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Cavemen revolves around Joel, his younger brother Andy and best friend Nick. Joel is engaged to Kate. Even though he has some problems with her conservative parents accepting him, he is happy with his life and pursuing the American Dream. The pilot is based on the Geico commercials that claim their service is so easy, "Even a caveman can do it". The show is a production of ABC Television Studio and Management 360. The show has been given an initial order of 13 episodes by American Broadcasting Company (ABC), but only 6 aired before the show was canceled.

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    New ABC sched Cavemen-less

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    • Commercial was GREAT, NOT SO GREAT TV show

      Its sad to have seen the commercial end, but I do agree with most viewers in the fact that The Cavemen show was not necessary. No matter how funny the commercial is, it does not mean that you need to make a television show out of it. I really appreciated the humor that the commercial brought to us viewers. I do feel bad for the TV show being canceled so soon, but its just a lesson to all other make a tv show out of a commercial, especially when one portrays a certain amount of stereotypes.moreless
    • Not one of ABC's brighest ideas! For heaven's sake, the show lasted for a month and 11 days! The shortest ever!!

      Not one of ABC's brighest ideas! For heaven's sake, the show lasted for a month and 11 days! The shortest ever!! Where were the brains of ABC when they made this show. It was the most stupid show ever! For one, I and countless others hated the stupid Geico commercials with those hairy pieces of crap, but then to watch a show about Cavemen. No! I can't be the only one that didn't even want to look at the show, because as I said at the beginning of the post the show lasted from October to November. The shortest ever! Not on of ABC's finest, that's for sure!

      1.0 for absurd, idiotic, and NOT one for the eye!moreless
    • a good show that ended to early...

      i wasnt much fan of the geico insurance commercials about oppressed cavemen, but i just loved the idea of a trio of neanderthals struggle to live in modern day america as a tv show. it is funny and amusing and the plot goes pretty fast. characters are very real thanks to the nice work done by the make up team. it might be the kind of cranial humor that america do not seem to like for some reason... i think that everyone was determined to hate it before it even came out. because of this the show ended to early, this should be worthy three season at least if you ask me.moreless
    • Caveman ABC TV

      c'mon people, don't just bury it with bad reviews because that's the easy thing that everybody else is doing, this show wasn't nearly as bad as the critics want us to think. The commercials were cool and funny. they made us all laugh with how irreverent the characters were, and how pissed off they were when they were dissed. when i heard it was going to be a TV show, i railed against it because they wern't using the same actors from the Geico ads. But after an episode or two, i wanted to give these guys some slack, they were trying to put out a show with a specific theme; Cavemen exist and nobody cares. i thought that was cool and they should be given a chance. the morons above are only happy if it's a clone of Desperate Housewives, or some insipid reality game show. I know ABC considered themselves highbrow when it came to canceling "Cavemen" but saw no intellectual problems with renewing some takeoff of a Japanese gameshow where contestants bounce off of giant rubber balls into pools of mud for everyone's amusement. yeah, renew THAT one but don't act like "Cavemen" was the worst show on TV just because it seems like the thing to say.moreless
    • i thought this show was gonna be hilarious but to me this is the WORST show i ever seen. its pretty much no shock to me why it got canceled

      i remember, i watched this show thinking i would love it. since i liked watching the infomercials for car insurance. [[ sorry i don't know how to spell it]]. the only episode i ever watched was the episode when they all went to get some type of frozen treat and they men a women. that episode i hated. the show was confusing was not funny and i never watched another episode since. i know this is just my opinion on this but that show was probably the worst show i seen in a long long long time. they should have just stayed with the commercials.moreless
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