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Season 2012 Episode 03.30.12

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Original air date: 3/28/2012 Rabbit Movers, is staffed by artists who need extra cash, and its operations have grown to include a gallery, photography studio, and a suite of workspaces – that’s “Rabbithole”. Artem Mirolevitch's paintings, sculptures from wire, and time-consuming etchings are somewhat mythological, maybe not surprising for someone who focused on art after a traumatic early incident in his life. At Club Europa in Greenpoint, we meet JRD, a rapper from Poland, and DJ GRAM-X, a promoter who wants to make the rap world aware of all the Eastern European hip-hop happening in NYC and around the country. Tall, Tall Trees , a Brooklyn-based band -- self-described as combining “surf rock, indie folk, sentimental balladry, and afrobeat” – tells us how their second album was inspired by a group camping trip to Alaska. From Brooklyn Independent Television's Caught In The Act.moreless
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