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Discussion - "Nick Get Job" Ep. 2

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    [1]Feb 8, 2008
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    Believe it or not, I just saw this episode for the first time this week. I had recorded it on the DVR but I never got around to watching any episodes of the show other than the 1st one (the revised pilot).

    I actually didn_t mind this episode. It was kind of funny. Nick was over-the-top obnoxious but sadly there are really people who act like that in real life. I found his final reaction at the arbitration hearing hilarious when he watched the hidden camera footage. I_m glad he finally woke up and cut the "I_m being discriminated against" nonsense. (Not that I_m saying discrimination doesn_t exist, but clearly the store in this episode never discriminated against Nick.)

    The other story about the pseudo-stalker was kind of creepy. I didn_t find that one too funny. I didn_t like how it ended either, with the woman becoming the stalker_s friend. However, the final scene was funny, when Joel and Nick(?) picked up the wood and acted like stereotypical cavemen.

    I think I have the rest of the episodes recorded on the DVR. I_ll have to check them out sometime soon.

    (I_m running into the strange QuickFind bug where I can_t use apostrophes in forum posts. That_s why I_m using underscores instead of apostrophes. It_s not an attempt to use text-speak.)
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    [2]Nov 18, 2008
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    Really good episode
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