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  • Cavemen is a show that presents most of it's humor in subtle ways that can almost be missed if one is not paying attention. This funny show is to be perused, and the relationships between the characters is the mainstay of the show, not the story lines.

    Ok, i've just got to post a review on the Cavemen show before it comes on again; i've waited too long already. So, i figured Cavemen was going to be really good or really bad, not winding up anywhere in the middle of the scale, and, happily, i find it to be a solid, enjoyable show. It's not got that in-your-face kind of comedy like Seinfeld or Two and a Half Men--it has the type of humor which is sometimes so subtle if you're not paying attention it can be missed. Like when Andy writes his resume and gives one to Nick and asks, "Did you see my special skills? I betcha didn't know I was a drum major, huh? **waaay back in the day resumes were required to have a special skills section which they darn well don't have today**. And Nick says, "You just get cooler every second." This goes over lil Andy's head and Nick silently figures he's just made his points for the day, Nick being the type who keeps score.

    It's the relationships between the characters which are the main attractions of this show, not the story lines. The personalities of the cavemen skillfully weave in and out and around each other by way of sound acting from the cast and talent of the writers. There's Joel, the stern, walk-a-straight-line one who is actually a soft touch and has a good heart; Andy, the seemlingly drifty one who isn't yet aware he knows who he is; and Nick, the unemployed, working-on-his-PHD lost cause who hasn't yet discovered his love for principles. Then there's Leslie, the condo manager who "cooks the books" and can't seem to tell Joel, Andy and Nick apart and Katie, Leslie's daughter, who is dating Joel, is called a "smoothie" because she has no full-on body hair and who, according to her friends, has a caveman fetish because of the number of cavemen she has previously dated. i mean, how much crazier does it have to get?

    Anyway, as i said, i like this show....and i'll continue to watch it for however long the advertisers decide to keep it on the air. There's just one thing, though--i wish they had hired the original cavemen from the Geico commercials. The caveman who was on the moving sidewalk in the airport, the one who noticed the caveman ad on the wall and came back and made a double take, displayed movements of irritation that still crack me up.