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  • Commercial was GREAT, NOT SO GREAT TV show

    Its sad to have seen the commercial end, but I do agree with most viewers in the fact that The Cavemen show was not necessary. No matter how funny the commercial is, it does not mean that you need to make a television show out of it. I really appreciated the humor that the commercial brought to us viewers. I do feel bad for the TV show being canceled so soon, but its just a lesson to all other make a tv show out of a commercial, especially when one portrays a certain amount of stereotypes.
  • Not one of ABC's brighest ideas! For heaven's sake, the show lasted for a month and 11 days! The shortest ever!!

    Not one of ABC's brighest ideas! For heaven's sake, the show lasted for a month and 11 days! The shortest ever!! Where were the brains of ABC when they made this show. It was the most stupid show ever! For one, I and countless others hated the stupid Geico commercials with those hairy pieces of crap, but then to watch a show about Cavemen. No! I can't be the only one that didn't even want to look at the show, because as I said at the beginning of the post the show lasted from October to November. The shortest ever! Not on of ABC's finest, that's for sure!

    1.0 for absurd, idiotic, and NOT one for the eye!
  • i thought this show was gonna be hilarious but to me this is the WORST show i ever seen. its pretty much no shock to me why it got canceled

    i remember, i watched this show thinking i would love it. since i liked watching the infomercials for car insurance. [[ sorry i don't know how to spell it]]. the only episode i ever watched was the episode when they all went to get some type of frozen treat and they men a women. that episode i hated. the show was confusing was not funny and i never watched another episode since. i know this is just my opinion on this but that show was probably the worst show i seen in a long long long time. they should have just stayed with the commercials.
  • The worst show ever

    This IS one of the worst shows EVER created. It watched maybe 10 minutes of the pilot episode and couldn't stomach another second. It made absolutely no sense what so ever.

    If this show hasn't been canceled yet maybe its a good thing there is a writers strike on now. Now there will be no fresh episodes (if you can say that the show is fresh, it stinks like rotten garbage).

    The caveman Geico thing was cute at first but now is totally annoying. Get rid of the commercials get rid of the show. Throw it in the garbage, write it off as a mistake, don't even think about trying to sell it on DVD (cause you might sell ONE copy if your lucky) and don't look back.
  • Why, Just... Why?

    Ok seriously... What is up with these new shows, is it a goal to make them as bad as they possibly can every season; because if it is, they are definitely doing a great job at it! This is a show about people pretending to be cavemen, how on earth can that be considered funny? The people are guys who dress up as cavemen, does this all of a sudden make them cavemen? Well how about you decide... I really cant believe they made a show about a commercial and I have no idea how this could still possibly be on the air, please take it off the aid, I don't know who is keeping it on but come on this is a joke! I rate this show an F!
  • I'm not even going to bother sumerising this show, it sucks! (why can't i give it a 0 as a score? it deserves it!) all they did was stretch out gieco commercials. i could have more fun eating my own crap. some people might like it, but i hate it.

    i pretty much summed it all up in my Summary... oh well, might as well continue. the creators of this show watched way way way too much gieco comercials. (i wanted to capitilize that to make a point...stupid no capitilizing rule) and must be bored out of their skulls to even think about making this show. people, save yourselves, don't watch this show. watch other shows like the simpsons, pushing daisies, and well... anything but this show... some people might like this show, but i don't. i hate it. the show could of been better, (could of? anything could of been better!) but i have no idea how, because nothing can save this show...
  • This is a show about the Cavemen from the Geico commercials. It focuses on three main Cavemen who live together and trying to live like everyone else without any Cavemen steroetypes.

    Worst new show! I don't know how this show has not been cancelled yet. There were spanish subtitles at the bottom of my screen the whole first episode and I do not even know Spanish, but this show bored me so much I just stated trying to read the Spanish subtitles rather than watch the show. The commercials were funny, but they should have never been made into a show. I never had any high expectations for this show to begin with, so I'm not really dissapointed with it. I just regret wasting thirty minutes of my life watching something so awful.
  • It's shows like this that proves that we are losing the war on drugs.

    If the police want a big drug bust, all they have to do is go to ABC studios and find the people that red lighted this train wreck, all the writers and anyone supporting this. This is a disgrace to all Americans and a major insult to our intelligence, even more than Flavor of Love or Rock of Love. This show shouldn't last 4 more weeks so hopefully it will be gone for good and easily forgotten. What's next? The Burger King King opens a roller rink against his rival Roller Rink owner Ronald McDonald but both businesses fail due to Carl's Jr dumping their industrial waste in the nearby landfill. Maybe I shouldn't give these idiot's ideas.
  • It really stinks! now how could this be? Well, the powers that be think the audience is as stupid as the show...please release us from this crap!

    It is not anything resembling the clever t.v. ads. Why mess with what worked? This show is a disaster!!
    Not clever, not funny, not sophisticated, not original, not anything but juvenile and stupid. Even a fifth grader would say-"bring back the t.v. ads-go away baaaaad show!"
    Okay, the premise of the ads was super funny, clever and original. The actors in the ads were great. Now, we have these poor actors on the show doing their best to entertain with a horrible script and concept gone wrong. So easy, even modern man and woman can turn off the show...
    Gotta go!!! And fast!!
  • Pathetic.

    This show is so putrid that I cannot believe any television producers would shell out a cent for this so-called 'show.' To be honest, the money they wasted on a bad investment isn't the only thing, nor the most important thing they lost, which is their dignity. This show was inspired by a series of Geico insurance commercials. Yes, you read that right. The television show, however, does not deliver any laughs, is insulting to anyone who actually sits through an episode, and is guaranteed to be canceled any day now. How has television sunken so low? The episode last night involving Nick (or whatever his name was - one of the 3 'Cavemen') getting a job and failing miserably at it then filing a lawsuit against the company was totally void of laughs or any ounce of entertainment.
  • I was so looking forward to this show and it turned out to be terrible.

    I was so looking to this show and it sucked. it was the worst show I've ever seen. ABC has the best shows, why this!
    This is the only show of the new season that I dont like. Private Practice is pretty good, Dirty Sexy Money is absolutely amazing, Pushing Daisies is awesome, and Chuck, even though it's on NBC, is really good. But this is terrible. Someone should chase this down into a hole and berry it. Who ever created this show should be executed for crimes against humanity. Ofcourse Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty have returned and I've been with those shows since the beggining, but but this should be cancelled, and even if ABC does decide to waste thirty minutes of a line up for the season, I very much hope it won't return for a second. CAVEMEN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • "Cavemen"... Really?

    I can't even imagine what can be good about a show that has, as a main character, the silly little human-animal from the Geico comercials. After years of television and huge improvements in day by day primetime, it's totally a waste to bring a TV show with such a poor storyline and deranged characters. So my real question is: "really"?
    The major purpose in television is to entertain, that's true; but, please, let's ask for more respect for what is being brought onto the screen. Finally, it's time to demand for something more useful, and beg to take this meaningless show out of our nights, for once and for all.
  • Cavemen need to go back to the cave. Modern day Cavemen trying to make it with modern day people. Hiding girlfriends from one another, teaching others how to work furniture, not funny. Plus made modern day man look ridiculus and stupid. Not funny!

    I watched less than 10 min of this show. It wasn't funny! It was flat out stupid. I had to change the channel. It's been a long time since I disliked a show as bad as this. I'm sure they'll do the traditional 2 or 3 shows. I won't be watching them. I'm sure not many people will. It was a disaster! It had no interesting qualities. In a nutshell it stunk. Commercials were funny. Show was not. Far from being like the commercials. What a sad display of a supposed to be comedy. It made no sense and it didn't take me long to change the channel.
  • Three aliens making their way in an uncivil society.

    I felt as if I were watching television set in the 1960's. It clearly and repeatedly made fun at other races. The premise is absurd, which is often not a bad thing. In this case it was awful. I felt ill at ease for most of the television show. It finally dawned on me that I was watching a knock-off of Amos and Andy. This was not clever comedy. It was boorish. One or two racial jokes are more than enough. I understand that every set-up has to be racial in order for the show to make it's point. ABC-you got nothing else better? Be ashamed ABC. Be very ashamed.
  • Uh, please, turn, it, off, before, I, gag

    This (expletives deleted) of a show is a hackneyed "stranger in a strange land" with pseudo valley speak furry actors. It's about as engaging as a rhinoceros selling toothbrushes. A fish on a bicycle is more interesting than this dreck. A certain purple dinosaur would be hated less than this.

    Perhaps the writers and producers live in such a shallow mindless world, and are merely transposing their useless and wasted lives onto the fictional cavemen. I pity them, if that is the case. So, why do we have to suffer them?

    Perish the thought!

    My crystal ball shows a shark jumping in the near future. This show will sink into the toilet bowl of oblivion. The only good thing will be the millions of eyeballs saved from risk of torment by any accidental viewing.
  • Awfull.

    Why? That was the question I asked myself when I first heard about this show. There is no reason for it to be one the air. I watched for the first few minutes to see how bad it would be, I wasn't dissapointed. It's not funny and just flat out stupid. They don't shave but they use cellphones? It doesn't make any sense. Luckily it won't last much longer. This is just a horrible idea. Making a poor sales pitch into a T.V show. I didn't like the commercials and I don't like the show. I hate it with a passion. Won't be around much longer anyways.
  • The powers that be need to be overhauled!

    I didn't bother to waste my time watching the ridiculous Cavemen, but now that the reviews are in, will you now bring back "The Class"?? ... idiots ... If you're not satisfied when you have a hit on your hands, then what is the point of going to work every day? People were sick of the commercial before you even made a show out of this. Heck, I'd have rather seen a show about the Gecko. Whoa!! No!! I was just kidding! Please don't go making a show about geckos. You just never know what you people will think is a good idea. sheesh
  • This show is so bad I cancelled my GEICO car insurance policy!

    This show is so bad I cancelled my GEICO car insurance policy! Ok, not really, but I almost picked up the phone.

    I thought the preview clips released were bad but the whole thing was worse. The main characters legs looked hiddeous like they he was a burn victim or something yet all these hot attractive women were throwing themselves at the cavemen? Oh yeah, right... like that would be remotely realistic even if cavemen really existed now. The dialog and jokes were attrocious. Any hotness/appeal of the women is immediatly erased by watching the cavemen sipping drinks at the bar babbling about nothing. Joel and his girlfriend arent even the same species - shes Human, he's a Cro Magnon! Thats icky to nth degree. I know this is supposed to be about minorities being discriminated against but this is not the way to go about it. 100 other series have done it better.

    Seriously, this show should be cancelled now. Whats next? Will the GEICO Gecko get his own series? Ugh... Though that series would have to be better than Caveman.. then again... Just goes to prove that turning a commercial character into a sitcom is a very very bad idea.
  • not the best show like not realy!

    its an ok show... but not the best show...i watched it once.. and didnt really like it!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!!
  • It's pretty much as good as you expect a car insurance commercial stretched to 30 minutes would be.

    I'm not going to waste a lot of time/space writing about Cavemen. Basically, it is those Geico commercials with the modern day cavemen taken to a full half hour. And yes, it is as good as you would imagine, ie: not at all. I just had to watch it at least once to see how they managed to make a 30 second spot into 30 minutes. Painfully is the answer. Although, the soundtrack is pretty good. They use a lot of Royksopp (the band they used in several Geico commercials). I think I watched one and a half episodes before I quit.
  • How did they base an entire show a commercial? This show makes no sense. Cavemen in a modern society? What?

    I saw the commercials advertising the show a few weeks before the premiere, and I could tell the show would be a flop. Still, I wanted to see it. So I watched it. It made no sense and had really no plot. I mean the only thing I could even make of it was that they used lots of modern equipment (like a Wii, or something) and brand names and websites (I think they mentioned Wikipedia and Myspace). I suppose that no one has any original ideas any more so they vaguely base a show around an insurance commercial. Whatever. I feel this show is stupid and pointless, but I'm not trying to offend its viewers and fans.
  • Great concept, the Geico Cavemen as a tv show dealing with a world that doesn't know they exist, just not very well executed.

    I wanted to like it. I really did. I stuck around hopeing it might get good but it never did. the make-up was kinda cruddy, the acting is sub-par, the stories were OK, but they don't make real use of the fact that they are cavemen in today's society. the stories seem lifted right out of the comedy tv show handbook. If that is what they were going for then they did a great job, but I expected better. Not only that but they claim It's based off Geico commerercals, yet they don't use those cavemen or even make references to it.
  • They have the Cavemen, inspired by the Geico commercial. But a whole series?

    What's next? A spin-off for the Geico Gecko? Talk about your product placement. Actually, this show, the one time I watched it so far, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

    In fact, I liked the part where he attacked the Caveman mascot only to find--well, I don't want to spoil it for you, but they use the Cavemen to spoof political correctness, and also other racial attitudes.

    But it is still basically a pretty lame idea to base a series on a commercial. I am just curious to see how long it will last, and might even watch it again, though it would be a very very guilty pleasure.
  • As a 4th year anthropology major the commericals attracted me quickly. The show however was greatly depressing. It wasn't at all like the commercials. But I think the show has potential.

    Someone earlier commented that the commericals appealed to people because it was based on the injustices that the cavemen went through everyday. That people could relate to it because we have all been there at some point in time. That was the best part about the commericals because cavemen in todays world is so odd and people are just drawn to watching them just to see what they go through. Anyway, the show still appeals to me because i know that there is lots of potential here. Though the show wasn't as funny as I thought, in fact I think I only laughed once. it wasn't even a full laugh.. i guess what Im looking for is more reactions from the human race at the shock of the cavemen. Or humans feeling superior.. more friction. It can be a pretty fun show if they do it right. And the writers better hurry because they have to capture the audience while their still giving it a chance.
  • Cavemen attempts to poke fun at the way people treat minorities by creating a fake minority. When creating a fake minority, where do you get your inspiration?

    Never Judge A Show by It's Pilot: Cavemen. My first impression of Cavemen was that this was going to be a train wreck. I had this strange urge to look at this show the same way a rubbernecker has to slow down and look at a horrible accident. Someone at a major television network wanted to take a successful commercial campaign and develop it into a TV show. The Geico Insurance TV commercials feature a commercial spokesman saying that, "Geico dot com is so easy a caveman could do it". We then see two modern day cavemen watching the commercial and being offended that Geico has stereotyped them as primitive and stupid. The commercial campaign is successful but I really can't see turning that into a weekly series with a blatant message about intolerance. People don't watch TV to hear a message. That is Basic TV writing 101. I'm not saying that you can't have a message, but it has to be subtle. Bewitched had a subtle message about tolerance towards people who are different and towards mixed marriages. The Munsters pilot had a similar message when they showed intolerant neighbors who didn't approve of "Those people that moved in next door". Science fiction shows like Star Trek and The Twilight Zone had strong messages about intolerance but none of their examples were ever used as part of their promotional campaign. Another reason that I think viewers are going to be turned off by this show is because the actors Jeffrey Daniel Phillips and Ben Weber who people loved in the commercials are not in the show (Jeffrey Daniel Phillips does play a minor character named Maurice). I certainly don't want to compare these cavemen to other characters that have been played by multiple actors like Darren Stephens (Bewitched), Hannibal Hays (Alias Smith and Jones) or even the Duke boys (The Dukes of Hazzard). I can only imagine that some executive said, "We can put the wig and makeup on any actor and the audience won't know the difference". History has proved otherwise.

    I saw the pilot and I can hear my college television production teacher say, "What's the point?" First you have to buy into the premise that cavemen have lived among us since the beginning of time. The opening credits features a montage of cavemen throughout history. Anything would be better than the chosen premise, time warp, thawed from an iceberg or cloned caveman DNA. The main characters Joel Claybrook (Bill English), Andy Claybrook (Sam Huntington) and Nick Hedge (Nick Kroll) are three metrosexual cavemen who share an apartment in the city. Joel is the reasonable and responsible roommate who supports the other two. Joel works at an Ikea type store called Norsbild. I can't think of a more unfunny setting than an Ikea type store. That setting is only good for three, maybe four jokes and they were used up in the first two episodes. Nick is the intellectual snob. Unlike Fraser Crane or Major Charles Emerson Winchester III (M*A*S*H) who people enjoy seeing fall off their high horse, Nick has no horse. He acts like the world owes him a horse to fall off of and he blames the Homo sapiens for keeping him down. People don't care for that personality type in real life, why would they want to see it on TV? In the pilot Nick sponges off Andy. I had to live with a roommate like that in college, so why do I want to see that on TV? Andy is the sweet but naive roommate who is willing to do anything to be liked and accepted by his roommates and the Homo sapiens. Andy just broke up with his girlfriend so he also has rebound issues.

    This is the reason why Mr. Whipple, Madge the manicurists or the Maytag Repairman never had a TV show. This is also one of the few times that I am sorry that I never judge a show by it's pilot.

    I watched the next episode. Deadbeat Nick can't come up with his share of the rent. Joel gets him a job at his store as a replenisher but Nick would rather sit around all day and download music than work. Again, I don't think TV audiences want to see a college educated person working in the service industry not doing their job because they find the work or work in general beneath them. TV sitcoms should be an escape from that reality. When Nick gets fired he plays the "cave card" for lack of a better term. While all of this is happening, Andy is trying to befriend a girl who is afraid of cavemen. Each attempt to win this girl over becomes more like stalking. Once Andy does win her over, the roommates scare her off by acting like cavemen grunting and pounding their chest. In essence they perpetuating the stereotype, but I guess since they own it so it's okay.

    Years ago All in the Family successfully showcased the stupidity that is bigotry by having the lead character act like a real bigot using real ethnic slurs. The audience laughed at Archie Bunker and his narrow view of the world. Cavemen attempts to poke fun at the way people treat minorities by creating a fake minority. When creating a fake minority, where do you get your inspiration? I can imagine that several minority groups have to be offended by the way the show presents the issues of intolerance and acceptance. The way these issues are presented (I'm sure with no offence intended) can be seen as mocking the struggles that real minority groups face even today. Of course the bigger issue here is that the show offends everyone's intelligence.

    Instead of quoting the show I will quote two different friends who said at two different times, "I liked the show better when it was called It's About Time.

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • Hummm.

    Wow. I just don't know what to say about this one. It's a show based on a handful of Geico commercials. This could turn out to be mildly entertaining, but I'm not sure if I will actually stay tuned. The pilot was O.K. but left a lot to be desired. No one is really to blame other than the guy that greenlighted this mess. I just don't think that the plot will be strong enough to get it past a seven episode pilot season. I will watch the next three to see if it goes anywhere, but I doubt it will. Which is a shame because the commercials were funny, sadly, funnier than the show itself.
  • For a series based on popular Geico ads, there was no Geico and no funny ad moments.

    The good news is that it's not a bad show. The not so good news is that it's a typical bachelor-guys formula comedy just with cavemen this time out. It's disappointing that there were no catchy Geico-commercial moments to speak of. In fact, there weren't even any Geico commercials. What's up with that ? It would've been so cool to have recreated one of the commercials within the show, why wouldn't they do that ? And how me-too are all these new shows with technology ?! I think every new show this season has made a big deal about their characters text messaging and having musical ringers. I guess it's a way to time-date the series. And Cavemen made a big deal of the Nintendo Wii. The storyline and plot premise itself was ho-hum. Bachelor guys having chick troubles, including interracial - er- that is, interspecies, too. Seems to be throwaway to me. But I'm outside the apparently 12-25 yr old demographic. I think it'll do its six-episode run then go hiatus. There's no real gotta-see-what-happens-next-time hook to it. Feh.
  • Not sure if the same stereo-caveman type jokes can carry this every week

    I wanted to see this to see what they possibly can do with
    this TV show that taken from a commercial.
    I think the only thing that makes the show funny is the sarcastic caveman Nick.
    The three cavemen do seem to have nice chemistry together.
    It seems like this will get old real quick and that the
    hidden racial jokes that are being made as caveman jokes
    are only funny the first few times around.
    I think this show needs something more comedy wise to
    carry it through a full season(s)
    Of course I could be wrong about the show, and a little unfair to judge it from only one episode. But I give it 6 episodes, then cancellation.
  • Please, no Gecko comedy!!

    This bad. Not REAL bad, but just bad. I can't believe ABC thought this was a good idea. This is from the same station that bring us such awesome shows as Ugly Betty and Extreme Makeover Home Edition? Bad choice! I wanted to give the show a shot because of all the hype it's been given. It was, after all, the first show to be spawned from an ad campaign. I wasted 30 minutes of my life. Bad acting, bad premise, bad...everything. I bet Geico would sue if they could. I would, if I were them. Just, do us a favor, and don't attempt to put that cute little gecko in a comedy. I'm begging you!!
  • it has slim potential

    The show is about Cavemen living in the current society of us. But the show isnt that good but it isnt extremely bad. The one problem with the show is that it is just a bit awkward at time. Also they didnt even use the same actors from the original cavemen commericials for geico incurance. What the heck. Plus another problem is that its on Abc which never has had these type of shows on there so it really is a risk for them. I think it would do better if it was like on [adult swim], fox, or comedy central. But anyway this show has slim potential and is barely watchable.
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