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Her Embarrassed of Caveman

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on ABC
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Her Embarrassed of Caveman
Joel thinks that his girlfriend is embarrassed to tell her friends that she is dating a caveman. Meanwhile Nick takes advantage of Andy's break up with Susan to convince him to buy stuff for Nick, to make Andy feel good.

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  • Hairy men scoring on hot chicks. Gimmie a break!

    The commercials are bad enough. Did they really think it would hit off as a series? I got what I expected and can't believe I sat through it. Dry, almost no humor. The characters were uninteresting. It boggles the mind to see good shows cancelled and then replaced by wasted time like this but I had to check it out. Like the person above said we just don't have that many good comedies anymore. I was really hoping I would be wrong about this. Apes at the zoo are more interesting and funny to watch then this. Why didn't they make a show about the Happy cows from California? It would have been much more fun. Skip it. I wouldn't waste my time watching another episode.moreless
  • honestly, i've forgotten their names. but one of them thought their girlfriend was embarrassed of them.

    everyone seems to hate this show, but i highly doubt any of them have actually watched it. Most of the jokes and humor in the show are subtle. they count on people to think the fact that they are cavemen living in society is extremely funny. and i guess that's why i like the show so much. given their is one episode tomorrow and i'll watch the second one too. but that is so funny. and stupid stuff like "eatin' sushi on your booty" in a text message followed by "wow, she's open minded" was hilarious to me. so far i love this show.moreless
  • Cavemen...Meet the Cavemen!

    When I heard thatgoing to be a series based on the insurance ads, I was growling. The same network that cancelled "In Case of emergency," is making a comic series about cavemen. well I finally saw my first episode and it's not to bad. Cavemen going around commenting on everything, even telling someone not to yell "Yabba-Dabba-Doo!" Overall, I don't think it's a bad show. Let me ask you this question, Why I like "Cavemen" better than "Back to You?" It's a fun show, even it not at all good. But the spirit is there so we can be thankful for it.moreless
  • Cavemen was disappointing. It started off interestingly enough introducing the characters. The whiny brother grew tiresome and the roommate's attitude bordered on obnoxious. This show has plenty of room to redeem itself in the coming weeks.moreless

    I've seen the previews for weeks and thought I'd give Cavemen a try. I'm not sure what I expected, but I was seriously disappointed in the show's content.

    It's not so much that they skimmed over the fact that there are Cavemen living in current times, holding down jobs, playing racquetball, living in highrise apartments...even dating attractive women. That's not why I was disappointed. The whiny brother with his 'girlfriend' problems was highly annoying as was the roommate's attitude in general. It could have been a fairly funny show and maybe next week it will be.

    I'm just not sure I will be there to find out.moreless
  • Cavemen,live and interact with humans on a daily basis.

    The pilot episode introduces the characters of Caveman. The show tries and fails to be witty. The whole premise misses its mark, because other than the makeup the characters could be just another set of whiney 30 somethings. This series really missed its mark. The jokes are predictable and the actors, despite the makeup, do not seem believable as cavemen. Even the perceived notion of racism against cavemen is lost. In retrospect, the creators of this show should have kept these characters, confined to the 30 second ad formats they were intended to fit. Beyond that, it is only a waste of a good idea.moreless

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