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A Caveman in D.C.

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    GEICO had a caveman promotion at tonight's (Wednesday) basketball game between the Washington Wizards and the Cleveland Cavaliers. They sent a "fan" made up in complete caveman make-up with a Wizards jersey on. The caveman actually sat in with the game announcers. It was all kind of strange.

    One of the sideline reporters "interviewed" the caveman after the game. That was even more bizarre. The woman started hitting on the caveman as a strange joke. The caveman didn't realize he was in Washington, D.C. He asked whether Washington, D.C. was located in Washington state.

    Even though "Cavemen" might be over, GEICO doesn't seem to be moving away from the Cavemen idea altogether. (However, most of their recent TV commercials focus on that kid go-cart driver Warren Wallace who is the "cousin" of NASCAR driver Mike Wallace.)
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    Totally funny
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