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Season 2012 Episode 04.30.12

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Original air date: 4/25/2012 Flowers that bloom on the floor…a coffin for the living…a light-covered coat that’s worn in a room made of mylar, these are the work of ON Megumi Akiyoshi, a Japanese transplant to Bushwick. We meet young Marine Park native Thomas Varvaro in rehearsal and hear about all the work it took to make it into the very competitive Alvin Ailey II dance troupe. “Jazz-fusion-dance-funk” is how Snarky Puppy describes its mix of musical styles; we find the description fits during a recent rehearsal in Bushwick. At The Irondale Center, an ensemble constructs In Pursuit of Freedom…Color Between the Line, a form of spoken-word-and-song based on historical research, telling stories like those of free people of color tricked and abducted into slavery in pre-Civil War Brooklyn. From Brooklyn Independent Television's Caught In The Act.moreless
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