jimeno spent five years making her documentary, Gogol Bordello Non-Stop, about the rise of this now internationally famous band. Now we see her running auditions for a narrative short, and explaining how she hopes to finance the project. Littlefield Performance & Art Space: Is Gowanus hot or what? This Degraw Street space hosts ?indie rock, hip-hop, dance, soul, jazz, experimental and reggae, as well as monthly art exhibits, literary events and film screenings.? We catch ?Simple Magic,? three women singing what they call ?folksoul.?From Brooklyn Independent Television's Caught In The Act.moreless
  • CITA Eps. 22
    Episode 02.02.10
    Sweet Sweetback, the Hood Opera: In 1971, Melvin Van Peebles directed and starred in one of the classics of African-American film. Now, with the group Burnt Sugar and a cast of more than a dozen, he workshops a new stage version, filled with Baadasssss songs. The Brooklyn Ballet: What is ballet, and what does it take to be a dancer? This 8-year-old professional company pirouettes out of the box with its mix of contemporary, classical, and ?street? choreography. Jean Segarra-Rosa: Meet a local freelance artist who works with both digital media and a paintbrush ? and who also teaches cartooning for kids. How does she make it all work at a time when so much of the creative industry has been hit? The Jack Lords Orchestra: Waikiki meets Williamsburg! At a rehearsal, we hang ten as these East Coast musicians spice up their rock & roll with ukulele, mandolin, & lap steel guitar. Listen closely: is that the ?Hawaii Five-0? theme song?From Brooklyn Independent Television's Caught In The Act.