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Season 2011 Episode 05.27.11

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Original air date: 5/25/2011 Live Footage : This Brooklyn-based “electroacoustic duo” consists of Mike Thies , drums & keyboard, and Topu Lyo on the electronic cello. We see these “surrealist soundtrack composers” in performance, as well as rehearsing a kind of call-and-response with a troupe of modern dancers.Sam Ferri, Cartoonist: Burnt-out bulbs on the Junior’s sign, recycling bins at Target and a liter bottle of Coke : all of these become subjects for Sam’s Inkwell , as this Brooklyn cartoonist makes use of watercolors, acrylics, a camera and a sharp eye.Eli Smith : Is folk music back? Sure is, especially at the Jalopy Theatre , where Carroll Gardens jams with Red Hook — and where this master of many stringed instruments performs and teaches. To showcase a new crop of folkies, Smith also created the Brooklyn Folk Festival, coming in June.Girl Walk/All Day : Director Jacob Krupnick brings a gaggle of freestyle break dancers to the top of the Williamsburg Bridge to film part of his planned feature-length music video. Among the dancers, Anne Marsen , who plays a young woman crisscrossing the city in search of anyone who’ll join her in her joy of movement.From Brooklyn Independent Television's Caught In The Act. ;moreless
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