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  • They were bad at advertising it. It was on a channel that i wathc very often and i still find my self shocked when my friend said it came on and was cancelled. When Where. I was So confused.

    They were bad at advertising it. I really looked forward to it. I loved the commercials and like the plot for the show. I would expet to not know from other channels but ABC FOX and NBC have no excuse. It was on a channel that i watch very often and i still find my self shocked when my friend said it came on and was cancelled. When Where. I was So confused. I don't know if it was good but from what she said and what i read, i call it superb because it deserved that much. I sure it was great and probally would have gon greatter if only given a chace. If only. They should give it another chance and try to advertise next time. Atleast i joined and wil never miss a premiere again. Thank G*d
  • Perfect example of why I don't listen to other's reviews.

    It's a good thing that I don't listen to other people's reviews and especially if those people are reviewers for a living. If I did I would have missed out on many television shows and movies all because someone didn't like it and feels that everyone else should agree.

    When I first heard that a television show based on the cavemen from the Geico commercials was being made, I thought it was an interesting but dumb idea. I was curious but not really interested in watching the show. The show came and went and I didn't even notice.

    I am now in Iraq, on my third tour, and sometimes you get a lot of down time and while browsing other people's media files you watch anything you can to pass the time. I got a hold of all eight (including pilot) episodes of Cavemen and I was hooked. I watched all the episodes in one sitting and loved it.

    The show is placed in current times and the dialog didn't seem scripted. It's a simple look into the lives of three cavemen as they live day to day. Their troubles are familiar (race issues, girl issues, everyday life issues) but in relation to being a caveman.

    It's too bad this show was hated on by so many people. I give this show a ten because I was entertained and I connected with the characters. Shows are suppose to entertain but sadly the television network don't see it that way. Just another show that didn't please the greedy, pot-bellied network execs so it had to die. Nothing a simple television lover like me can do about it.

    If you've never watched this show because of what you've read, give it a try. It just might surprise you like it did me.
  • caveman about three modern day there lives with lots of prejudice and a lot stereo types about them but they prove them wrong in a funny way that you can't help to love with an indie has heart and is a true orignal check it out.

    honestly this is my new favorite t.v show until this show i had to thank hard for a fav show. it was shows i loved but not a favorite show just some i really like for example house,scrubs,monk,psych,the game,all of us,family guy and the simpsons.i hope the strike end soon cause it came and the worst possible time and i hate it hade to be one. some shows are starting but only a few good ones and a truck load of dramas i don't watch. i love this show and i want to see more cavemen whos with me?!!!! -lilsnug85
  • LOVE this show on so many levels! Funny. Clever writing/situatons. On a "deeper" level, it is an interesting look at "racial" prejudice. Forces us to see how superficial we can be as we stereotype and judge people on appearance. (You all look alike!)

    Hope this show outlasts first impressions and the critiques! I am doing MY part to spread the word. I love this show on so many levels. Funny! Very clever writing and situations, with endless future possibilities. Characters are developing nicely.

    On a deeper level, it is an interesting look at racial prejudice from both sides. Forces us to see how superficial we can be as we sterotype and judge people on appearance. (Those people all look the same to me! BUT Nick, Joel and Andy couldn't be more different... could they?) Also deals with those with a chip on their shoulder assuming that everyone hate "our kind and our lack of success is someone else's fault!

    Great Show! Hang in there!! Bring on the t-shirts and posters! And Halloween costumes!
  • Television is in need of shows where people live in the now. Even though the main characters are cavemen, this show is the first t.v. show to actually feel like it's in the new millenium.

    The cynical guy, keepin it real, the responsible well rounded older brother, the guy getting on with his life after a breakup. We all know these people in our real lives. The cynical guy who is finishing his thesis, smarter than everyone but a complete slacker. The older brother working for the man, well IKEA in this case, (a tv version of the store.) The guy that's new in town, moved there to get away from his old life and starting over. So many shows seem like they are somehow not up-to-date or current with the times. Cavemen does not have this problem, it feels fresh, new and very funny.
  • I love the Cavemen

    I love the Cavemen. I love the actors, the stories, the writing, the way it looks, and just about everything else about it. I only have two complaints about the show, first I wish it was on every night, and two words....MORE MAURICE.
    Maurice is by far my favorite character, and he needs to be on more. Love him. But I love all the actors, even the ones in the very minor roles are doing a great job. This show reminds me of the old fantasy shows of my youth, like The Munsters, The Addams Family, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, etc. I sure hope ABC gives it a chance.
  • One joke show

    It's amazing how far they can stretch one joke... though that joke is very funny. The show has found some creative writers to keep the show funny from one episode to the next. However, the material has got to run thin eventually. Nick Kroll was an excellent casting choice, it just shows what a great resource UCB really is to the comedy scene. Human Giant is where you should really see him shine. If they lure more UCB ulmni to the show, it would only improve the quality. I'm glad that it's lasted as long as it has, but I don't see it lasting longer than the episodes that have already been written/produced. Most likely due the jadedness of it's true audience, which wouldn't be caught dead watching a sitcom based something as "evil" as an ad campaign.
  • Caveman Show

    You cannot watch the show once and get a feel for it. You have to watch it at least three times and you will be hooked! The cavemen all have different personalities that become distinguishable after a few episodes. This show is extremely funny while not having to be too obvious about it. I think in order to understand the humor you have to be quick witted and intelligent. I really hope this show stays on for at least a few seasons! I think the filming has a documentary/journalistic style to it, which makes you feel like you're intruding on a private conversation. Love it! Love it!
  • Back off haters, so many people seem to hate this show based on the fact that it was conceived for a insurance commercial.

    Back off haters, so many people seem to hate this show based on the fact that it was conceived for a insurance commercial. the fact is that those commercials were pretty funny and so is this show. people are just going in to it with a negative attitude, but compared with the horrid comedies we are presented with this show is a laugh riot. there are a dozens of shows like two and a half men, my wife and kids and what have you; all very derivative and unimaginative (not to mention only funny to those with the sense of humor of a Eskimo, you heard me Ukiomo!). It may not be Arrested Development but it's about as close as I've seen in the years since it's demise. Pop-culture references, racial subtext and decent script writing make this show at the very least better than most of what's out there (which is again saying very little) and worth a honest and open-minded viewing.
  • It's hard being a modern-day caveman. I don't get why this show is bashed, it's very original and funny.

    The show Cavemen revolves around three modern-day cavemen by the names of Joel, Nick, and Andy. The show is very funny and original, and no there aren't any jokes about Geico. This is the kinda show that makes you think "Hmm, that was not at all like I had expected, that was pretty good." It's a very original show. This show is an original idea based from the Geico auto insurance company and formulated into a television show by ABC, after the latest commericals from Geico saying quote "So easy a caveman can do it." In doing this, a series was formed.
  • 3 Cavemen, living in the city, keeping it gangsta, while playing video games, eating a large sum of food and hitting on hot chicks everyday, while keeping a carefree attitude about life. What else fo you want me to say?! Watch the show and find out!

    A genius comedy, about modern day cavemen living the high life. Dating homosapiens and keepin it gangsta. I hope show producers learn from this and take it to heart to construct a show with the contingency of CAVEMEN. Now really, what is better? It's 3 cavemen, living together, in the city, interacting with people unlike them and their crazy daily antics. I for one will continue to watch this show for however long they decide to keep it on the air. I loved the Geico commercials with the disgruntled cavemen, but now I can get my weekly dose every tuesday night at 8pm!
  • The Caveman drove me nuts with Geico and now this?

    I laughed my rear end off the first few episodes. It could be a keeper if the show was retooled a bit. It reminds me of Alien Nation for some strange reason. It also reminds me of the Flintstones brought to human form. That is the perspective that I try to keep as I watch the show. It has begun floundering a bit and I am not sure why. Perhaps the premise wasn't as comepletely thought out as it should have been. I am slowly being turned off and have caught myself channel surfing during the show. There has to be good entertainment out there somewhere!
  • Watch the show, it's pretty funny.

    I'm really suprised with the bad reviews here. I think the silly toilet humor of Adult Swim and the non-humor of shows like scrubs has skewed people's sense of humor.

    This is pretty smart humor, its got elements of "intelligent black man's plight in america" except... white cavemen.. always a funny topic ... ooooh let's move on.

    The cameos from the Geico commercial caveman, Maurice, steal the show unfortunately, and are hilarious like the commercials.

    But there is certainly enough from the three main cavers to keep the show going.

    Admittedly the pilot was not so good, and I think too many people here are basing their reviews on that, which they shouldn't since it's technically not the official Cavemen show.

    I guess if you're not into making light of lame stereotypes- like Nick, the pretentious poser who hates hanging out with pretentious posers, or you need to not so much story, mostly references to pop culture.. then this show is not for you.

    It has a story, it's funny, and the characters are different enough to make their interaction interesting.

    "..these powdered spices are a fools game, it's like cooking with dust"
  • A Long Time Coming...

    Finally! A comedy which doesn't rely on tired old sight gags and fart jokes, and treats its audience as if it has a sense of humor sophisticated beyond that of a 12 year old! I have grown so tired of sitcoms that try to lead me around by the nose and patronize me with the same old lame and formulaic humor. It's a breathe of fresh air for me to finally find a sitcom where the humor has more subtlety, finesse, and intelligence than a Buick to the forehead. Apparently, America has grown so used to the cookie-cutter comedies we've been buried under over these many years that we can't recognize a gem when we finally get it. I hope Cavemen comes off of hiatus and we get to enjoy intelligent humor for as long as the writers' creative juices can carry it. Those of you who truly don't "get it" will always be free to change the channel and enjoy your one-size-fits-all generic pap all you wish.
  • This is a great show! It is a welcoming change from other shows that are filled with profanity in the name of comedy.

    This is a great show! It is a welcoming change from other shows that are filled with profanity in the name of comedy. I look forward to the show each week and I watch it online. I hate to think it is not going to be around long. It addresses discrimination which many people are in denial and don't believe exists. I hope it continues for the remainder of this season. The show's concept is good and as it nicely touches on various issues we face today. I have enjoyed each episode so far. I sometimes feel I am left hanging at the end of the just means I have to tune in the next week.
  • i think this show rox

    it has the right type of humor...yeah its a little bit toward Nick's character but all in all its a good show... i really like it despite what other people say. I hope it doesnt get cancelled. Some of the humor has political tendencies and i really dont tend to like that but the show mixes all kinds of comedy that works well. I truly hope it works out................ ...... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Cavemen is a show that presents most of it's humor in subtle ways that can almost be missed if one is not paying attention. This funny show is to be perused, and the relationships between the characters is the mainstay of the show, not the story lines.

    Ok, i've just got to post a review on the Cavemen show before it comes on again; i've waited too long already. So, i figured Cavemen was going to be really good or really bad, not winding up anywhere in the middle of the scale, and, happily, i find it to be a solid, enjoyable show. It's not got that in-your-face kind of comedy like Seinfeld or Two and a Half Men--it has the type of humor which is sometimes so subtle if you're not paying attention it can be missed. Like when Andy writes his resume and gives one to Nick and asks, "Did you see my special skills? I betcha didn't know I was a drum major, huh? **waaay back in the day resumes were required to have a special skills section which they darn well don't have today**. And Nick says, "You just get cooler every second." This goes over lil Andy's head and Nick silently figures he's just made his points for the day, Nick being the type who keeps score.

    It's the relationships between the characters which are the main attractions of this show, not the story lines. The personalities of the cavemen skillfully weave in and out and around each other by way of sound acting from the cast and talent of the writers. There's Joel, the stern, walk-a-straight-line one who is actually a soft touch and has a good heart; Andy, the seemlingly drifty one who isn't yet aware he knows who he is; and Nick, the unemployed, working-on-his-PHD lost cause who hasn't yet discovered his love for principles. Then there's Leslie, the condo manager who "cooks the books" and can't seem to tell Joel, Andy and Nick apart and Katie, Leslie's daughter, who is dating Joel, is called a "smoothie" because she has no full-on body hair and who, according to her friends, has a caveman fetish because of the number of cavemen she has previously dated. i mean, how much crazier does it have to get?

    Anyway, as i said, i like this show....and i'll continue to watch it for however long the advertisers decide to keep it on the air. There's just one thing, though--i wish they had hired the original cavemen from the Geico commercials. The caveman who was on the moving sidewalk in the airport, the one who noticed the caveman ad on the wall and came back and made a double take, displayed movements of irritation that still crack me up.
  • Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At least finish the final episodes! I though this show was a refreshing break from the norm. Sure, it was ripped off of a commercial, but it brought out a flavor of its own in the end. It was edgy, it carried minority and majority issues in a well-crafted toungue-in-check manner, and it was different. It seemed targeted to an oft overlooked market section of college-educated, not quite YUP but close, 20-30 somethings and zeroed in on them like no other show I've ever watched. Pure gold in my opinion. Tell me what I need to do to squeeze some more episodes out of ABC!
  • Finally a sitcom without an attractive wife married to a fat, balding jerk!

    I hate television but this show rules! The only other shows I watch are the likes of Seinfeld reruns, LOST, Curb, and the office. I think everyone needs to chill the f- out and realize this show is genius! Of course when I heard they were making a show based off of the insurance caveman, I thought the whole idea was retarded, but oh man its actually intelligent and witty and the characters somehow remind me of what would happen if Owen and Luke Wilson had the appearance of cavemen and lived together with a third brother. For serious, this show is really funny and like some one else commented, seems to be one of the only sitcoms for our time. C'mon, if you've visited LA recently you'll find the episode where everyone is obsessed with a business all too similar to Pinkberry, downright hilarious! I could keep describing how good this show is but honestly it would take all afternoon. Watch it,I'm bummed its gonna be cancelled if it isn't already!
  • Basically three cavemen live together in a apartment. One man(Joel) works at an ikea type store and seems to be the grounded person. the other caveman(Andy) is more mellow with strong believes and third cave man(Trip) is kind of lost in the wind

    I thought this show was very enlightening. I loved every moment of it. The characters were developed in a timely matter. I like the way this show deals with diversity and the way Americans deal with change. It is kind of a twist on racism that includes humor and strange situations. In this particular episode the conflict was Joel thought that his girlfriend was ashamed of him and he was afraid to tell his friends he was dating a homosapien. The moral of the story was its okay to date anyone you would like. I hope this show will endeavor. I give it two thumbs up.
  • FUn and light

    Fun and nice change from all the crud on TV. My wife and I sat and watched it and we will watch it again. It was a bit more sophisticated than I thought it would be which made it that more interesting to watch and see what might happen next. We both hope it is around and can have a chance to develope further. Cool play on how smart they are and yet they are just as normal as the rest of us folks Keep it going and thanks to those guys who started it all in the Geico ad. Good luck
  • The future

    The new TV series Cavemen may be the best blast at the future by going to the past. I think it helps mark the end of the overweighted PC control on our morals and sexual connection between people. This show helps to kill the metrosexual emasculation of the American male and does it in a funny way. I hope that it gets picked up for another season. I was so happy when I heard that they were converting the Geico ads into a TV show. It is also a good poke at how bad racism can be, so keep up the good work.
  • Very clever. I looked forward to it each week!

    I know the critics panned this show, and when I first saw the previews for it I thought it would be a bomb.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find it funny. The dialog and play on stereotypes was cleverly done. It had much of the same low-key humor of "The Office", and I looked forward to the show each week. It was sort of that quirky show that could be either really bad or really good. Mostly, it was good.

    Sorry to see it go. I think that once the so-called "experts" destroyed it, everyone just piled on. It was a very orginal concept that offered interesting opportunities for comedy. Looking at some of the other reviews here, I guess that some people just did not get it. Thanks for trying it.
  • An underrated show that people automatically dislike because it seems like a lame idea.

    I'm probably not alone in that I watched this show the first time just to see what a train wreck it would be. But while I didn't love it at first, I didn't hate it and I decided to give it another shot. By the time they were standing in the long line to try Fakeberry, I realized that this show is actually pretty witty and the writers are great observers of people. It has yet to air a truly terrific episode, but I'm confident that if the program is on long enough, they'll get there. As it is, the show is very smart and funny and the characters are all so real.

    I believe that people's knee-jerk reaction is to dislike this show because of its origin. But if given a chance, they should see that this show goes beyond the one joke that the commercials offered. So they're cavemen. Let's all move on from that and enjoy a good program.
  • I didn't watch it until midseason because I thought I thought it was just a ploy to capitalize off an already tired ad campaign. I was wrong... (read my review)

    After the Geico commercials, I thought this show was going to be a one dimensional mess, but I've been pleasantly surprised! It's witty and intellectual, even quite funny. The way they tackle prejudice in the form of the cavemen to cover all races, religions, and creeds makes us able to enjoy the tongue-in-cheek parody of todays society and realize how out of control people's sensitivities are vs how they are acually treated, imagined or real. Unfortunately, it still needs some work, it's hard to get a great show off the ground from a few 30 seconds tv spots. The issue of prejudice does bog down some of the episodes, but it just needs time to flesh out the story and its characters. I mean look at the Office... the first few episodes of it were painful to watch until they had set up all of the nuances. I say kudos!
  • Something new. Needs some sight gags other than just the makeup. Has great potential. I hope the next episode is funnier.

    I had anticipated that it would be a lot funnier and was mildly disappointed, however, with a few slapstick sight gags it can be so much more so. I found the commercials quite funny and this tends to be less so. One of the cavemen, the brainy one stole this episode but the one with the "sape" girlfriend is too anal. He needs to lighten up a little, after all, its a comedy. What is the young one there for other than to be a whipping boy for the other two. Give him a hidden talent or something. Overall I liked it.
  • Cavemen, based on the popular Geico commercials, are hittin' the silver screen with a new ABC show. This is about the relationships these men have and also what they face in everyday life (ex. cavewomen and stereotypical mascots).

    When I first heard about the show back in May, when ABC decided to pick it up, I knew this would not last very long, along with the other couple million that KNEW this would not last even until November sweeps. A week ago, I viewed the pilot. This was TOTALLY out of my usual comfort zone (medical dramas, such as House and Grey's Anatomy). Along with Carpoolers, this is a show I could probably watch on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Now, this is not considered, to me, a network show. It had the feel of weekly problems that are recognized in 8 minutes, attempted to solve in 10 minutes and solved in about 4-5 minutes, yet recycled. Of course, take in consideration, it's 22 minutes they're dealing with. These two shows are a very good contribution to ABC, aside from all of my complaints (sorry), as good feel comedies. Especially Carpoolers. Don't ask me why, but dramas tend to become overwhelming for some people (not me) and comedies are something to set the mind towards happiness and good feelings. They're very good to have on networks. Cavemen is no exception.
  • Shows extreme promise

    The shows promise and I enjoyed the first episode and actually lol'ed a few times. Hopefully the episodes will continue to bring the laughter cause it seems that every is criticizing this show even before it aired. Now is it as funny as the Office, friends, or Seinfeld? The answer is obviously no, however it has some great concepts and the characters are unique and detailed. Ignore the reviews about the racial discrimination crap if you're that sensitive you shouldn't be watching comedies. The show should be reviewed on its entertainment value not on whether or not it coincides with your political agenda's.
  • In an alternate reality, Cavemen live in modern society.

    Okay, I've seen the show, and I can't figure it out. There's a bunch of people in society with thick brows who don't get haircuts who call themselves cavemen. Uh, wouldn't they be called "evolutionary throwbacks?" It'd been more interesting and explanatory if it was about three cavemen who had been thawed out and living in society. Truth be told, the show is a bit better than I thought, but not by much. Once you get back the whole troglodyte thing, you realize the show is very Seinfeld-esque; the dialogue between the main three characters is the same kind of discussion that Jerry, George and Elaine had without Kramer. It's practically a show about nothing once you eliminate the Caveman thing. There's none of that goofy slapstick with guys trying to figure out electricity; they're guys that just *happen* to resemble prehistoric men, but whether they were born to normal people like this or living within society over the years is one question I'd like answered.
  • This show actually surprised me...

    Okay, so I had a long day and just wanted to veg out for about an hour or so in front of the tv but nothing interesting seemed to be on and we deceided to flip on the new show Cavemen. Well I absolutely was ready to bash it and hate it however to my surprise it had me laughing out loud. It is alot smarter written than I assumed it would be for a show about cavemen...I realized it is about alot more than that. It addresses so much going on in the world but in a different way (clearly)...I will tune in next.....
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