Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • Just fun to watch

    I laughed...In all honesty this wasn't even given a chance to even get started. You have to give a show 7-15 new shows in a row (without strikes) to get a following (or not). I thought mascot was friggen awesome. I can't even get the 100 word min to post this review because there wasn't enough shows aired to write a review.

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    Watch caveman it's funny
  • Way to go! Keep it up ;)

    Summary: Last week's notable (October 23) episode struck gold. Best acted, best written script to date. Situation totally believable, characters realistic, cleverly depicted, subtle touches worked. Nick, in his debut high school teacher role is perfectly matched to career, temperament-wise. Started as likeable young teacher, intelligent, outspoken, 'think-outside-the-box,' dynamic. Later laments how he actually enjoyed teaching, registers as truthful,making residual effects of lost job poignant. Guilty of 'perception discrimination' himself, Nick is villified by entire student body & community when he pummels the school's grotesque caveman mascot to the ground, its head falls off, revealing the girl beneath to Nicks surprise!

    In addition to my review, I would like to offer some suggestions to the show's writers etc.: Andy's character was also fleshed out nicely, he's intelligent and cool, but in a different way than Nick. While Nick is sex, physically strong looking, brave-hearted, convicted to a cause he believes in without wavering, the whole package. I even liked how the make-up artist is making the guys appear more caveman-like in appearance, yet managing to make them appear as if they are behaving like other 'minorities' in trying to acclimate into the dominant society by making minor adjustments. For example Nick's hair is somewhat messy, but at times when it's appropriate he mats it down and parts it somewhat to give the impression of compromising instead of totally conforming to a standard. It shows that he still maintains his identity. His tone of voice, with its natural fluctuations also reinforce his honesty and that makes what he says all the more funny, because he isn't trying hard to be funny, the humor stems from the challenging situation he's in and his unique way of handling it because he had the courage to do what 'others' in society want to do. He can be a modern day hero. Andy is intelligent, which might surprise the characters in the show, because he is also sweet natured and is a soft touch. He's sensitive and emotional and wants to do the right thing. He also moves at his own pace. This makes him seem easy to take advantage of; he's the guy who can't say no, not true. Also, the original guy from Geico who makes a cameo appearance should stay in a minor role because he gives the show its atmospheric vibe, he's tres cool. They shoul;d have him in a scene where his car breaks down on the highway, and no one stops to offer him assistance, drivers only slow down to stare, calling him names and/or giving him dirty looks to which he folds his arms defiantly, giving back attitude and even worse looks that could kill. So, he has to take the bus. As the bus fills up, it becomes painfully obvious that no one wants to sit next to him as in a real-world situation, because, he's 'different.' Joel is the only pathetic character, in my opinion so far. Joel comes off as a weak character, and I don't think it plays well. He's boring and he seems much older than the other two. He drags the show down. If he is going to be the 'older, mature' one he should be getting over his mid-life crisis, chasing Homo Sapien tail, it's not funny, it's stupid,. That old tired scenario has been played, and it's a cliché that's outdated. But, there are some timeless aspects of life that never go out of style. As a suggestion for an idea, his ultra conservative parents could make an appearance, telling him to find a nice 'cavewoman' to finally get serious and settle down with. She could be on the show permanently as Joel's wife, sharing the apartment with the rest of the guys; it would make the show more interesting to add that element. There could be an initial dating segment where Joel puts an ad in the paper, caveman seeking cavewoman and goes through a bunch of 'Miz Wrongs 'before finally landing on the right one. This would be followed by a wedding 'cave style' as 'traditional weddings' go, this would have to be tasteful not over the top, yet funny, and Joel could be seen as a nervous bridegroom, he could have a stag party and his wife her own stagette party. Afterwards, Joel could be the stable force in the younger cavemen's lives, the humor could come from when he reverts to old habits, and of course his wife. Another thing I would change is the racket ball scene. It's stark white background needs to be altered. I realize that's how racket ball courts look, but this is TV land, can't they either do something with the background or change the sport? Then I would think the show stands a good chance of succeeding if it continues along these lines.
  • Captain Caveman vs. the Offensive Caveman Mascot!

    Years ago, I read the news that Indian tribes are offended by Indian mascots. this episode of "Caveman" one caveman who is a sub teacher gets in the middle of the offensive mascoty debate. He encounter a savage with a cub looking kinda mean. a fight broke out and I can't reveal the ending, but it doesn't look good for the caveman. It's a funb episode. the best episode of the series. Let's hope the show stays on the air. Next week, no caveman. It's the peanuts gang and that Halloween special. Does any of the cavemen believe in the Great Pumpkin?
  • They need to keep this on for a while.

    I hate to say I told you so, but this show is actually getting better. The interaction between Nick and the high school students is great as is his confrontation with the principle. Once again, I truly feel America really does not get it. I'll just have to spell it out for the slow people. Basically our cavemen and how they are perceived and treated by the rest of society is a metaphor for racism and intolerance. I think this a well-written show that is witty and fun. I know it is not as cutting edge as generation "Y" would like, but then again they seem to need to be led by the hand. No one wants to think while watching V now days. I hope this show catches on a little more. I'm sure I'm in the minority that tunes in and watches. I just hope it will not get the ax too soon.