Season 1 Episode 2

Nick Get Job

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2007 on ABC

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  • Wow I'm surprised...

    After how the first episode turned out I expected this episode to be really bad. The acting isn't the greatest but the script is at least better than last week. Critic's were surprised this was going to run a second episode and I'll be curious to see how long this show will run on the ABC network. Cavemen has turned into a decent show so far in the first two episodes. I'll probably stop watching after maybe next week since if there's no major plot or storyline development I can see this show going nowhere pretty fast considering it's already slow going.
  • Joel is angry at Nick for not paying the rent so he gets him a job with him. Nick turns out to be a horrible worker and eventually gets fired. Nick then files a lawsuit for wrongful termination.

    Honestly, this episode was pretty good. this series has hope, i think. Most people don't think this series will last. I think it will if the episodes keep getting better. in my mind the show is already great and this episode did just about as well as the first one. they both have their funny moments and i think people will finally catch on to the humor. it's a really good show. this episode was hilarious. the first episode was hilarious. well. there have only been 2 episodes. and both have been funny. so in my eyes. this series should last.
  • If you look past the fur you'll see something provocative. Sorry you might actualy have to think a little to get it.

    I think this show has a unique way of looking at racism and bigotry. Instead of the old cliché of the angry black man or the uptight white guy that we all have seen over and over again, they took a new approach by having different types of people on a genetic level. Good job. I just find it refreshing to see something truly different. I know many people wont get it. Today every one needs there hand held and walked though the plot and clues. I found my self-laughing out loud a few times. A rare event for me now a day with all the lame TV shows out there. I hope they expand the Maurice character a bit more. He was the original caveman in the GEICO commercials.