Cavalcade of America - Season 3

NBC (ended 1957)


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  • The Rescue of Dr. Beanes
    During the War of 1812 a Baltimore attorney goes on a rescue mission behind the British lines. His name is Francis Scott Key and the trip inspires him to write the national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner."
  • The Palmetto Conspiracy
    Dramatizes the part played by Allan Pinkerton and his National Detective Agency in thwarting a Southern plot to assassinate Lincoln as he passed through Baltimore in 1861 on his way to his first inauguration.
  • Six Hours to Deadline
    A drama about a newspaper editor's reluctant decision to print a story which will bring sorrow to a man whom he deeply respects.
  • Sunrise on a Dirty Face
    Dramatizes the campaign waged by James E. West and Theodore Dreiser to establish the first juvenile court in the District of Columbia. Half a century ago a young attorney named James E. West became interested in juvenile delinquents. His fight for more humane treatment of mistreated youngster led to a great improvement in the laws.moreless
  • Stay On, Stranger!
    Stay On, Stranger!
    Episode 22
    Tells how Mrs. Alice Lloyd, a forty-year-old Bostonian, started a school in the mountain town of Caney, Kentucky, in 1916 and gradually overcame local opposition to education by showing that her students could use their education to help their own community.
  • How to Raise a Boy
    How to Raise a Boy
    Episode 21
    Shows how the influences of a farm environment, the necessity of assuming responsibility, and the receiving of faith and trust from a loving family contribute toward the rehabilitation of an unhappy city orphan.
  • The Gift of Dr. Minot
    Dramatizes the career of Dr. George Minot, and Nobel prize winner who disregarded his own diabetic condition and successfully continued his experiments to effect a cure for pernicious anemia. Time: 1922.
  • The Ship That Shook the World
    The events leading to the construction of the Monitor, the ironclad ship built by the Federal Government during the Civil War to oppose the Merrimac.
  • Man on the Beat
    Man on the Beat
    Episode 18
    Typical incidents in the daily life of a city patrolman are used inexplaining the role of the police force in protecting citizens and maintaining order in the community.
  • That They Might Live
    A biographical drama about Doctor Abraham Jacobi and his wife, Doctor Mary Putnam Jacobi, whose theories about prenatal and child care brought about the recognition of pediatrics as a separate branch of medicine.
  • The Hostage
    The Hostage
    Episode 16
    The heroic activities of Captain Robert Stobo,of the Virginia Militia, who, as a prisoner of the French during the French and Indian War, procured for the British the plans of Forts Duquesne and Quebec and made possible an important British victory.
  • Decision For Justice
    Dramatizes an episode in the life of Chief Justice John Marshall, showing how his decision in the case of Marbury vs. Madison resulted in the recognition of the Supreme Court as the final authority in the interpretation of the Constitution.
  • Take Off Zero
    Take Off Zero
    Episode 14
    The story of the Navy's first plane to take off vertically and of the man, Lt. Col. "Skeets" Coleman, who made the first take-off.
  • Petticoat Doctor
    Petticoat Doctor
    Episode 13
    A biographical account of the career of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor to practice in America, who, with the assistance of her younger sister, managed the New York Infirmary for Women and Children. Dr.Elizabeth Blackwell is befriended by New York newspaperman Horace Greeley in her struggle to obtain recognition and respect for professional women.moreless
  • A Message From Garcia
    An account of the heroic mission of Lt. Andrew Rowan, who braved the Cuban jungles, risking capture and execution by Spanish troops in order to obtain information to aid the United States in the Spanish-American War.
  • The Marine Who Was 200 Years Old
    A story about Lou Diamond, a marine gunnery sergeant who refused to let old age and sickness keep him from his post with the Fifth Marine Regiment during World War II.
  • A Man's Home
    A Man's Home
    Episode 10
    A dramatization of some of the events leading up to the American Revolution. Shows the part played by James Otis in defending the right of citizens to be protected against unreasonable search and seizure of home and property.
  • A Medal For Miss Walker
    A biographical account of the wartime medical service of Dr. Mary Walker, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for her courageous work as a civilian surgeon among Federal troops during the Civil War.
  • Night Call
    Night Call
    Episode 8
    A dramatization of a typical twenty-four-hour period in a doctor's life. Follows his activities during his night calls, his work at a hospital, his office appointments, and his efforts to save the life of a young stranger who is the victim of a rare disease.
  • Ordeal in Burma
    Ordeal in Burma
    Episode 7
    The story of Ann and Adoniram Judson, American missionaries, whose determination to return love and understanding for hatred not only saved their own lives but also helped end the war between Great Britain and Burma in 1824.
  • American Thanksgiving
    The history of Thanksgiving Day is presented by dramatizations of the holiday as it was in Washington's time and Lincoln's time.
  • The Gentle Conqueror
    A drama about Father Junipero Serra, an 18th century Spanish missionary who devoted his life to establishing missions up and down the coast of California. Depicts incidents connected with the Portola Expedition to San Diego in 1769 and portrays the role of Father Serra in civilizing the Indians there.
  • Moonlight Witness
    Moonlight Witness
    Episode 4
    In the midst of preparations for his political debates with Douglas, Lincoln successfully defends William Armstrong, a benefactor's son who is charged with murder.
  • The Forge
    The Forge
    Episode 3
    The events in the life of Eliphalet Remington leading to the development of his famous rifle which played an important part in American history because it gave to the pioneers a cheap and superior substitute for European-made weapons. Eliphalet Remington builds his own rifle on his father's forge. He then enters a shooting match in an attempt to prove that American-made goods offer worthy competition for the more expensive European-made items.moreless
  • The Great Gamble
    The Great Gamble
    Episode 2
    A dramatization about Cyrus Field, who after several unsuccessful attempts, realized his dream of laying a cable across the Atlantic from Newfoundland to Ireland. The story of the great faith and fortitude of Cyrus Field in his attempt to lay the first telegraphy cable beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Field was labeled a swindler when his first try failed, but he continued his work.moreless
  • Mountain Man
    Mountain Man
    Episode 1
    Relates the story of James Ohio Pattie, the first American to write an account of a visit to California. Reenacts his arrival in San Diego, the Mexican provincial capital, in 1828, and portrays his role in averting a smallpox epidemic, thus winning the friendship of the Mexicans and freedom for the Americans whom they held in captivity.moreless
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