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  • 3 Cavemen, living in the city, keeping it gangsta, while playing video games, eating a large sum of food and hitting on hot chicks everyday, while keeping a carefree attitude about life. What else fo you want me to say?! Watch the show and find out!

    A genius comedy, about modern day cavemen living the high life. Dating homosapiens and keepin it gangsta. I hope show producers learn from this and take it to heart to construct a show with the contingency of CAVEMEN. Now really, what is better? It's 3 cavemen, living together, in the city, interacting with people unlike them and their crazy daily antics. I for one will continue to watch this show for however long they decide to keep it on the air. I loved the Geico commercials with the disgruntled cavemen, but now I can get my weekly dose every tuesday night at 8pm!
  • i thought this show was gonna be hilarious but to me this is the WORST show i ever seen. its pretty much no shock to me why it got canceled

    i remember, i watched this show thinking i would love it. since i liked watching the infomercials for car insurance. [[ sorry i don't know how to spell it]]. the only episode i ever watched was the episode when they all went to get some type of frozen treat and they men a women. that episode i hated. the show was confusing was not funny and i never watched another episode since. i know this is just my opinion on this but that show was probably the worst show i seen in a long long long time. they should have just stayed with the commercials.
  • I love the Cavemen

    I love the Cavemen. I love the actors, the stories, the writing, the way it looks, and just about everything else about it. I only have two complaints about the show, first I wish it was on every night, and two words....MORE MAURICE.
    Maurice is by far my favorite character, and he needs to be on more. Love him. But I love all the actors, even the ones in the very minor roles are doing a great job. This show reminds me of the old fantasy shows of my youth, like The Munsters, The Addams Family, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, etc. I sure hope ABC gives it a chance.
  • Cavemen attempts to poke fun at the way people treat minorities by creating a fake minority. When creating a fake minority, where do you get your inspiration?

    Never Judge A Show by It's Pilot: Cavemen. My first impression of Cavemen was that this was going to be a train wreck. I had this strange urge to look at this show the same way a rubbernecker has to slow down and look at a horrible accident. Someone at a major television network wanted to take a successful commercial campaign and develop it into a TV show. The Geico Insurance TV commercials feature a commercial spokesman saying that, "Geico dot com is so easy a caveman could do it". We then see two modern day cavemen watching the commercial and being offended that Geico has stereotyped them as primitive and stupid. The commercial campaign is successful but I really can't see turning that into a weekly series with a blatant message about intolerance. People don't watch TV to hear a message. That is Basic TV writing 101. I'm not saying that you can't have a message, but it has to be subtle. Bewitched had a subtle message about tolerance towards people who are different and towards mixed marriages. The Munsters pilot had a similar message when they showed intolerant neighbors who didn't approve of "Those people that moved in next door". Science fiction shows like Star Trek and The Twilight Zone had strong messages about intolerance but none of their examples were ever used as part of their promotional campaign. Another reason that I think viewers are going to be turned off by this show is because the actors Jeffrey Daniel Phillips and Ben Weber who people loved in the commercials are not in the show (Jeffrey Daniel Phillips does play a minor character named Maurice). I certainly don't want to compare these cavemen to other characters that have been played by multiple actors like Darren Stephens (Bewitched), Hannibal Hays (Alias Smith and Jones) or even the Duke boys (The Dukes of Hazzard). I can only imagine that some executive said, "We can put the wig and makeup on any actor and the audience won't know the difference". History has proved otherwise.

    I saw the pilot and I can hear my college television production teacher say, "What's the point?" First you have to buy into the premise that cavemen have lived among us since the beginning of time. The opening credits features a montage of cavemen throughout history. Anything would be better than the chosen premise, time warp, thawed from an iceberg or cloned caveman DNA. The main characters Joel Claybrook (Bill English), Andy Claybrook (Sam Huntington) and Nick Hedge (Nick Kroll) are three metrosexual cavemen who share an apartment in the city. Joel is the reasonable and responsible roommate who supports the other two. Joel works at an Ikea type store called Norsbild. I can't think of a more unfunny setting than an Ikea type store. That setting is only good for three, maybe four jokes and they were used up in the first two episodes. Nick is the intellectual snob. Unlike Fraser Crane or Major Charles Emerson Winchester III (M*A*S*H) who people enjoy seeing fall off their high horse, Nick has no horse. He acts like the world owes him a horse to fall off of and he blames the Homo sapiens for keeping him down. People don't care for that personality type in real life, why would they want to see it on TV? In the pilot Nick sponges off Andy. I had to live with a roommate like that in college, so why do I want to see that on TV? Andy is the sweet but naive roommate who is willing to do anything to be liked and accepted by his roommates and the Homo sapiens. Andy just broke up with his girlfriend so he also has rebound issues.

    This is the reason why Mr. Whipple, Madge the manicurists or the Maytag Repairman never had a TV show. This is also one of the few times that I am sorry that I never judge a show by it's pilot.

    I watched the next episode. Deadbeat Nick can't come up with his share of the rent. Joel gets him a job at his store as a replenisher but Nick would rather sit around all day and download music than work. Again, I don't think TV audiences want to see a college educated person working in the service industry not doing their job because they find the work or work in general beneath them. TV sitcoms should be an escape from that reality. When Nick gets fired he plays the "cave card" for lack of a better term. While all of this is happening, Andy is trying to befriend a girl who is afraid of cavemen. Each attempt to win this girl over becomes more like stalking. Once Andy does win her over, the roommates scare her off by acting like cavemen grunting and pounding their chest. In essence they perpetuating the stereotype, but I guess since they own it so it's okay.

    Years ago All in the Family successfully showcased the stupidity that is bigotry by having the lead character act like a real bigot using real ethnic slurs. The audience laughed at Archie Bunker and his narrow view of the world. Cavemen attempts to poke fun at the way people treat minorities by creating a fake minority. When creating a fake minority, where do you get your inspiration? I can imagine that several minority groups have to be offended by the way the show presents the issues of intolerance and acceptance. The way these issues are presented (I'm sure with no offence intended) can be seen as mocking the struggles that real minority groups face even today. Of course the bigger issue here is that the show offends everyone's intelligence.

    Instead of quoting the show I will quote two different friends who said at two different times, "I liked the show better when it was called It's About Time.

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • In an alternate reality, Cavemen live in modern society.

    Okay, I've seen the show, and I can't figure it out. There's a bunch of people in society with thick brows who don't get haircuts who call themselves cavemen. Uh, wouldn't they be called "evolutionary throwbacks?" It'd been more interesting and explanatory if it was about three cavemen who had been thawed out and living in society. Truth be told, the show is a bit better than I thought, but not by much. Once you get back the whole troglodyte thing, you realize the show is very Seinfeld-esque; the dialogue between the main three characters is the same kind of discussion that Jerry, George and Elaine had without Kramer. It's practically a show about nothing once you eliminate the Caveman thing. There's none of that goofy slapstick with guys trying to figure out electricity; they're guys that just *happen* to resemble prehistoric men, but whether they were born to normal people like this or living within society over the years is one question I'd like answered.
  • Cavemen, based on the popular Geico commercials, are hittin' the silver screen with a new ABC show. This is about the relationships these men have and also what they face in everyday life (ex. cavewomen and stereotypical mascots).

    When I first heard about the show back in May, when ABC decided to pick it up, I knew this would not last very long, along with the other couple million that KNEW this would not last even until November sweeps. A week ago, I viewed the pilot. This was TOTALLY out of my usual comfort zone (medical dramas, such as House and Grey's Anatomy). Along with Carpoolers, this is a show I could probably watch on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Now, this is not considered, to me, a network show. It had the feel of weekly problems that are recognized in 8 minutes, attempted to solve in 10 minutes and solved in about 4-5 minutes, yet recycled. Of course, take in consideration, it's 22 minutes they're dealing with. These two shows are a very good contribution to ABC, aside from all of my complaints (sorry), as good feel comedies. Especially Carpoolers. Don't ask me why, but dramas tend to become overwhelming for some people (not me) and comedies are something to set the mind towards happiness and good feelings. They're very good to have on networks. Cavemen is no exception.
  • FUn and light

    Fun and nice change from all the crud on TV. My wife and I sat and watched it and we will watch it again. It was a bit more sophisticated than I thought it would be which made it that more interesting to watch and see what might happen next. We both hope it is around and can have a chance to develope further. Cool play on how smart they are and yet they are just as normal as the rest of us folks Keep it going and thanks to those guys who started it all in the Geico ad. Good luck
  • Not one of ABC's brighest ideas! For heaven's sake, the show lasted for a month and 11 days! The shortest ever!!

    Not one of ABC's brighest ideas! For heaven's sake, the show lasted for a month and 11 days! The shortest ever!! Where were the brains of ABC when they made this show. It was the most stupid show ever! For one, I and countless others hated the stupid Geico commercials with those hairy pieces of crap, but then to watch a show about Cavemen. No! I can't be the only one that didn't even want to look at the show, because as I said at the beginning of the post the show lasted from October to November. The shortest ever! Not on of ABC's finest, that's for sure!

    1.0 for absurd, idiotic, and NOT one for the eye!
  • Why, Just... Why?

    Ok seriously... What is up with these new shows, is it a goal to make them as bad as they possibly can every season; because if it is, they are definitely doing a great job at it! This is a show about people pretending to be cavemen, how on earth can that be considered funny? The people are guys who dress up as cavemen, does this all of a sudden make them cavemen? Well how about you decide... I really cant believe they made a show about a commercial and I have no idea how this could still possibly be on the air, please take it off the aid, I don't know who is keeping it on but come on this is a joke! I rate this show an F!
  • I'm not even going to bother sumerising this show, it sucks! (why can't i give it a 0 as a score? it deserves it!) all they did was stretch out gieco commercials. i could have more fun eating my own crap. some people might like it, but i hate it.

    i pretty much summed it all up in my Summary... oh well, might as well continue. the creators of this show watched way way way too much gieco comercials. (i wanted to capitilize that to make a point...stupid no capitilizing rule) and must be bored out of their skulls to even think about making this show. people, save yourselves, don't watch this show. watch other shows like the simpsons, pushing daisies, and well... anything but this show... some people might like this show, but i don't. i hate it. the show could of been better, (could of? anything could of been better!) but i have no idea how, because nothing can save this show...
  • I was so looking forward to this show and it turned out to be terrible.

    I was so looking to this show and it sucked. it was the worst show I've ever seen. ABC has the best shows, why this!
    This is the only show of the new season that I dont like. Private Practice is pretty good, Dirty Sexy Money is absolutely amazing, Pushing Daisies is awesome, and Chuck, even though it's on NBC, is really good. But this is terrible. Someone should chase this down into a hole and berry it. Who ever created this show should be executed for crimes against humanity. Ofcourse Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty have returned and I've been with those shows since the beggining, but but this should be cancelled, and even if ABC does decide to waste thirty minutes of a line up for the season, I very much hope it won't return for a second. CAVEMEN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Awfull.

    Why? That was the question I asked myself when I first heard about this show. There is no reason for it to be one the air. I watched for the first few minutes to see how bad it would be, I wasn't dissapointed. It's not funny and just flat out stupid. They don't shave but they use cellphones? It doesn't make any sense. Luckily it won't last much longer. This is just a horrible idea. Making a poor sales pitch into a T.V show. I didn't like the commercials and I don't like the show. I hate it with a passion. Won't be around much longer anyways.
  • They have the Cavemen, inspired by the Geico commercial. But a whole series?

    What's next? A spin-off for the Geico Gecko? Talk about your product placement. Actually, this show, the one time I watched it so far, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

    In fact, I liked the part where he attacked the Caveman mascot only to find--well, I don't want to spoil it for you, but they use the Cavemen to spoof political correctness, and also other racial attitudes.

    But it is still basically a pretty lame idea to base a series on a commercial. I am just curious to see how long it will last, and might even watch it again, though it would be a very very guilty pleasure.
  • Modern cavemen in the workplace

    This show definitely doesn't deserve bum rap it seems to be getting from the critics! It seems like people were lining up to attack this show before it even aired, and couldn't wait to write their clever headlines about this show becomming extinct.

    I too was sceptical of making a whole show out of a commercial, but the writers and actors made it work. I found this show to be as good if not better than the more predictable sit-com clones out there.

    Hopefully the characters will have a chance to develop and attain some greater depth as the season progresses

    If you haven't seen it, give it a shot!
  • Shows extreme promise

    The shows promise and I enjoyed the first episode and actually lol'ed a few times. Hopefully the episodes will continue to bring the laughter cause it seems that every is criticizing this show even before it aired. Now is it as funny as the Office, friends, or Seinfeld? The answer is obviously no, however it has some great concepts and the characters are unique and detailed. Ignore the reviews about the racial discrimination crap if you're that sensitive you shouldn't be watching comedies. The show should be reviewed on its entertainment value not on whether or not it coincides with your political agenda's.
  • I didn't watch it until midseason because I thought I thought it was just a ploy to capitalize off an already tired ad campaign. I was wrong... (read my review)

    After the Geico commercials, I thought this show was going to be a one dimensional mess, but I've been pleasantly surprised! It's witty and intellectual, even quite funny. The way they tackle prejudice in the form of the cavemen to cover all races, religions, and creeds makes us able to enjoy the tongue-in-cheek parody of todays society and realize how out of control people's sensitivities are vs how they are acually treated, imagined or real. Unfortunately, it still needs some work, it's hard to get a great show off the ground from a few 30 seconds tv spots. The issue of prejudice does bog down some of the episodes, but it just needs time to flesh out the story and its characters. I mean look at the Office... the first few episodes of it were painful to watch until they had set up all of the nuances. I say kudos!
  • Something new. Needs some sight gags other than just the makeup. Has great potential. I hope the next episode is funnier.

    I had anticipated that it would be a lot funnier and was mildly disappointed, however, with a few slapstick sight gags it can be so much more so. I found the commercials quite funny and this tends to be less so. One of the cavemen, the brainy one stole this episode but the one with the "sape" girlfriend is too anal. He needs to lighten up a little, after all, its a comedy. What is the young one there for other than to be a whipping boy for the other two. Give him a hidden talent or something. Overall I liked it.
  • Cavemen is a show that presents most of it's humor in subtle ways that can almost be missed if one is not paying attention. This funny show is to be perused, and the relationships between the characters is the mainstay of the show, not the story lines.

    Ok, i've just got to post a review on the Cavemen show before it comes on again; i've waited too long already. So, i figured Cavemen was going to be really good or really bad, not winding up anywhere in the middle of the scale, and, happily, i find it to be a solid, enjoyable show. It's not got that in-your-face kind of comedy like Seinfeld or Two and a Half Men--it has the type of humor which is sometimes so subtle if you're not paying attention it can be missed. Like when Andy writes his resume and gives one to Nick and asks, "Did you see my special skills? I betcha didn't know I was a drum major, huh? **waaay back in the day resumes were required to have a special skills section which they darn well don't have today**. And Nick says, "You just get cooler every second." This goes over lil Andy's head and Nick silently figures he's just made his points for the day, Nick being the type who keeps score.

    It's the relationships between the characters which are the main attractions of this show, not the story lines. The personalities of the cavemen skillfully weave in and out and around each other by way of sound acting from the cast and talent of the writers. There's Joel, the stern, walk-a-straight-line one who is actually a soft touch and has a good heart; Andy, the seemlingly drifty one who isn't yet aware he knows who he is; and Nick, the unemployed, working-on-his-PHD lost cause who hasn't yet discovered his love for principles. Then there's Leslie, the condo manager who "cooks the books" and can't seem to tell Joel, Andy and Nick apart and Katie, Leslie's daughter, who is dating Joel, is called a "smoothie" because she has no full-on body hair and who, according to her friends, has a caveman fetish because of the number of cavemen she has previously dated. i mean, how much crazier does it have to get?

    Anyway, as i said, i like this show....and i'll continue to watch it for however long the advertisers decide to keep it on the air. There's just one thing, though--i wish they had hired the original cavemen from the Geico commercials. The caveman who was on the moving sidewalk in the airport, the one who noticed the caveman ad on the wall and came back and made a double take, displayed movements of irritation that still crack me up.
  • Perfect example of why I don't listen to other's reviews.

    It's a good thing that I don't listen to other people's reviews and especially if those people are reviewers for a living. If I did I would have missed out on many television shows and movies all because someone didn't like it and feels that everyone else should agree.

    When I first heard that a television show based on the cavemen from the Geico commercials was being made, I thought it was an interesting but dumb idea. I was curious but not really interested in watching the show. The show came and went and I didn't even notice.

    I am now in Iraq, on my third tour, and sometimes you get a lot of down time and while browsing other people's media files you watch anything you can to pass the time. I got a hold of all eight (including pilot) episodes of Cavemen and I was hooked. I watched all the episodes in one sitting and loved it.

    The show is placed in current times and the dialog didn't seem scripted. It's a simple look into the lives of three cavemen as they live day to day. Their troubles are familiar (race issues, girl issues, everyday life issues) but in relation to being a caveman.

    It's too bad this show was hated on by so many people. I give this show a ten because I was entertained and I connected with the characters. Shows are suppose to entertain but sadly the television network don't see it that way. Just another show that didn't please the greedy, pot-bellied network execs so it had to die. Nothing a simple television lover like me can do about it.

    If you've never watched this show because of what you've read, give it a try. It just might surprise you like it did me.
  • Television is in need of shows where people live in the now. Even though the main characters are cavemen, this show is the first t.v. show to actually feel like it's in the new millenium.

    The cynical guy, keepin it real, the responsible well rounded older brother, the guy getting on with his life after a breakup. We all know these people in our real lives. The cynical guy who is finishing his thesis, smarter than everyone but a complete slacker. The older brother working for the man, well IKEA in this case, (a tv version of the store.) The guy that's new in town, moved there to get away from his old life and starting over. So many shows seem like they are somehow not up-to-date or current with the times. Cavemen does not have this problem, it feels fresh, new and very funny.
  • Back off haters, so many people seem to hate this show based on the fact that it was conceived for a insurance commercial.

    Back off haters, so many people seem to hate this show based on the fact that it was conceived for a insurance commercial. the fact is that those commercials were pretty funny and so is this show. people are just going in to it with a negative attitude, but compared with the horrid comedies we are presented with this show is a laugh riot. there are a dozens of shows like two and a half men, my wife and kids and what have you; all very derivative and unimaginative (not to mention only funny to those with the sense of humor of a Eskimo, you heard me Ukiomo!). It may not be Arrested Development but it's about as close as I've seen in the years since it's demise. Pop-culture references, racial subtext and decent script writing make this show at the very least better than most of what's out there (which is again saying very little) and worth a honest and open-minded viewing.
  • Commercial was GREAT, NOT SO GREAT TV show

    Its sad to have seen the commercial end, but I do agree with most viewers in the fact that The Cavemen show was not necessary. No matter how funny the commercial is, it does not mean that you need to make a television show out of it. I really appreciated the humor that the commercial brought to us viewers. I do feel bad for the TV show being canceled so soon, but its just a lesson to all other make a tv show out of a commercial, especially when one portrays a certain amount of stereotypes.
  • Pathetic.

    This show is so putrid that I cannot believe any television producers would shell out a cent for this so-called 'show.' To be honest, the money they wasted on a bad investment isn't the only thing, nor the most important thing they lost, which is their dignity. This show was inspired by a series of Geico insurance commercials. Yes, you read that right. The television show, however, does not deliver any laughs, is insulting to anyone who actually sits through an episode, and is guaranteed to be canceled any day now. How has television sunken so low? The episode last night involving Nick (or whatever his name was - one of the 3 'Cavemen') getting a job and failing miserably at it then filing a lawsuit against the company was totally void of laughs or any ounce of entertainment.
  • The powers that be need to be overhauled!

    I didn't bother to waste my time watching the ridiculous Cavemen, but now that the reviews are in, will you now bring back "The Class"?? ... idiots ... If you're not satisfied when you have a hit on your hands, then what is the point of going to work every day? People were sick of the commercial before you even made a show out of this. Heck, I'd have rather seen a show about the Gecko. Whoa!! No!! I was just kidding! Please don't go making a show about geckos. You just never know what you people will think is a good idea. sheesh
  • not the best show like not realy!

    its an ok show... but not the best show...i watched it once.. and didnt really like it!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!! bad show not very interesting borig!!
  • Hummm.

    Wow. I just don't know what to say about this one. It's a show based on a handful of Geico commercials. This could turn out to be mildly entertaining, but I'm not sure if I will actually stay tuned. The pilot was O.K. but left a lot to be desired. No one is really to blame other than the guy that greenlighted this mess. I just don't think that the plot will be strong enough to get it past a seven episode pilot season. I will watch the next three to see if it goes anywhere, but I doubt it will. Which is a shame because the commercials were funny, sadly, funnier than the show itself.
  • Please, no Gecko comedy!!

    This bad. Not REAL bad, but just bad. I can't believe ABC thought this was a good idea. This is from the same station that bring us such awesome shows as Ugly Betty and Extreme Makeover Home Edition? Bad choice! I wanted to give the show a shot because of all the hype it's been given. It was, after all, the first show to be spawned from an ad campaign. I wasted 30 minutes of my life. Bad acting, bad premise, bad...everything. I bet Geico would sue if they could. I would, if I were them. Just, do us a favor, and don't attempt to put that cute little gecko in a comedy. I'm begging you!!
  • it has slim potential

    The show is about Cavemen living in the current society of us. But the show isnt that good but it isnt extremely bad. The one problem with the show is that it is just a bit awkward at time. Also they didnt even use the same actors from the original cavemen commericials for geico incurance. What the heck. Plus another problem is that its on Abc which never has had these type of shows on there so it really is a risk for them. I think it would do better if it was like on [adult swim], fox, or comedy central. But anyway this show has slim potential and is barely watchable.
  • The Pilot was so much better!

    I was looking forward to this after seeing the pilot about a month ago. The original episode had many more themes and jokes running, it seems they dumbed the show down (as ridiculous as that may sound) before airing the newly re-shot episode.

    The episode was still good, and I'm looking forward to seeing more. All of the actors have decent roles, and the premise is interesting, and unique in how they can play with social taboos. There are so many extreme reviews - 50% rated the show perfect, 50% abysmal.

    If I were rating the pilot, I would give it a 7.5, but this episode was nowhere near as good, although I really hope they get to complete the season.
  • Can you turn a cute commercial into a TV show? Someone thought you could with this new show Caveman.

    I really wanted to like this show because i enjoyed the commercials so much. I was mildly impressed with it. The show revolves around Joel and his two brothers (at least i think they are his brothers) and them trying to fit into the homo-sapien world. Apparently there are more cavemen around than we realize and they seem to have there own society (or sorts). I will say it has potential to be funny and the younger brother (sorry cant remember his name) does seem to be pretty funny but it never really made me laugh out loud. I will give it another try next week and hopefully the writing will improve and it will be LOL funny!
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