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Caught in the Act Episode 58


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Original air date 3/27/13 Ashley August: In 2012, we introduced you to “Ish” Islam, the NYC Youth Poet Laureate; now, meet his successor and fellow-Brooklynite, Ashley August, who talks -- and recites poems -- about body image issues, and her deep appreciation of Brooklyn. In her official capacity, Ashley will travel the five boroughs to urge her peers to become more civically engaged, but she’s also got a book deal, is in a spoken-word film at Sundance, and is busy acting in a movie. KowTeff African Dance Co: Over twenty years ago, dancer and educator Sewaa Codrington started this troupe to preserve African culture & community. KowTeff is a family-run “business”: Codrington's son Najja is musical director, and her daughter Jamila, a psychologist, incorporates dance and drumming into trauma therapy. At the League Artists Natural Design (LAND) Studio & Gallery in DUMBO adults with developmental disabilities create drawings, prints, and animations. These talented artists express themselves and develop their skills while interacting with the fans (including Spike Lee) who purchase their amazing work. ‘Nuf Said: Coming from as far away as places like Israel, Hong Kong, Romania – and Long Island – this multinational group mixes together almost as many musical styles as nationalities. We hear their funk/jazz/soul/hip hop blend in rehearsal and in performance. From Brooklyn Independent Television's Caught in the Act.moreless
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