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  • Shows extreme promise

    The shows promise and I enjoyed the first episode and actually lol'ed a few times. Hopefully the episodes will continue to bring the laughter cause it seems that every is criticizing this show even before it aired. Now is it as funny as the Office, friends, or Seinfeld? The answer is obviously no, however it has some great concepts and the characters are unique and detailed. Ignore the reviews about the racial discrimination crap if you're that sensitive you shouldn't be watching comedies. The show should be reviewed on its entertainment value not on whether or not it coincides with your political agenda's.
  • Three aliens making their way in an uncivil society.

    I felt as if I were watching television set in the 1960's. It clearly and repeatedly made fun at other races. The premise is absurd, which is often not a bad thing. In this case it was awful. I felt ill at ease for most of the television show. It finally dawned on me that I was watching a knock-off of Amos and Andy. This was not clever comedy. It was boorish. One or two racial jokes are more than enough. I understand that every set-up has to be racial in order for the show to make it's point. ABC-you got nothing else better? Be ashamed ABC. Be very ashamed.
  • About 3 cavemen living in the world with other humans and dealing with dicrimination.

    Wow just wow .... I don't really know what to think! Some of it's funny and I love how they deal with discrimination and racism a bit and the make up is excellent. I wanted to and was ready to absolutely HATE the show with a passion and give it a 0.1 but I was actually kinda surprised. Some modern day jokes and gags I hope they get into more of a comedic mode. Not your average sitcom. I mean I may not watch next week but it wasn't the crap show with a laugh track I was expecting. I mean who in they're right mind would pick up a show based on an insurance commercial? Hope it gets better.
  • Something new. Needs some sight gags other than just the makeup. Has great potential. I hope the next episode is funnier.

    I had anticipated that it would be a lot funnier and was mildly disappointed, however, with a few slapstick sight gags it can be so much more so. I found the commercials quite funny and this tends to be less so. One of the cavemen, the brainy one stole this episode but the one with the "sape" girlfriend is too anal. He needs to lighten up a little, after all, its a comedy. What is the young one there for other than to be a whipping boy for the other two. Give him a hidden talent or something. Overall I liked it.
  • This show is so bad I cancelled my GEICO car insurance policy!

    This show is so bad I cancelled my GEICO car insurance policy! Ok, not really, but I almost picked up the phone.

    I thought the preview clips released were bad but the whole thing was worse. The main characters legs looked hiddeous like they he was a burn victim or something yet all these hot attractive women were throwing themselves at the cavemen? Oh yeah, right... like that would be remotely realistic even if cavemen really existed now. The dialog and jokes were attrocious. Any hotness/appeal of the women is immediatly erased by watching the cavemen sipping drinks at the bar babbling about nothing. Joel and his girlfriend arent even the same species - shes Human, he's a Cro Magnon! Thats icky to nth degree. I know this is supposed to be about minorities being discriminated against but this is not the way to go about it. 100 other series have done it better.

    Seriously, this show should be cancelled now. Whats next? Will the GEICO Gecko get his own series? Ugh... Though that series would have to be better than Caveman.. then again... Just goes to prove that turning a commercial character into a sitcom is a very very bad idea.
  • Can you turn a cute commercial into a TV show? Someone thought you could with this new show Caveman.

    I really wanted to like this show because i enjoyed the commercials so much. I was mildly impressed with it. The show revolves around Joel and his two brothers (at least i think they are his brothers) and them trying to fit into the homo-sapien world. Apparently there are more cavemen around than we realize and they seem to have there own society (or sorts). I will say it has potential to be funny and the younger brother (sorry cant remember his name) does seem to be pretty funny but it never really made me laugh out loud. I will give it another try next week and hopefully the writing will improve and it will be LOL funny!
  • Cavemen is a series that revolves around one single joke, or actually one old commercial. Sadly, this alone does not make a good sitcom. If the show keeps going this way, by next fall the caveman will be extinct again.

    This show had already been slagged on the internet before it was released. I never care about things like that and watched the pilot without predudice. While it wasn't the best show I've ever seen it most certainly wasn't the worst either. The writing seemed somewhat lame, but there was some nice chemistry between the three leading characters (Joel, Nick and Jamie). 'Normal' Joel made a nice team with the pretentious Nick and the dim-witted Jamie. With this combo, I had high hopes for the new series.

    Sadly, they changed the cast. The funny Jamie was replaced with a not very funny Andy. The anticipation for this show dropped to zero when I saw the first episode. The new team of cavemen is just not working. And since the cavemen itself are the only thing this show has going for it, there is nothing left to like.

    Cavemen in it's current form is a boring, not very funny show. The writing is average and non-eventfull, and the acting isn't making it any better. The characters are flat. Next to Nick there are no worthwhile characters, and with the loss of Jamie no lovable ones. The show tries to be funny, dramatic, trendy, and smart (with a cavemen = african-americans anology), but isn't any of those things.

    It seems all this internet buzz was right on the money. Cavemen in this form simply has no fighting chance. Maybe the network will allow one season so they can bring out a DVD. but next fall, the caveman will be extinct again, and I'm not sad for it.
  • Uh, please, turn, it, off, before, I, gag

    This (expletives deleted) of a show is a hackneyed "stranger in a strange land" with pseudo valley speak furry actors. It's about as engaging as a rhinoceros selling toothbrushes. A fish on a bicycle is more interesting than this dreck. A certain purple dinosaur would be hated less than this.

    Perhaps the writers and producers live in such a shallow mindless world, and are merely transposing their useless and wasted lives onto the fictional cavemen. I pity them, if that is the case. So, why do we have to suffer them?

    Perish the thought!

    My crystal ball shows a shark jumping in the near future. This show will sink into the toilet bowl of oblivion. The only good thing will be the millions of eyeballs saved from risk of torment by any accidental viewing.
  • Original pilot was mediocre, new pilot is refreshing. Hopefully all the bad buzz from the 'Net doesn't ruin Cavemen's chances.

    When I watched this show the first time around (I refer to the ill-fated original pilot that wont see the light of day on ABC) I was quick to defend it as I was always a big fan of the Geico commercials but even I'll admit it was pretty bad. The second time around was much, much better. Sure, cavemen are still a minority but its not so much in your face as well switching up Andy's charector from a dumb jock type to a heartbroken, whipped cavemen did wonders. Upon the initial viewing, I gave this show a 3 to 5 week chance but now after the new pilot has aired I hope ABC gives the Cavemen a whole season. I think they've got something here.
  • Awfull.

    Why? That was the question I asked myself when I first heard about this show. There is no reason for it to be one the air. I watched for the first few minutes to see how bad it would be, I wasn't dissapointed. It's not funny and just flat out stupid. They don't shave but they use cellphones? It doesn't make any sense. Luckily it won't last much longer. This is just a horrible idea. Making a poor sales pitch into a T.V show. I didn't like the commercials and I don't like the show. I hate it with a passion. Won't be around much longer anyways.
  • FUn and light

    Fun and nice change from all the crud on TV. My wife and I sat and watched it and we will watch it again. It was a bit more sophisticated than I thought it would be which made it that more interesting to watch and see what might happen next. We both hope it is around and can have a chance to develope further. Cool play on how smart they are and yet they are just as normal as the rest of us folks Keep it going and thanks to those guys who started it all in the Geico ad. Good luck
  • Weird....i like it

    ok, i watched the first episode.IT is surreal to see that a commercial for Geiko is now a tv show. It's a very off-beat humour, which i DO enjoy. I think this show would be more successful 10 years ago during the P.C. era, since it seems to be making a spectacle of the Cavemen being a minority race. It reminds me a little of 3rd Rock from the Sun, with all the commentary on society. I can't say it's the best show out there, or hillarious, but I plan to watch a few more episodes of it, it has my attention.
  • Not sure if the same stereo-caveman type jokes can carry this every week

    I wanted to see this to see what they possibly can do with
    this TV show that taken from a commercial.
    I think the only thing that makes the show funny is the sarcastic caveman Nick.
    The three cavemen do seem to have nice chemistry together.
    It seems like this will get old real quick and that the
    hidden racial jokes that are being made as caveman jokes
    are only funny the first few times around.
    I think this show needs something more comedy wise to
    carry it through a full season(s)
    Of course I could be wrong about the show, and a little unfair to judge it from only one episode. But I give it 6 episodes, then cancellation.
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