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Original air date: 10/26/2011 Marionettes on Ice: Three years ago we met Erik Sanko, Jessica Grindstaff (of Phantom Limb Company), and their amazing array of “stringed instruments.” Now we see them prepping for their collaboration with The Kronos Quartet at BAM’s Next Wave, in which puppets reenact the inspiring tale of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton and his ship, Endurance. Michael Hearst: If your neighborhood ice-cream truck was playing a new song this summer, it may well be the work of this musician and composer. A member of the band One Ring Zero, an expert on the Theremin and other extraordinary instruments, Hearst has also created an entire album of new music for Mr. Softee and the Good Humor man. Bed-Stuy Fish Fry: Acoustic jazz and Bed-Stuy once went hand in hand, but you can still hear the real thing on a Fish Fry Friday, presented by Brownstone JAZZ and hosted by Sankofa Aban Bed & Breakfast. Fiber: Art & Fashion: We visit both the Williamsburg studio of designer Tara St. James, (creator of the clothing label Study), and the Textile Arts Center in Gowanus, where artists freely express themselves with every fiber of their being. From Brooklyn Independent Television's Caught In The Act.moreless
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