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Caught On Tape

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Caught On Tape is news program based on real life criminal encounters that are recorded and rebroadcast on video. With video cameras in most convenience stores and gas stations, mounted to most police cars and news helicopters, and sitting in the pocket of most ordinary civilians, when a crime happens these days, it's increasingly likely that it will end up recorded somehow. John Seigenthaler hosts this outrageous news program, featuring real clips of crimes from robberies to personal assaults and more. See the high speed chase after a botched bank robbery, witness the disturbing assault on a woman at a concert, watch hidden video capture of people trying to hire a professional hit-man. With every segment, the victims, pursuing officers, and various experts and witnesses sound off on the melee that ensues when things get out of hand. And of course, the the best part is everything is real. Tense, fast paced, and dangerous, Caught On Tape offers a front row seat to criminal activity like most people never see.moreless

Previously Aired Episode

AIRED ON 2/22/2008

Season 2008 : Episode 02.22.08

  • The Vampire Killings

    S 2008 : Ep 02.22.08

    Aired 2/22/08 (42:32)

  • Extreme Plastic Surgery

    S 2008 : Ep 02.27.08

    Aired 2/27/08 (43:00)

  • Murder for Hire

    S 2008 : Ep 02.22.08

    Aired 2/22/08 (41:52)

  • Cops Caught on Tape

    S 2008 : Ep 02.22.08

    Aired 2/22/08 (42:56)

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Documentary, Drama, News


Variety & Magazine, Crime, candid camera, undercover reports, corruption