Cavalcade of America - Season 4

NBC (ended 1957)


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  • The Major of St. Louis
    Major Thomas D. Howie of the 3rd Battallion, 116th Infantry, 29th Division. He lies at rest between a Private and a General in the American Cemetery in Normandy, overlooking Omaha Beach. He was loved by his men, though an enigma to some, and loved reading verses from Edgar Lee Masters "Spoon River Anthology", "These are the ghosts from the desolate coasts...would you go to them...only pursue them...whatever enshrined is within you you."moreless
  • The Boy Nobody Wanted
    Billy Brandon's father is a good man, but also a professional gambler who doesn't have much time for his son. Left alone one day, he gets into a fight with a neighbor's boy who taunts him about his father being a gambler. The boy is accidently killed when he falls and hits his head. The boy's father, editor of the local newspaper, takes revenge by smearing Billy's dad in his paper. As a result, Nick Brandon is soon imprisoned and Billy is sent to an adoption agency. Luckily, he is adopted by an older couple and his life becomes filled with love. He grows to be an A student and a war hero. When his father is finally released from prison, Billy must make a hard decision.moreless
  • Who Is Byington?
    Who Is Byington?
    Episode 23
    Dramatized incidents portray the activities of newspaper correspondents in covering the battles of the Civil War, the rivalry which spurred them on, and the efforts of Homer Byington of the New York Tribune to follow the Battle of Gettysburg and telegraph the news to his paper.
  • Danger On Clover Ridge
    Forest Ranger Norm Keller is determined to clear the name of an eccentric guide accused of arson, attempted murder and robbery.
  • Diplomatic Outpost
    Diplomatic Outpost
    Episode 21
    In the Far East, a young American diplomat and his wife cope with a polio epidemic and the threat of civil war.
  • The Jackie Jensen Story
    True story of Red Sox star outfielder Jackie Jensen and Ralph Kerchum, the high school teacher whose guidance and friendship made the difference between greatness or oblivion.
  • The Doll Who Found A Mother
    A judge introduces the parents of an unhappy child to a toy loan library.
  • A Life To Live By
    A Life To Live By
    Episode 18
    The story of a California schoolboy who, in spite of the knowledge that he has an inaccurate disease, sets the world?s record for the high school shot-put and leads a full life before death overtakes him.
  • The Listening Hand
    The Listening Hand
    Episode 17
    The Hathaways are a deaf and blind couple who fight for their right to keep and care for their newborn baby.
  • Call Home the Heart
    Call Home the Heart
    Episode 16
    The true story of the Japanese gardener who, under the sponsorship of a pioneer civic leader, beautified Miami Beach area with his imaginative planting of lush greenery. He eventually became one of the city?s honored citizens.
  • The Secret Life of Joe Swedie
    The story about a child-therapist who helps bedridden children in hospitals to retain an interest in life.
  • Star and Shield
    Star and Shield
    Episode 14
    The true story about a warmhearted police officer in Union City, N. J., who attempts to secure an apartment in a low-cost housing project for an embittered old woman and her five-year-old grand-daughter.
  • The Prison Within
    The Prison Within
    Episode 13
    A girl is overcome with remorse when the soldier she refused to marry is killed in Korea. Her unusual guilt complex leads her to commit a series of crimes, for which she is imprisoned. Convicted forgery when she is paroled, her parole officer is troubled by her inexplicable behavior.
  • The Boy Who Walked to America
    Based on a true story of a Korean youngster who to give up his dream. With the assistance of sympathetic soldiers and a Catholic priest, the boy managed to achieve his dream of going to America.
  • Postmark: Danger
    Postmark: Danger
    Episode 11
    The work of a postal inspector is described in a dramatization about two postal inspectors who expose the civilian supervisor of a prison mail room as an extortioner who has been using the mails to defraud the parents of servicemen reported missing during the Korean War.
  • Barbed Wire Christmas
    A documentary drama about life in a German prison camp. When a group of GIs in a German prison camp in 1944 pool their resources in order to hold a Christmas Mass, the prison commandant not only permits the service to continue but, with the guards, joins the prisoners in their worship.moreless
  • Doctor On Wheels
    Doctor On Wheels
    Episode 9
    A true story of a Saskatchewan farm boy who finished medical school in a wheel chair after he became paralyzed by polio.
  • Crisis In Paris
    Crisis In Paris
    Episode 8
    A drama showing how Benjamin Franklin, an inexperienced diplomat and member of the American Commission to France, negotiated a treaty providing for French aid to the Colonies in their war with England. Setting: Paris, during the American Revolution.
  • One Day At A Time
    One Day At A Time
    Episode 7
    This is the true story of the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. The principals in the organization were two alcoholics, one a financial genius, the other a doctor. Both men's lives and careers were threatened by their drinking problem, until they found that by working together they could cure each other and other victims.moreless
  • Chain Of Hearts
    Chain Of Hearts
    Episode 6
    The story of John Staniszewski, a Polish seaman who tried to gain American citizenship after World War 2.
  • The Swamp Mutiny
    The Swamp Mutiny
    Episode 5
    A historical drama showing how General Francis Marion, a colonial officer during the American Revolution, won the admiration and eventually the support of a young British officer who witnessed the general's tactical suppression of a mutiny among colonial volunteer soldiers. Setting: Georgetown South Carolina, in 1780.
  • Disaster Patrol
    Disaster Patrol
    Episode 4
    The work, organization, and purpose of the Civil Air Patrol is described in a dramatization about a CAP pilot in California who risks his life to fly doctors and emergency supplies into a canyon community seriously damaged by an earthquake.
  • Toward Tomorrow
    Toward Tomorrow
    Episode 3
    A tribute to Dr. Ralph Bunche, undersecretary of the United Nations. The drama is based on the early life of the statesman, who was orphaned at the age of 8 and was guided from then on by his aged grandmother.
  • The Texas Rangers
    The Texas Rangers
    Episode 2
    A phase of the work of the Texas Rangers in the late nineteenth century is described in a dramatization about J. L. Armstrong, the ranger who captured John Wesley Hardin on a train in Florida and thwarted the prisoner's efforts to escape during the long train journey from Florida to Texas.moreless
  • A Time For Courage
    A Time For Courage
    Episode 1
    The story of "Nancy Merki and the swimming coach who led her to victory over polio and to Olympic stardom.