Caught Red Handed

Tuesday 9:30 PM on truTV Premiered Feb 21, 2012 In Season


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    The show would almost be passable if the guys on it didn't think they were the coolest thing ever, Some of their segments have more continuity errors than ive had hot dinners, the fake police car is lame too. I dont see the need to fake this stuff why are they not capable of doing it for real or are they just big girls who are scared of real shoplifters, oh and when they are casting for crooks they need to stop picking people who look like choir boys and girls , STOP LOSS PREVENTION = yeah right ok then.
  • 8.5
    I love this show! What is wrong watching a little comedy, stupidity of a person for them to get the realization "Thou Shall Not Steal!" That is why it is a Family show. What do you want them to watch? Shows that glorify shoplifters and scam artists? For this reason the show gives the taste to the young and nieve what can happen! Actors? Fake? So what? What show is actually Real! Love the show!
  • Stupid and dumb

    This show is so stupid because they don't have the exits covered in advance. You let too many people get away!
  • fake as hell

    This show is a reenactment just like all the other shows on TruTv. It says so at the beginning of the show that is inspired by true events. Which means you aren't watching the actual crimes go down. Lame show.

    This show is the best!!
  • another show with actors and not reality

    this show looked good at the start, just like "operation Repo" but after watching a few more episodes, the show looks as fake as a $3.00 bill. the L A Supermarket episode, really ?? that cop looks like an actor, no gun, no handcuffs, no markings on the police car except "police" I can do that kind of a car with a few hundred bucks. Come on guys REALITY TV ,means REALITY TV and yes, you guys are so slow to react, I should come where you are filming and steal you blind. GET OFF YOUR ASS and closer to the door. HOPE SHOW GETS CANCELLED, I'm not gonna record or watch it anymore.
  • Like the show- guys are too slow!

    Been watching this show, can't understand why the two guys are so slow to react. They watch everything unfold but wait too long to react. A good majority gets away, and they don't know why or that the shoplifters get away. Liked the team that worked the grocery store. Now they were fast! Wished I could watch more of them, they always caught the thieves!
  • A clever title goes here!

    Listen I just started watching the show and you guys need to come to Chicago. The Nike store downtown from what I heard through a friend that works there told me that there have been constant thief at that store. I walked in one day and I saw that there is no sensors at the doors making it easy for someone to walk out with hundreds to thousands of dollars tat they store is not getting. Security can't hold thieves and Nike employees seems to have hands tied, just like the security guards with not preventing thieves walking out of the store with items not paid for.

    Please come and look this and shield a light to the corporate office of Nike so they can gain money and not loose it.
  • That women on the show is a fat pig!

    Like they are skilled.... What a stupid show.