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The Shaver S01E05 Official Discussion

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    [1]Nov 6, 2007
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    Has the editor abandoned this show? No consistent discussion threads, whats up? Or am I the only one left watching?

    The Shaver
    Season 1 Episode 5
    Air Date: November 6, 2007

    Nick is convinced that a new tenant in the building is a shaver (a caveman who shaves off all body hair), Joel is up for a promotion and Kate's friend, Thorne, is turned on by Andy's road rage.

    I think Andy is stealing this show. The way he went from blinding road rage to describing his glazed ham was priceless. Also, the "you're gonna die!" (paraphrased) line directed at the car that cut him off was perfectly delivered. I'm so glad they changed his cherecter from the unaired pilot. Nick is great as well, the "et tu Joel" line was very Nick-esque.

    I really hope people get over the 'based on a commercial' thing and just watch the show - it seriously is a decent sitcom. I worry that the WGA strike only spells doom for this show anyway.

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    [2]Nov 7, 2007
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    I agree that Andy is stealing this one! However you gotta admit that the Thorne girl held her own! I really LIKE that chick. All of the actors are good, if they weren't this show would tank instantly. But they make you care despite the silliness and the writing is great enough that it sucks you in regardless. The writers strike could spell doom for many shows, however Caveman was already picked up for 13. so they should be good for a couple months. Hopefully in that time, more people will get to know how great it really is, and they (ABC) will renew it for more... now, if that happens, they will need some writers to write it of course, so let's cross our fingers this is resolved before New YearS!!!
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    [3]Nov 10, 2007
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    I love this show this episode was pretty decent, but sadly the ratings for this particular episode was dismal. We should all be thanking the writers for going on strike because the show is most likely gonna air longer than it normally would have because the networks can produce any new shows at this time to replace it.
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    This episode was just great. This type of humo(u)r is just like that of the Office; you either love it or hate it. (And not to say that people that like the Office would like this.)

    I really did expect this show to be this cheesy but I love it. Totally my type of comedy, glazed ham and all...

    When I wrote down the quotations, I hadn't a clue what the name or number of this episode but I said to myself, "how would I title this episode?" Guess what I wrote down...'The Shaver'.

    This episode had some awesome lines:

    The "et tu Joel" was great.

    After Andy drives crazily, he drops Kate and Thorne off.
    Kate: Wow, he is just crazy.
    Thorne: I know. I'm so horned up, I need to sit in an ice-bucket.

    Nick enters Leslie's office (the landlady) about to ask a question. He can tell that she is trying to remember his name.
    Nick: "Nnnnnnnn"
    Leslie: "Are you growlin' at me?"
    Nick: "Nick...I'm Nick."

    Then there was that one Joel said to Kate about success while they were having lunch but I can't quote it.
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    Really good episode
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